TITLE: Conversations

TITLE: Conversations

Pairing: SasukeXNaruto

Rated: PG-13 for adult themes and some swearing, and a teeny bit of "grown-up" stuff

Warnings: The main pairing here is Sasuke and Naruto (slash, yaoi, whatever you call m/m relationship) and if you don't like then don't read! I am not really very "in" to so-much mushiness and romance that I want to throw up. But there will be romance here if you just really look or read closely.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters because it is owned by Masashi Kishimoto. But I do own the plot—even if there isn't any.

One- Sasuke's New Hairstyle

When Naruto was younger his dream was to become a Hokage of Konoha. He wanted to protect his village from unwanted nemesis. Even though this village treated him as a demon; as a trash he has proven them all wrong. He proved to them that yes, there is the Kyuubi inside of him but that isn't him.

Kyuubi was Kyuubi. Naruto was Naruto.

He said that he can be a Hokage one day.

And he did.

Imagine his utter shock and joy when Tsunade baa-chan informed him that she wanted him to become the next Hokage; the Rokudaime.

He proved all his critics and detractors wrong. At the age of 18 he became the Rokudaime.

Currently he was in his office looking at Yondaime's picture; his father. He smiled at the picture and said, "Ne, tou-san I've become the Rokudaime now."

As he sat down his chair he reminisced in the past. But soon enough he chuckled as he compared his friend's status and attitude in the past to the present.

Sure, everyone is either a Chuunin or a Jounin now. While others lead their clans but never forgot their duties as a Konoha Shinobi.

Neji became part of the ANBU. And speaking of ANBU's a certain ANBU Captain has just become his lover.

Uchiha Sasuke.

After he brought Sasuke back three years ago their relationship deepened. It grew from rivalry and friendship to brotherly love. Then in a flash it became a lover's kind of love. One was reserved the other was outgoing. Opposites. But that's how it is right?

Opposites attract. But you see they're not really entirely opposites. The level of their difference isn't like the distance of the Sun to Pluto. They also have this big similarity.

The similarity: their love for each other.

A knock on the door sporadic his thoughts.

"Come in," he replied.

As the door opened he smiled and ran to hug the person.

"Sasuke!!" he shouted.

Sasuke was caught off-guard and they both fell on the floor with Naruto on top and Sasuke at the bottom.

"Oi, get of me dobe," sighed Sasuke at his lovers chuckling state. So un-hokage like," he thought.

As Naruto got up he noticed something about Sasuke that made him frown. He sat on his table as Sasuke stood before him. As Naruto stared at "it" again his frown deepened causing Sasuke to raise an eyebrow.

"What?" asked Sasuke.

"Hmm," replied Naruto.

"What hmm?" he asked yet again.

"Hmm," Naruto replied again.

"I said what, Naruto," said Sasuke obviously nearly irritated now. Too engrossed in his thoughts he barely heard what Naruto said.

"Your hair," Naruto said.

Everything was silent. Only the chirping of the crickets can be heard. (A/N: Does crickets even chirp?)

It took Sasuke a moment or two to realize what Naruto had said.

"What?" he snapped.

Naruto looked thoughtful then said, "Your hair."

"I heard you right. But what I mean is what about my hair?" he asked.

"You need a new hairstyle. Your hair is just so…messy. It needs something new. We're going to have your hair cut," Naruto stated.

"What? There's nothing wrong with my hair. Why don't you go bug your own hair," said Sasuke.

"There's nothing wrong with my hair, Sasuke. But there IS something wrong with YOUR hair," alleged Naruto.

"And what makes you think that there is something wrong with my hair?!" asked Sasuke irritated.

"Because I said so."

Sasuke looked at him stupidly for a moment. Why did Naruto seem to take interest in his hair now?

"And if you said so why do you think should I believe you?" dared Sasuke.

"Well, if the villagers of Konoha, the Council of Konoha and the Kage's of the other nations believe in my every word then that means everything I say is pure in its sense and is being believed," replied Naruto.

Sasuke was silent for a moment then,


"Huh? But it's an order you can't refuse an order from the Hokage."


"You do know that if you don't follow my orders I can banish you from Konoha and since I am friends with the other Kage's then I can simply ask them not to accept you. Then you will have nowhere to go,"

"I'd rather be listed as a missing-nin than let anyone mess with my hair," stated Sasuke calmly.

Naruto looked at him then,

"Sasuke, please," he asked as he latched himself in Sasuke's arm and doing his puppy-dog eyes.

Sasuke twitched. This dobe just knows his weakness.

"I said no."



"Pretty pwease."


With an irritated sigh Naruto detached himself from Sasuke arm then said with courage, "Uchiha Sasuke if you do no follow my orders right now I am going to break up with you!" he shouted.

Sasuke's eyes widened and swiftly became Sharingan.

"You can't do that!" he shouted back.

"You bet I can."

Sasuke looked as if he was going to attack Naruto with his Chidori or something then,


Naruto looked at him incredulously then smirked,

"Are you sure, Sa-su-ke?" asked Naruto emphasizing each syllable.

Sasuke twitched. This is not happening.

"I already said no, Naruto."

"Oh, I'm sure you can always find someone else besides me. After all you do have the looks. Because I'm pretty sure I can always go to Neji or Gaara after this. Ne, Sa-su-ke?"

Sasuke looked at him like a deer caught in a head light.

"It's still a no," he replied.


Naruto was currently holding a pair of scissors and Sasuke was sitting on a chair. Sasuke frowned as he looked around him. The only thing that's between them and the others, who Naruto excitedly announced that he was inviting all of them to see the all-new Uchiha Sasuke, was a door.

His frown was still intact when he thought again. They all thought that Sasuke was the one pulling the strings in their relationship how very WRONG they were.

Because the one who is really pulling the strings here is presently at his back thinking thoroughly. How, you may ask, can he see him if he's at the back? Well, duh there is a mirror in front of him.

"Yosh! We shall call this happening 'Operation do Sasuke a favor by renewing his hairstyle after eighteen years!'" shouted Naruto as he was finally done thinking on Sasuke's new hairstyle. Sasuke twitched he didn't want that to happen and besides exaggerated it wasn't eighteen years hell, he didn't even have hair when he was still very little.

Naruto took a cloth and then wrapped it around Sasuke's eyes.

"What the hell is this for dobe?" asked Sasuke.

"So that you'll be surprised Sasuke-teme."

"Remember my conditions Naruto. If you ever…" growled Sasuke.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah you mustn't look stupid. Your hair must not be like Ero-sennin's nor like Kakashi-sensei's. It shouldn't be girly and most of all you should not be bald. I've got everything. Now, stop worrying Sasuke," replied Naruto.

Minutes later…

Naruto exited the room and dragged Sasuke behind him then turned to his friends.

"I now present to you the new and refreshed Uchiha Sasuke! Tada!"

Everyone looked up, excited to see what Naruto has done with Sasuke and what they saw left them speechless.

Naruto looked around expectantly, "Well?" he asked.

Crickets chirping.

More crickets chirping.

Flies started to fly above them.

Crickets chirped again, then,

"Anou," it was Sakura who broke the silence, "So Naruto-kun what exactly is new about Sasuke's hair? I mean his hair now is just like his hair before he entered that room."

The others nodded in agreement.

Sasuke snatched the mirror from Naruto's hands and looked at himself.

"Yeah, so what exactly changed?" asked Sasuke.

"What are you people, blind? I can't believe you actually passed the Chuunin and Jounin exams with that kind of eyesight" Naruto started, "I cut some of his bangs here and here than I cut some of his hair there. That's his new hairstyle," replied Naruto proudly.

And then they were all, "Oh, yeah." And "How come I didn't notice?"

Naruto stood there nodding in satisfaction when Sasuke said, "I still don't see any changes."

Naruto looked at him sharply before smiling venomously and replying, "Well you must have gone blind after our sex last night. I didn't know that I was that good in doing my hand job at you that you became blind because of the pleasure I gave you."

Sasuke's eyes widened as he watched Naruto's figure disappear. He was left there standing by the others.

That night…

"Mou! Where the hell is Sasuke-teme?!" shouted Naruto. Sasuke wasn't home yet.


Nobody noticed a figure that was left standing in a room; eyes wide from shock.

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