TITLE: Conversations

TITLE: Conversations

Pairing: SasukeXNaruto

Rated: PG-13 for adult themes and some swearing, and a teeny bit of "grown-up" stuff

Warnings: The main pairing here is Sasuke and Naruto (slash, yaoi, whatever you call m/m relationship) and if you don't like then don't read! I am not really very "in" to so-much mushiness and romance that I want to throw up. But there will be romance here if you just really look or read closely.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters because it is owned by Masashi Kishimoto. But I do own the plot—even if there isn't any.

Two- Kakashi's Sharingan

Naruto impatiently tapped his fingers on the table. He looked around him and frowned. These jounins were punctual as always except that one.

Gai was there with his usual smile beside him was Kurenai and then there was Asuma. Let's count with Naruto shall we?

Okay, one (Gai), two (Kurenai), three (Asuma) and—

"Where the hell is Kakashi sensei?! I said I want the four of you here at eight o'clock sharp and what's the time now?!" Naruto shouted outraged and very much pissed off to a certain silver-haired-masked-hides one of his eyes-always late-and his previous sensei.

Gai answered his question, "Well, according to the clock of the Youth it is nine o'clock already."

"Geez, one hour late. Honestly that Kakashi, when will he learn? He has always been late in meetings like this no matter who the Hokage is," complained Kurenai.

"Aa, your right. But when Yondaime was Hokage he was never late. In fact, he was even there before the time," joined Asuma.

"And why is that?" asked Naruto.

"I think it's because he respects Yondaime. I mean he was Kakashi's sensei after all and Yondaime was really very nice to him and treated him like his own kin and such," explained Asuma.

"Oh, I see," said Kurenai as she directed her attention back to the Rokudaime.

Naruto pondered about this for a while before saying, "I don't care if Yondaime was his previous sensei because I happened to become the SON of his oh so Yondaime!"

"Aa, you're his son Naruto. No need for you to shout it to the whole world," stated a voice in the window.

They all looked at the window and sighed dejectedly. Yep, it was the ever late Copy Ninja Kakashi.

"Yo," came his usual greeting.

Naruto looked at him before replying, "Good, you're now complete. Well as all of you know it is time for our yearly genin exams and you four will be the new senseis of these genins."

The four nodded in understanding. "Is that all Hokage-sama?" asked Gai.

"Aa. You may now leave."

"Hai," they said in unison. They were about to go out when Naruto spoke, "Oh, I almost forgot to tell you the new rule."

The four of them looked at him curiously. No Hokage has ever changed the rules well, that's actually because it was the Council who does that.

"These genins have proved themselves very well. So I order you to train and concentrate in them more than what you did with us. And, if I receive a report that this teacher happens not to concentrate on his students because of a certain perverted book written by a very much perverted man and read by a very much equal perverted man I will surely see to it that all these perverted books shall be burnt. Also that I will make sure that this perverted man who writes them can no longer write after I'm done with him and the equally perverted man who reads it I shall make sure he can no longer read after I tear out his eyeballs," stated Naruto smiling threateningly at the shocked-stricken Kakashi.

They all nodded once more and left but he can still hear their conversations. It was something like, "Poor Kakashi." "Who knew Naruto also has a sadistic streak running in his blood." And, "Condolence Kakashi."

Naruto chucked at himself for thinking of this very smart plan. I mean if you were an opponent of Kakashi you'd certainly look for his weakness but hell you wouldn't expect that his weakness was a certain perverted book.

He has done his threatening impeccably.

But that was a hard thing to do. I mean yeah it's so easy to burn those books but to actually torture Kakashi-sensei and Ero-sennin it's kinda hard.

Ero-sennin might actually look like just a stupid-drunkard-hermit-who likes to do miraculous research and is a prick but he can certainly kill you. I mean he doesn't even have to attack you he can already kill you by showing you that he actually is a great ninja full of bolt from the blues.

Then there's Kakashi-sensei. With the title "Copy Ninja" you can already conclude that he's not your average opponent and with that Sharingan of his.


That's strange Kakashi is not an Uchiha yet he acquired the Sharingan. He remembered the day they asked him how he got his Sharingan and he simply replied that it was a gift from a friend.

So most probably that the "friend" is an Uchiha.

But he hasn't seen any Uchiha that has only one Sharingan.

Maybe the friend wasn't an Uchiha. But then how did posses the Sharingan? Maybe another friend gave it to Kakashi-sensei's friend or another friend of the friend of the friend of Kakashi-sensei—

"Woah! It's so confusing!"



Sharingan means Uchiha.

And Uchiha means…


"So remind me how we ended up doing this Naruto," asked Sasuke.


"This is rather getting uncomfortable Naruto."

So, what exactly is it they're doing? Well it's like this,

"Being quiet is the key to the success of this operation called, 'Operation Research on Sharingan to find out how Kakashi-sensei acquired the Sharingan!' so Sasuke my dear keep still while I examine your eyes closely."

"But I didn't think that you trying to poke my eye is part of it!" snapped Sasuke as he whacked Naruto's hand away from his eyes.

Naruto sighed. This was harder than he thought. He didn't even consider Sasuke's jackass attitude. I mean hell yeah he loved Sasuke but something must be done with his attitude maybe that will be his next operation. Yeah, that'd be great.

"Why don't you simply ask Kakashi-sensei if you're that interested," said Sasuke.

Naruto looked at him as if he was the most stupid, moron, imbecile in the world.

"What?" asked Sasuke irritated by the look that Naruto was giving him.

"Well where's the fun in that? If I asked him then this operation will end quickly and I have to go back to my office and being back to my office means doing piles and piles of crap called paper work and then I shall be bored and that will lead to I don't know."

Now it was Sasuke's turn to look at Naruto as if he was the most stupid, moron, and imbecile in the world.

"What?" asked Naruto irritated by look that Sasuke was giving him.

"Nothing," replied Sasuke.

And then a light bulb appeared on Naruto's head.

"Ahah! Actually Sasuke you can help me by hearing me out then you can give your suggestion!"

"Whatever. Just do it quickly so we can continue where we left it at your office this morning," replied Sasuke smirking.

Naruto let the comment pass and started to speak, "Well you see I'm really curious on how Kakashi-sensei possessed the Sharingan. Then I remembered that he said that it was blah blah and thingy so maybe that whatever was an Uchiha. But I haven't seen any this and that and you know it. So now I really don't know what to do."

"You really won't know what to do next and neither will I if all you TELL ME IS BLAH BLAH and THIS THINGY WHATEVER!" shouted Sasuke.

Naruto laughed at Sasuke's reaction, "I was trying to see your reaction and it was priceless anyway. Well you see I'm really curious on how Kakashi-sensei possessed the Sharingan. Then I remembered that he said that it was given to him by a friend so maybe that friend was an Uchiha. But I haven't seen any Uchiha around that only has one Sharingan. So now I really don't know what to do."

Sasuke looked at Naruto as if he was the most stupid, moron, and imbecile in the world.

"What?" asked Naruto.

"How will you see any Uchiha when the only Uchiha left is me and Itachi?"

No response.

Everything was quiet.

"Yeah, you're right," replied Naruto.

No response.

Everything was quiet.

"Yeah, I'm right."

No response.

Everything was quiet.

"Well, anyway I have decided to just ask Kakashi-sensei. See you around then, 'Suke."

Naruto then turned to leave.

"Wait. I'm coming with you," called Sasuke.

"Oh. Okay," replied Naruto as he waited for Sasuke to catch up with him.

"First, we need to find Kakashi-sensei," said Sasuke.

"Yeah. C'mon follow me I know where he is," replied Naruto.

After a while…


"Kakashi-sensei," acknowledged Sasuke and Naruto.

"Any reason why you're here?" asked Kakashi.

"Well you see Sasuke had a question for you," replied Naruto smirking at Sasuke's reaction.

"What is it Sasuke?" asked Kakashi.

"Actually we were here because Naruto planned on asking you something not me," said Sasuke whilst glaring at Naruto.

"What are you saying Sasuke? C'mon don't be shy and ask Kakashi-sensei now," replied Naruto.

Sasuke was about to retort when Kakashi interjected, "You two stop this and start asking now."

"Well, uhm you see," started Naruto and continued to tell him on how curious they both were on how he got his Sharingan and of course making Sasuke protest in that if not for Naruto threatening to break up with him if he doesn't stop which he of course complied immediately.

Kakashi sighed, "This eye was given to me by my best friend and his name was Obito Uchiha. We were on a mission then and due to my arrogance he died but before he died completely he gave me his eye and thanked me for everything and you know that part already."

Sasuke and Naruto looked at each other they never expected that eye's story to be that emotional.

"Well, if that's all I will leave now for I have to go to my new students," with that he walked away before stopping and saying, "Oh and the reason I read Icha Icha Paradise is because one of the characters name is Obito and his attitude is very much similar to Obito's. That is my only way of reminiscing about my mistake and our moments as best friends besides training this eye that is." And with out further a due he left.

While walking home…

They were walking in silence it was Naruto who bust the silence.

"I feel sorry for Kakashi sensei."

"Hn," came Sasuke's reply.

"Ne, 'Suke…"


"I was thinking and I wanted to ask you something. It's about us," said Naruto seriously.

Sasuke stopped in his tracks as he looked at Naruto. This was not good. What did he want to talk about? Was he breaking up with him? NO! He can't live with out his Naruto. Or wait maybe… he wanted babies! What?! But, but he can't give him babies. And is it because of that that he wants to break up? What am I going to do? I—!

"…ke…suke…SASUKE!" screamed Naruto.

"Huh? Oh, what?"

"Can I have your other eye?" asked Naruto innocently.


Sasuke was left speechless. Was that what he wanted to ask?

"Why did you suddenly want my eye?"

"Well that Obito friend of Kakashi-sensei gave his eye to him and they're best friends and we're best friends and lovers at the same time and you know."


"So, 'Suke will you give me your eye?"

Sasuke looked at him before replying with a smile, "I can't Naruto."

"Huh? Why not?"

"Because if I don't have my other eye the other won't work efficiently and if it doesn't work efficiently I can't protect you. And if I can't protect you and die not only will Tsunade beat the crap out of me but I will also kill myself. Besides why would you want a single eye when you already own me and my heart? But if you still want my eye because your not contented I am willing to give it to you." stated Sasuke.

Naruto smiled and went to Sasuke and took his hand.

"Aa, your right. I've changed my mind Sasuke I don't want your eye anymore because I already have you."

Then they continued walking home when Naruto suddenly said, "Oh and I have to take the new rule out. If I knew that that book meant a lot to him because of his friend I wouldn't have banned it."

"Yeah, you should do that," agreed Sasuke.

That morning…

Kakashi was the happiest man on Earth. Why? Because he can now freely read again his precious book.

Naruto actually believed him when he said the part why he was reading that.

"Sorry Obito. I just can't help myself but use you at that moment. You can forgive me right? Well if not you can always beat me up when we meet again."



"Ew Tobi, un! Stop spreading your virus on me."

"But Deidara-sempai that's one of Tobi's ways of showing his affection to his precious loved one! Believe me Dei-chan! Tobi is a good boy after all."

"Showing your affection, hmm? Don't kid me, un!"

With that said our dearest Deidara kicked our dear Tobi.

Aww… you could really feel the love in the air don't you?


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