The Bloody Secret

The Bloody Secret

Chapter 1: The Hook-up

"Hatred is a fickle thing Mika." Julia said smiling at the boy she was talking to. "What are you talking about??" Mika said looking rather astounded. "Well you know what I'm talking about don't you Mika?" Julia said sitting with her legs crossed. "Well I sort of know what you're talking about Julia... but its just plain weird that you would ask me such a thing." Mika said smiling viciously. "Well I have a right to know what you are trying to pull with Professor Roxas." Julia said as she got up and walked close to Mika. "You mean to tell me you knew what was going on?" Mika said looking more evil than ever. "Oh I knew what you were planning on doing… you were planning on draining professor Roxas of all his blood to turn him into what you are." Julia said looking rather angry. "Oh and Miss Priss what am I? Mika said as he looked into Julia's eyes.

"Well Mika I think you're a vampire but I don't know if that's the truth or not." Julia said as Mika grabbed a hold of her arm and pulled her close to him. "Just think Julia if I had bitten you and you would have turned I think you would look very sharp being a vampire." Mika said as he whispered that into her ear. "Mika what are you doing to me?" Julia said as she tried to pull away but Mika's strength is too powerful for anything. "I want you Julia I want to turn you!!" Mika said baring his fangs at her wishing they were in her neck. "MIKA LET ME GO THIS INSTANT!!" Julia Yelped as he got closer to her neck. "Let me rid all the worry and sorrow from your body and let's be one." Mika said as he tilted Julia's neck and Julia Gave in. Mika pierced her neck with his fangs as they were going into her neck. "Oh…….Mika" Julia said as she touched his face.

Mika let go of her and the blood just kept pouring out of her neck but then Mika put his hand over her neck and as soon as he let go of her neck the two puncture wounds were vaguely there. "Mika… are you alright?" Julia said as she put her hand on his face. Mika looked at her and smiled. "Yes Julia I'm just fine don't worry about me… God Julia how I have missed seeing you like this." Mika said as she laid her head on his chest. "Mika Do you love me?" Julia said smiling vaguely. Mika looked down at her and seen a smile that he has never seen before. "Well Julia… we've been together for a long time and I longed to see you like this with me so yeah I think I'm falling inlove with you." Mika said as he put his lips to hers. Julia then wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled. "Well Mika I guess I'm falling inlove with you too." Julia said as she felt the two holes in her neck, still seeping with blood. "Oh Julia I have longed to hear those words come from your mouth." Mika said smiling as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Mika I know this might sound weird but who was that girl you were with earlier today?" Julia said smiling sheepishly. "Oh uh that girl… her name is Victoria and she's close to my family." Mika said looking rather embarrassed at the sound. "Oh Mika I'm sorry for asking you but you must know that we can be more than friends if you know what I mean." Julia said smiling sexily. Mika smiled at the sound of that. "You mean we can be more than friends as in boyfriend and girlfriend?" Mika said looking deep into her eyes. "Yes Mika we can be more than just friends if that's what you want Mika." Julia said as she got up and looked at him. "Well I want to be more than friends with you but I'm you know… I'm shy." Mika said looking at her smiling funny. "Mika its time for you to pluck up the courage and ask me out." Julia said as she grabbed his hand. "Oh okay Julia… Will you go out with me?" Mika said intertwining his fingers with hers.

"Mika I will go out with you but on one condition… you don't mention this to my parents." Julia said pointing a finger to the two puncture wounds. "Oh Julia I wont tell your parents I promise." Mika said looking very stiff. "Shall we sleep mika?" Julia said smiling at mika. "Oh yes Julia we can go to sleep." Mika said looking up at the ceiling. A knock came to the door and Mika got up and answered it…It was Cole Michaels. "Cole what are you doing here at this time of night?" Mika said as Cole looked at Mika. "The dark wizard sent me here with this message… The power between the two vampire lords… you and Darius lawhorn… are very strong and you will have to fight to the death with the ex-dragon riders… Mohawk and Rider." Cole said looking at mika. "Well if it's a fight they want then it's a fight they will get." Mika said in a growl like tone.

Chapter 2 coming up tomorrow