The bloody Secret

Chapter 4: The Change

Julia Decided to walk home from Link's house to get back to her home and to her surprise she noticed how fast she was walking and she also noticed that she wasn't that far away from her home. When she finally made it to her home she walked right in the front door. As she turned on her light for a little bit of light in her house, she walked into her darkened room, hoping Mika would make it home soon. As she was getting dressed, she put on a black see-through nightgown as she heard a knock coming from her front door. She hurried up and ran down the stairs as she began to open the door. To her surprise, Mika was standing there smiling at her. Julia pulled Mika in the house while she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Well Mika I'm so glad your back." Julia said as she embraced Mika into a hug. "Julia were you afraid that I wasn't going to make it back alive?" Mika said smirking as He picked her up carrying her upstairs and into her room where he layed her down on the bed. "Yes Mika you might say I was just a tad bit worried about you… because I don't want you to leave me.." Julia said laying there looking at Mika As she kissed Mika softly on the lips. "Well how about you saying that we could get together if you know what I mean… like intimate together….. What do you say?" Mika said as he removed his shirt.

"Wait Mika, Do you really think we should be doing this?" Julia said sounding a little bit nervous. "Well Julia its nothing to be afraid of… it's only sex… if you like Sex then you will love Sex with a vampire…" Mika said as he kissed Julia's neck. Julia could have told him to stop but she didn't…she fell deeply and compassionately into his trance once again. Mika began to remove all of Julia's clothing, Starting with her shirt, he removed her shirt and barely hesitated with removing her Bra, with a quick snap, her Bra was off and laying beside the bed along with her shirt. Mika began to unbutton Julia's pants as he pulled them off of her. She was left in her bikini and nothing else. Mika kissed her Chest while licking one of her nipples just to see what Julia would do. Julia's eyes rolled in the back of her head as she felt him licking around on of her nipples. She layed there as Mika took one of his hands and pulled off her Bikini bottoms with his hand. Mika sat up onto his knees looking at Julia's naked body and smirked. Julia looked at Mika and just stared at him as they were about to have sex. "Julia I think your human?" Mika said staring at her fragile body. "What do you mean Mika?…I'm not human…Why do you think that?" Julia said as she got underneath the black satin Sheets.

"Well I could just tell you were a human… You smell Human.." Mika said smiling viciously at her flesh. "Well if you think I'm such a human…then turn me into a vampire then…so we could be together for eternity." Julia said as she Tilted her neck. "Are you sure Julia???" Mika said as he went over to her neck. He could smell the sweet aroma of Vanilla musk on her. "Yes Mika I'm sure…please just take it easy on me…" Julia said as she felt his cold hands around her waist. It made her warm succulent skin flutter. Mika then took a free pillow and placed it behind Julia's head for extra comfort as he tilted her neck all the way back where he could get a clear shot of her neck. Julia's veins started pulsating full of blood. Mika couldn't resist to hearing her blood pulsating through her veins no longer. He began to kiss her neck gently with each kiss he drug his teeth across her neck. He moaned in his throat as he tasted her skin. Mika's fangs slid from their sheathes, Julia closed her eyes waiting for him to give her the kiss for all eternity. Mika slid his fangs into her neck as the blood started to instantly pour out of her neck , into his mouth and down his chin. Julia was in a trance even when she could feel his fangs in her neck, she didn't seem to mind. Mika started to slurp the blood out of her neck groaning in pleasure as the blood was turning him on to her more and more. Julia began to shake from underneath him as she was starting to feel very heavy-eyed.

Mika then let go of her and sat up. "Julia….Julia Are you ok????" Mika said as he began to worry. "M-M-Mika….Baby, I'm fine…just a little weak from you drinking my blood…but I'll be fine." Julia said laying there barely moving from underneath him. Mika Held her in his arms. "Oh baby If I knew that would have happened I wouldn't have done it…I'm so sorry." Mika said as if he was about to cry. "Mika…I love you." Julia said smiling as she gently pulled him down bringing his lips to hers as she kissed him ever so softly. Mika rolled over as he was laying beside Julia looking at her as Julia scooted over and layed her head on his chest. "Julia…Did my ears hear you correctly….did you just say you loved me?" Mika said still sounding shocked wondering whether or not if he was hearing things or not. "Well I didn't think you would have gotten mad at me if I did say I loved you…I'm sorry if you don't love me as I love you." Julia said looking down at herself about to cry. Mika pulled her up to him and kissed her on the forehead. "Baby, I love you…. I've been in love with you ever since we were kids." Mika said smirking as Julia placed her lips onto his once again as she kissed him, but only this time it was more rougher. Mika groaned in pleasure since they were already naked, he rolled over on top of Julia and kissed her neck. "Mika please be easy on me." Julia said smirking at Mika.

Mika Gently kissed Julia's neck while he gently started to spread her legs. She felt him spreading her legs as she was ready. Mika pushed himself into her and started to thrust slowly. Julia couldn't help but moan with ecstasy and pleasure. "Oh Mika please go harder." Julia said within moans as Mika picked up the pace and began to thrust harder and harder into her. Julia moaned loudly as Mika picked up the pace with his thrusting. Mika then placed Julia's legs over his shoulders thrusting even harder into her. Julia grabbed a pillow and bit into it while she moaned. After 3 hours of pleasure, Mika fell off of Julia and layed beside Julia. "Well is that what you wanted?" Mika said in a husky voice. "Yes that's exactly what I wanted…" Julia said laying there on Mika's chest kissing his chest. "Well I'm glad you enjoyed every minute of it…" Mika said with a yawn as they both drifted off into a deep slumber.