By My Hand
Author: Devylish
Genre: Dark / Angst?
Words: 229 (glorified drabble?)
Pairing: Spike/... maybe Buffy? Could be someone else.
Rating: PG13 to be safe...
Warning: character death.
AN...Created for the Nekid Spike prompt "red".

He raised his hand, holding it up before his face and staring at the thick strings of dark blood that bridged across, and between his fingers. The liquid slid down over his digits like a warm glove, curving around his palm and down his wrist.

His fingers trembled faintly as he inhaled the fresh scent of sweetened copper.

It was a scent that was always with him, from the moment he woke, to the moment he fell asleep. It was even present in his sleep; in the dreamless, dead void that was his slumber.

…. He could smell the scent over the whiskey that sluiced down his throat on a nightly basis. It weaved through his clothing; wrapping itself in the shadowy black of the supple leather that surrounded his lean form.

Not even the acrid, cutting fragrance of the cigarettes he breathed could hide the heady aroma of the blood.

The blood was with him always…. Always.

Spike turned his hand over; the silver skull ring he wore was curtained by the dark viscous fluid.

Lowering his hand, Spike gazed at lifeless body that lay before him. She was dead.


Sticking his tongue out he licked at the slowly drying remnants of her life-force. The taste of her blood shot electricity through his body. Hard, sharp, electric-red pinpricks of bliss… and soft, dull, cotton-white twinges of pain.