The Morning After

By Namiyo11

Chapter 1-The dreams

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"Kagura!" Inuyasha lashed out at the wind sorceress, even as she laughed.

"Too late, Inuyasha," she said, sending her dance of the blades at, at-Kagome! She screamed, blood flowed, her eyes closed as she fell...

Inuyasha woke up in a cold sweat. Panting, he looked down at the camp, at a small but beloved figure in one of those funny sleeping blankets from her era. He wanted to climb down and check on her, but he'd wake up that little brat kitsune. The hanyou sighed, and leaned back, another damned nightmare. Hard to believe a weak little mortal, untrained, had managed to survive for over three years chasing Naraku. Most of it, he knew was due to him. But it ate at him, it was always possible the odds would catch up to her.

That...he'd gladly die to prevent. But it didn't stop the nightmares. It wasn't much better the nights he didn't awaken in terror, that meant he'd usually had the other dreams...the ones where she let him touch her...where he did all sorts of things with her, things you only did with a wife. Things-he'd never done with anyone. Those lust filled dreams of her were why he threw a fit every time Miroku got perverted, or discussed things that were private!

A sheltered maiden like his Kagome or an honorable one like Sango weren't supposed to know those things, hell, he only knew a bit, mostly due to human couples in the woods he'd happened upon and been embarrassed by. He'd made sure to try and avoid them as much as possible, but to his shame, he longed to hear Kagome call his name like those females had called for their men, to beg him to-damn. Inuyasha sighed. Since she'd kissed him and said she loved him as a hanyou when they'd fought Kaguya...A hanyou! Those dreams and feelings had gotten a lot harder to ignore. A hanyou wasn't supposed to be anyone's beloved. Wasn't supposed to love a mortal miko...desire her as a woman and fight temptation that sprang from her innocent caring...even Kikyou hadn't made him feel like this, she'd rightly demanded he become mortal.

When morning came, he groused at her as usual, and their party, his friends and allies, the people he cared about more than any others, broke camp. Not that he was willing to share his feelings, of course. No way.

He carried her another day, relaxing as he held her safely, took care of her, even as she fussed and fumed at him over some baka thing.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome finally said, hitting him lightly. At least, it felt light to the hanyou when she'd popped him one. He'd been off in lala land for the last hour!

"What, wench?" he replied. Her sweet voice...her firm-damn!

"I said, are we stopping anytime soon?" she repeated slowly and loudly. Kagome's legs were cramping from being carried, they'd hardly taken a break today, and it was getting dark.

"Huh? Yeah," he'd shrugged and they soon stopped for the night.

"Inuyasha, I have to tell you something," Kagome murmured, "I love you, I need you, please, please, touch me, lay with me..." she'd slipped off her top, lain back on her bed in the future, held her arms out to him...and his eyes flicked open. Well, it wasn't a nightmare at least.

"Wake up, my love. I've been trying forever," Kagome smiled and kissed him as they lay together...

"Damn!" Inuyasha sat up, really awake now. He looked around, noting everyone seemed ok. Kagome, though, she was turning and restless in her sleep. The kitsune was curled up with Kirara tonight. He got down, and listened, thinking it a bad dream. It wasn't.

"...Inu...yasha...more..." she'd whispered, and-what the hell was she dreaming?? He stared, wide eyed...and speechless. She was having that kind of dream? Kagome?? About-him? No, it was something else, he denied the possibility even as he scented-oh no. No way, she was an innocent girl! Had to be a nightmare. He blushed deeply.

"Wake up!" Inuyasha ordered in a harsh whisper, shaking her at once!

"Huh?" her eyes opened, heavy lidded and warm, and she gasped as they widened at the sight of him. He's woken her up in the dream too...carried her away from the others...

"Inuyasha! What are you doing?" she scooted back, clutching the sleeping bag in shock.

"Waking you up-from your nightmare," he said gruffly.

"Ni-nightmare? Uh...sure. Thanks," Kagome managed dazedly, blushing in the darkness. It hadn't been a nightmare, far from it. She'd had the dream repeatedly for years, the one where they-oh dear. He was looking at her, and she slid under the blankets, closing her eyes. It was why she encouraged Shippo to sleep next to her, his presence kept them away.

"Good night!" she'd said hurriedly.

"Yeah," he'd answered, and got up to go back to sleep-and ended up staying up the rest of the night wondering about her dream. Nah. Had to be a nightmare, he scolded himself repeatedly. Decent maidens like her didn't dream about that! Certainly not about him that way! She didn't know anything about that stuff! But a nightmare wouldn't have...excited her. He made damned sure he sat upwind of her the rest of the night.

Miroku saw the whole thing through half-closed eyes, and stifled a laugh. He really ought to stay out of it...but he wasn't going to. There was no telling what would happen to them all, high time they got together and decided what their relationship would be once the jewel was finished. He'd already asked Sango to marry him, after all...perhaps they needed some time alone to sort things out.

A day later, he got the opportunity. They were turning around and heading back to Kaede's, after a week and a half of fruitless searching, and Sango announced she wanted to go to her old village to visit the graves and offer prayers.

"Let me come with you," Miroku had asked.

"What? No, I don't think-" Sango had begun, and he smiled.

"Shippo can come too if you like, dear Sango. It's an important part of your life, and I'd like to share it," He'd offered, and she'd smiled shyly. The kit wouldn't allow them out of his sight, and it would be nice to have was so empty there now.

"Shippo too?" Kagome asked, and she bit her lip, making Inuyasha frown.

"If you don't want me to go, Kagome, I'll stay!" the kit volunteered without hesitation, and Miroku wanted to strangle the kitsune. The plan!

"No, no, go with them, Sango. In fact, we could all go if you like," Kagome offered.

"Oh my, no. I know it's been a long time since you visited your family through the well, this is a good opportunity to go. We'll be back together in a few days," Sango said, and Kagome took her hands with a bright smile. Since she'd graduated high school, a feat almost as amazing as her continued survival in the feudal era with her absences, Kagome rarely got to go to the future anymore. Strange as it was, her life was here now, and she accepted it.

"I-if you're sure," Kagome replied. Again there was a hesitation-why was she nervous? Inuyasha scowled, what, wasn't he able to protect her without the others now?? Damned wench. His wench...

They left the next morning, and Kagome shouldered her pack, watching them leave with Kirara as Inuyasha stood, arms folded into his sleeves.

"I wish they'd stayed."

"Why? They'll be back!" he barked, upset at her apparent lack of faith in him.

"Huh? Why? You know why," Kagome said in surprise.

"No, I don't! That's why I'm asking, baka wench!" Inuyasha shot back.

"For tomorrow night, baka. I saw a hut yesterday, it looked abandoned that we can use."

"To-damn," he realized, crap! The new moon! When he was mortal, with all of a mortal's emotions...and needs...and they were going to be alone on that night for the first time in years, no injuries, no enemies on their tail at the moment...crap.

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