Sensei Zabuza?

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Authors notes: Another what if idea of mine. It centers around the question what would happen, if Gateaus betrayal of Zabuza was discovered earlier. Be warned, this story contains character death. Some of you may even hate me for what I do, but I don't care. Have fun with the story.

This is a revised version of the chapter, extended to contain more information. If you find discrepancies to things you know or know different, I have to say that I have the German version of the Manga. And well, German translators tend to ignore Slang or change names.

But before I start, I have a little complaining to do. I have read in several stories, how people hate Kakashi for teaching Sasuke an assassination technique, namely Chidori. But the same people respect Maito Gai for teaching Rock Lee Omote Renge and Ura Renge. Both techniques, Omote and Ura Renge, are forbidden, because they can very well kill the user. I admit that Sasuke is an power-hungry, inconsiderate asshole and that he used the Chidori to try to kill Naruto in the Valley of the End. But if Gaara hadn't had his Armor and Shield of Sand, Rock Lee could have killed him with the use of the Lotus. So, yes, I don't belong to the persons, hating Kakashi for teaching Sasuke Chidori. He even told him not to use the technique against fellow Konoha Ninjas. And I don't remember anyone hating Jiraiya for teaching Naruto the Rasengan. A technique that is even more dangerous than Chidori. You have seen the effects a Rasengan had on the Water tower on top of the Konoha Hospital. And you have seen what Jiraiyas Rasengan did to a tree. Steel and wood can take quite some damage in comparison to a human body. So don't tell me the Rasengan would be less dangerous than the Chidori. By the way I would prefer to have my heart pierced to having my guts torn apart. Wouldn't you agree? Torn apart guts are longer painful than a pierced heart.

I add even another thing. I recently read how many persons hate Sasuke since he became quite strong in the Manga. What's wrong with you people? Don't you know one of the simplest rules for a great Hero? He must face an opponent who is stronger than him. I mean how does a hero look who just beats up thugs but is able to jump over a building or lift a tank without a problem. Anyone would say, "Well done, when will you do something difficult?" A Hero with weak adversaries looks weak himself. But if the enemies are strong, the Hero proves his worth as a hero. And it is boring to read about a hero without any challenge. Such a hero is more or less useless. And I admit that Naruto would become boring if Naruto suddenly would beat any enemy. But you don't have to see it this way.

I recommend listening to the Song "The End" by The Doors, while reading the Land of Wave part of the chapter.

Anyway, let's begin with chapter one.


Chapter 1: A different outcome


The Battle on the bridge was almost over. The fog, made by Zabuza dispersed. Kakashi was beginning to form his original technique. And Naruto was ready to kill Haku.

Suddenly they heard clapping sounds. "Well, well, well. Seems that the "Demon of the Bloody Mist" got defeated after all. Proceed, Konoha Nin, kill him and his damned apprentice. I think we have to talk about business later." Gateau said, grinning like the fatass criminal he is.

"No one betrays Zabuza Momochi and lives to tell the tale!" the immobile man shouted.

"But you will die, fool. One way or another." Gateau said gloating.

"You never intended to pay us." Zabuza said tonelessly.

"Of course. Why should I waste so much money on paying someone like you?" Gateau asked. "Now hurry, Konoha Nin, kill this fool." Gateau ordered, returning to his waiting army of thugs. He wanted to see the Demon dead. Then he could pay the Konoha Nins, so that they allowed his thugs to kill the Bridge builder.

Kakashi let the Raikiri vanish. "No. Zabuza, I think our fight is over. We will kill this bastard together." Kakashi proposed.

"Damn right." the Demon of the Bloody Mist growled. The hunter dogs vanished. Zabuza went to retrieve his Sword.

"2000 Ryo for the head of Zabuza, 2000 for the Konoha Jonin, 500 for the brats, 1000 for the blasted apprentice and 1000 for the damned bridge builder!" Gateau yelled. His men were motivated to the toes. Whoever would bring him a head would have his contract negotiated again. Not that they knew this.

The second battle was on. Naruto and Haku went to the sides of the two Jonin. "They will die. No one of this thugs will leave alive! Gateau is mine!" Zabuza growled. The others nodded.

"Kill them all!" Gateau yelled. Safety in numbers should work.

The thugs came running at the group. Haku threw Senbon needles, Kakashi and Naruto were fighting with Kunai in hand and Zabuza was swinging his giant sword, killing thugs with every swing.

One of the more intelligent thugs had not joined the others in their assault on the big group. He wanted to kill the pink-haired girl, the bridge builder and he wanted to retrieve the head of the already downed boy. He would not pass up an opportunity on easy money. He got near the trio of victims.

"Sasuke, you live!" was heard in a happy tone.

"Stop it, Sakura. The needles hurt." came the weak reply.

The thug came to the group. "Die." was all he said, as he used his sword to strike after the girl. But he was quite surprised to see that the boy had managed to intercept his slash. Well, he would die first, the thug didn't care.

Sakura couldn't believe it. Sasuke had intercepted the blow aimed to end her life. And she was by no means a fool. She knew that Sasuke wouldn't survive. "Sasuke-kun!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

Then she took out a Kunai and attacked the surprised bandit. The man was too surprised to block her strike. Sakura plunged the Kunai into his abdomen and brutally ripped it open . The man looked at his abdomen unbelievingly and at the intestines coming from it. He striked after Sakura but she dodged the killing blow. However, she didn't come out unharmed. One of her eyes, her left one, was destroyed in the process of dodging.

Kakashi and Naruto stopped, as they heard the loud and pained yell from Sakura. And it costed both of them. Kakashis lung was pierced 3 times. Naruto lost his right eye, courtesy of the sword of Zori. Kakashi coughed up blood. He knew, he wouldn't make it any farther without any immediate help. He had maybe 60 minutes before he would die.

Naruto on the other hand was screaming in pain. His lost eye hurt more than anything he had ever felt. He trashed around wildly, blood covering his face. And Zori had the bad luck of being in the way, as Naruto was loosing control. The Kunai slit open his windpipe and he fell down, drowning in his own blood.

Zabuza had meanwhile managed to reach Gateau. "Payday!" he yelled and used his sword to cleave Gateau from head to toe. "Who else want's to fight the Demon of the Bloody Mist!" he roared as loud as he could. He had dozens of scratches and cuts, but none of them looked as if it would hinder the blood crazed man.

The last thugs were weighing their chances. On the one hand they could fight the Demon and die. On the other hand they could raid the village and leave with money enough to last until someone else hired them. "Let's raid the village!" one of the remaining men yelled.

Suddenly an arrow came flying. And by chance it struck the man. The villagers of Nami no Kuni had arrived. "Get them!" one of the men yelled. "They shall pay for their crimes!" another one yelled.

The last few thugs were trapped. On the one side were the villagers, many of them and they were angry. And on the other side was a real Demon. So they jumped from the bridge and swam to their boats. They would never return here. It was simply not healthy for them to do so.

The villagers looked at the Ninjas. Kakashi was coughing up blood. Sasuke was rapidly loosing blood and would most likely die within minutes. "Let me through!" an aged voice came. An old man in a green outfit came to the wounded. Naruto and Sakura were both covering an eye.

The first one he reached was Kakashi. Haku was already kneeling beside him. "I did what I can. I think he has a chance a survival now. But he won't last long." the boy said.

The doctor nodded. "I will return to you in no time." he said and ran to Sasuke.

Sasuke knew he was dying. He felt the life leaving his body. The doctor looked at him and sadly shook his head. "Only Kami-sama can help you now, my boy." he said sounding defeated.

Naruto and Sakura were watching their teammate. "Teme." was the only word Naruto could choke out.

Sakura felt as if her heart was bursting. The lump in her throat threatened to choke her. She couldn't even cry.

Sasuke spoke again. "You both have lost an eye. I want to give you my eyes as a replacement." he said slowly. Naruto and Sakura were shocked. "Take them as a gift from a friend who noticed too late how wrong he was. You are my friends. And if I give you these eyes a part of me will always be with you." he added.

Naruto and Sakura looked at each other and knelt beside Sasuke.

The doctor nodded. "I will do it." he said. He gave Naruto and Sakura some powerful painkillers. He had no anesthesia with him, so he had to use what he got.

Sasuke activated his Sharingan for the last time. Then he coughed again. "This is the end. Become strong Ninjas, my friends. You are my family and you are precious to me. Farewell." he said becoming quieter with every word. After his farewell he let out his last breath.

Both Naruto and Sakura were now openly crying. Why did they have to find out that they had a friend just to loose him seconds later. It was like a cruel joke of the universe. Snow fell on the scene.

The doctor then cleaned the eye-sockets of Sakura and Naruto from the remaining parts of their original eyes. After this he took out Sasukes eyes and implanted them into Sakuras and Narutos face. Both pulled their Hitai-ate over their new eyes. They lay there, mourning their friend.

The doctor had meanwhile returned to Kakashi. He examined him deeper this time. "Take him to my clinic immediately!" he ordered. Then he turned to Zabuza and Haku. "He will survive. But he will have to recover for at least 2 months. Your aid was great. If you hadn't helped him, he would have died. I will cure him here as good as I can. It would be the best if you went to Konoha as soon as possible to sent a better medic here." the doctor told the two.

"We will do so." Zabuza said. It was his duty to help the man. He had helped him so now it was his turn to help Kakashi. His honor as a swordsman demanded this. And if there was one thing he would never abandon then it was pride.

Tazuna approached the missing Nin. "You are no longer after my head?" he asked.

"No. I am not. How long will it take to complete the bridge?" Zabuza answered.

Tazuna looked at the bridge. "If everything goes fine, about three weeks." he answered. "Good. I will help you out with as many Mizu Bunshin as I can create." Zabuza offered.

Naruto and Sakura were now near the talking adults. "Would it help if I made clones too?" he asked.

Tazuna thought about it. "How many can you create?" he wanted to know.

"Many. I don't count them. I think I can come up with at least 100 solid clones." Naruto answered truthfully.

Zabuza and Tazuna stared at the boy in shock. 100 clones was a really impressing force. Tazuna nodded. "This would help greatly. With so much help I should be able to complete the bridge in two or three days." he said after a while of thinking.

"Then let's do this. So we can go to Konoha and send a medic back here to help Kakashi-Sensei." Naruto answered. Zabuza nodded.

At noon the work on the bridge began again. A literal army of shadow clones, each with a number, was working on the bridge. Naruto and Sakura were holding the deathwatch for their fallen friend and comrade.

Villagers came by and paid their respect to the dead boy. Sakura and Naruto were silent the whole time. They had lost a friend. More than a friend. They had lost a family member. And they had taken his last words to heart. They would train to get better. They would train to become worthy of the gift of their late teammate.

In the evening Zabuza went to visit Kakashi.

"What will you do now, Copy-cat?" Zabuza asked the immobile man. "You are in no condition to travel and your two Genin might not make it back to Konoha. Yet they have to go there so you can get help." Zabuza listed Kakashis dilemma instead of a greeting.

Kakashi sighed very slowly. His side hurt. The doctor had had placed a draining machine near his bed and now his lungs were drained of blood and other liquids that didn't belong there. And the process was excruciatingly painful. "I don't know. I can't send them out alone, they are prey even for normal bandits. I was wondering if you could bring them to Konoha." he said to the missing Nin.

Zabuza laughed. "Copy-cat. I might have acted foolish more often than not but even I am not that foolish. The moment I set a foot near Konoha, your Anbu will come and remove my head. The head will be sent to Kiri so they know I won't return. And my body will be plundered of it's secrets." he told Kakashi. "Going there is suicide for me." he added.

Kakashi nodded. "Yes. Normally it would. But you have proven yourself as a trustworthy ally in field to me. Besides, if things can work out right, it would be possible that you join the Leaf. We know about the state of Kiri. The Mizukage is in no position to demand your head. He is too occupied with his civil war to be able to do anything on a bigger, international scale. And frankly, the relations of Mist and Leaf are not that good. And it is not that uncommon for missing Nin to join other villages." he countered.

Zabuza nodded. "I know. But most missing Nin go to smaller villages, not to one of the most powerful villages, when they want to join a new village. Besides, I still want to free Kirigakure from the Mizukage. He has driven the nation down, destroyed our pride and strength. He has to pay for this." he told Kakashi.

Kakashi smirked. "Well, if you join the Leaf, you might be able to gather support for a strike against the Mizukage. I heard that the rebels are still inspired by your attempt to end a corrupt reign." he said.

Zabuza pondered this. "But would the Leaf Village really be willing to go to war with Kiri just to change the land. Going to war just to change Kiri doesn't really sound like a good plan for your village."

Kakashi pondered this. Zabuza was effectively right. Konohagakure had not much to gain from changing the government of Kiri. Even if they supported the rebels mostly with supplies and small troops, it would still be expensive. And the gains were small.

But maybe there was a way. "Listen, Zabuza. If you join Konoha, well the Mizukage will be happy at first, because he is then safe from you. But you have then the option of searching for people who would support your dream of freeing Kirigakure. And it is true, Konoha has seemingly not much to gain from aiding the rebels. But if Konoha aides, the rebels might be inclined toward a partnership with Konoha." Kakashi said.

Zabuza pondered this. "Still, I would have to make it alive to your village and stay alive long enough for them to hear my pledge." he objected.

Kakashi nodded. "True. I will write a clearance for you. You haven't committed a crime against the leaf, so the Hokage might be more willing to listen to your pledge. And I will stand surety for your loyalty." he told Zabuza.

Zabuza nodded. "I have no better options, I will follow your plan." he said.

Kakashi nodded and Zabuza left.

Three days later the bridge was indeed ready. All villagers, Naruto and Sakura as well as Zabuza and Haku stood there as Tazuna inaugurated the bridge with a little festivity. "May this bridge be a symbol for new hope and a new start." he said solemnly.

After the bridge was inaugurated they returned to Tazunas house. A coffin had come earlier that day and Naruto and Sakura had placed their friend in there. Naruto created two shadow clones to help with carrying the coffin to it's destined graveyard.

All villagers of Wave followed the coffin and the two Genin and two clones carrying it.

At the bridge they stopped. Two workers had dug out a grave.

Slowly Naruto and Sakura let the coffin into the grave. Simultaneously they took some earth and threw it on the coffin. "Farewell, my friend and brother." Naruto said with his voice full of unshed tears.

"Requiesta in pacem, Sasuke-kun. I will never forget you." Sakura choked out under tears. Then she leaned on Naruto for comfort and support.

They stepped away from the grave and watched as villagers of Wave threw flowers and earth into the grave. After a while the two workers closed the grave.

Tazuna spoke up again. "We will never forget how these 4 persons from Konoha came to aid us in a time of great need. We will also never forget the price they paid. Therefore I want to name this bridge "The Great Sasuke Bridge." Is this acceptable for you?" he asked the crowd and the 2 Genin especially.

Naruto and Sakura nodded. "Yes. So we never forget our brother." Naruto managed to get out.

Everyone else nodded slowly. It was decided.

After the funeral Naruto and Sakura went to visit their Sensei at the local clinic. He was still not out of danger. As the two Genin entered his room, he smiled at them lightly. "I will be bound to a bed for a long time." he began, breathing very short. Every deep breath would bring unbearable pain. "I have talked with Zabuza. He will take over as your Sensei and bring you back to Konoha. Haku will accompany you." he said.

Naruto and Sakura nodded slowly. They had not slept in the last days. And it was not likely that they would go to sleep now. No, they were eager to get on the road to Konoha. So they could send a medic here to help Kakashi. And they wanted to leave from here, where much reminded them of Sasukes death.

Zabuza and Haku choose this moment to enter the room. "Kakashi. I will take the three kids to Konoha as I have promised and I will teach them." Zabuza came straight to business.

Kakashi nodded. Then he handed Zabuza a paper. "This will give you protection from ANBU." he said.

Zabuza nodded and took the paper. It was a surety from Kakashi. He had pledged his own life. If Zabuza made a move against Konoha Kakashi would be held responsible and executed too. The former Kiri-Nin took this as a sign of trust from the copy-cat Ninja. And he had come to respect the Konoha Elite Ninja and deemed him worthy of his trust. And he would not betray him. His honor demanded this.

Kakashi then looked at his team again. "I hope you will do well. I will teach you how to use your eyes, when I have recovered. This is a promise." the Jonin said solemnly. "Naruto, you need more Chakra control, you have to learn water walking. Sakura, you need more Chakra reserves. I'm sure that Zabuza can help you developing greater reserves." he gave advice. "Teach them well Zabuza. As of now, you are the Sensei of my team.

Zabuza nodded. "I will." he promised. Then he looked to Naruto and Sakura. "We leave in one hour. Get ready. We meet at the bridge." he said and left the room. Haku followed him.

Sakura and Naruto waited some minutes before leaving their Sensei as well. "We will send help as soon as we return to Konoha. This is a promise." Naruto said.

Sakura nodded. "We leave now, Sensei. We hope you will be better soon." she added.

Kakashi nodded. "Until we meet again." he answered. With this words his charges left the room.

An hour later the group was assembled at the bridge. The stonemason had made the sign "The Great Sasuke Bridge." Naruto and Sakura promised to return to the village. And after everyone had bid farewell they were on their way back home.

In the evening they made a camp. Zabuza and Haku took one tent, Naruto and Sakura the other. Haku took the first watch, Zabuza wanted to take the last shift. Naruto and Sakura almost immediately fell onto their sleeping bags.

A while later Zabuza and Haku heard the sounds of persons having a nightmare. "Why, Sasuke-kun? Why?" came the desperate call from Sakura.

"Teme. Don't leave!" was heard from Naruto.

Zabuza sighed. They had yet to come to terms with the loss of their comrade and they surely were not over their first kills.

Zabuza woke the two kids up. "You both had a nightmare. I take it that you saw Sasuke die?" he said. Both nodded silently. "I tell you something. Don't think about his death any longer. Remember him as a friend and brother. He died to protect someone special to him. Honor this and don't feel guilty for his death. This is the best advice I can give you." Zabuza said deep in thought.

Naruto and Sakura nodded slowly. "And I'm sure you will feel guilt over your first victims. Don't feel too guilty. They were mercenaries and bandits. For money they would happily sell their family into slavery or even kill them. Don't feel guilty over their death. With killing them you took them every chance to commit further crimes. And believe me, they were criminals to boot. They only got what they deserved." he added.

Sakura looked at him. "Will it become easier to kill?" she wanted to know.

"Yes. Killing is our business. We may let Genin chase wayward pets or do gardening, but in the end they will have to face killing. We live in a world of war, were treaties are made and broken in hours if there is an opportunity to do so. I tell you something. There are Shinobi and Kunoichi out there who are younger or as old as you and they have killed many people. I heard of one child in Suna, who shall be strong enough to kill Jonin or even Anbu. From what I could gather he is rumored to be one of the few "flee on sight" marked Ninjas in the Iwagakure Bingo Book. Your Yondaime Hokage, the Sannin, your Sensei and some Ninja from other countries are marked this way, too. I don't know if it is correct but he shall have killed a group of 20 Chunin with two attacks. But to return to your question. Killing will become easier. And it helps, when you regret every kill. This stops you from becoming an insane killing machine." he told the kids.

Both nodded darkly. "Very well then. I will let you sleep. Haku and I will shift the watch between us. You two need rest." he said and got up to leave the tent.

"Thank you, Sensei." Sakura said quietly.

Zabuza nodded and smiled under his bandages. He could work with these kids, that much he could tell. They had been yanked from their sheltered world brutally. And while he was a brutal and cruel man, he still had a heart, buried under all these layers of evil. He could admit that he pitied them. Even if it was only to himself.

Later that night Zabuza looked into the tent of his two new charges. They were asleep, clinging to each other for comfort and shielding from the nightmares. "Do whatever helps you overcoming your nightmares." he said quietly and left the tent. They would need their sleep.

It took the new team Zabuza 4 days to reach Konoha. They had moved as fast as they could. Only stopping for quick snacks and a nightly rest.

The two Chunin watching the gate were quite surprised when they saw Team Zabuza approaching Konoha. The first one spoke up. "Halt! What do you want in Konoha?" he asked Zabuza. Then his gaze fell on Naruto. "Uzumaki? Where is your Sensei?" the Chunin wanted to know.

Naruto sighed. "Kakashi is still in Wave Country. He needs a very good medic really fast." he said urgently.

"You have to report to the Hokage immediately." the Chunin said. Then he turned to Zabuza again. "But what are you doing here?" he wanted to know.

"I came here on the wish of Hatake Kakashi. He wants me to train his Genins, until he has recovered. Haku here is my apprentice. He will hopefully be allowed to fill the gap in Kakashis team." Zabuza told the guard.

The guard nodded. "Well. 2 ANBU will escort you to the Hokage." he said.

In this moment 3 ANBU appeared. "Come with us, please." the woman said.

Zabuza nodded. "I entrust you with my sword. It shall underline that I will not bring harm to Konoha." he said serious. Then he handed the woman the paper from Kakashi.

The man nodded and took the sword. "Follow us." the second man said.

A while later they were standing in the Hokages office. Naruto and Sakura were telling the story of their mission to Wave. And how it had ended.

The aged Hokage sighed deeply. "I see. Now you both are having a Sharingan eye. I will immediately send an ANBU team to Wave, so they can check Gateaus headquarter there. A medic will be with them to look after Kakashi-kun."

Then he looked at Zabuza and Haku. "I have no problem with granting Haku citizenship of Konoha. He was never officially a Mist Nin, so this not difficult. You however. I must say, that I'm inclined to think you had good reasons for your treason. I know that the Mizukage is a corrupt and evil man that drove Kiri into the ground. You are however still one of the 7 most-wanted Kiri-Nuke-Nin. The council will have to decide about this."

Zabuza sighed. "Please tell me that your council does not consist of ignorant fools who are easily blinded by greed, fear, hate and prejudices, Hokage-Sama." Zabuza pleaded.

The Hokage chuckled amused. "I take it you have met the civilian councilmen and women?" he said in an attempt to light the mood with a joke.

Zabuza shook his head. "No, I did not have the pleasure to meet them. But I had the pleasure with the corrupt thing calling itself the council of Kirigakure. And their corrupt leader, the Mizukage. Corrupt bastard." Zabuza answered.

Sarutobi nodded. "The council will meet today. Then we will discuss if you are allowed to become a Ninja of Konohagakure. I will allow you to carry your weapon with you. Can you swear not to cause harm to citizens of Konoha?" the Hokage asked.

Zabuza nodded. "I swear it on my blade and my honor as a swordsman." he said serious. Then he remembered something. "But I will defend myself if I'm attacked." he added.

"Totally acceptable." the Hokage agreed.

Then he handed Haku a Konoha headband. "I allow you to enter the Konoha forces as a Genin. I will put you in a team with Naruto and Sakura." he said.

"Thank you, Hokage-sama. I will honor this headband and I will protect the village with my life." Haku promised serious.

After this the team got dismissed. Naruto, Sakura and their new teammate Haku left the building. The mission was marked as a successful A-rank. And they received A-rank paying. Sasuke was marked K.I.A. and his name would be the newest entry on the Konoha Memorial stone.

Zabuza stayed behind, he wanted to wait for the council meeting.

Naruto and Sakura headed for Ichirakus Ramen Stand. Both deep in thought. Haku followed them. Sakura placed an order. "Four bowls of Ramen please. Each for one of my teammates." she said slowly.

"Four bowls coming up." Teuchi confirmed. Then he looked at the group. "When will the 4th arrive?" he asked.

Naruto answered. "Never. The 4th bowl is for Sasuke. Our friend and teammate." he said slowly and quietly.

Ayame held her hands before her face. "What happened, Naruto-kun?" she asked.

"We were on this mission to Wave. We had to protect the bridge builder Tazuna until he had completed his bridge. We fought some Nuke-Nin on the way there, but we decided to stick to the mission. So we continued with our journey." Naruto began to tell.

"In Wave we had to fight Zabuza Momochi, the Demon of the Bloody Mist. Kakashi-Sensei managed to beat him, but barely. Haku rescued him before Kakashi-Sensei could kill him. Then we continued to Tazunas house and we guarded him as he was completing the bridge." he continued slowly.

"A bit over a week after our first fight against Zabuza he attacked a second time. This time with the help of Haku. Sakura was guarding Tazuna while Sasuke was fighting against Haku. I saved Tazunas daughter from two thugs who were ordered to take her as hostage to break Tazuna." Naruto told Ayame further. He smiled lightly at the memory of his heroic deed.

"Kakashi-Sensei fought against Zabuza who had hidden himself in a fog he had created through a Jutsu. As I arrived, I went to support Sasuke in his fight. But Haku managed to beat us. Sasuke threw himself in front of me to protect me from a hail of Senbon. I thought he had died and found the strength to beat Haku." Naruto continued.

"Kakashi-Sensei had meanwhile trapped Zabuza and was preparing to kill him as Gateau came. He told us to kill Haku and Zabuza and wanted to make us an offer afterwards." Naruto told Ayame.

She seemed quite shocked. "But he had hired them!" she exclaimed.

"Yes. And he never intended to pay them. He was a honorless bastard. Kakashi-Sensei offered Zabuza a truce. Together we fought against Gateaus thugs." Naruto continued.

Sakura began her part of the story. "I had just found out that Sasuke-kun still lived when one of the bandits came after me, Sasuke-kun and Tazuna-san. The man tried to kill me but Sasuke-kun took the strike to protect me. I killed the man, but I lost an eye." she told Ayame. The girl was shocked.

"It became worse. Because of Sakuras yell Kakashi-Sensei and I lost focus for a moment. I also lost an eye and Kakashi-Sensei was pierced with a sword. Zabuza had managed to kill Gateau and was about to kill the last thugs when the villagers arrived. The bandits fled and a doctor came to Sasuke and Kakashi-Sensei." Naruto took over telling again.

"Haku had already helped Kakashi-Sensei so the doctor came looking after Sasuke. He told us that Sasuke was about to die. Sasuke gave us his eyes as replacement for our lost eyes. We took them so he can still see the world." Naruto finished his story.

Ayame was silently crying now. She came round the counter and hugged both younger children. "The meal is on the house." Teuchi said slowly.

Naruto and Sakura nodded.

Haku then turned to Ayame. "I am sorry for the death of Sasuke Uchiha." he said serious.

Naruto shook his head.

"No. We have to blame Gateau. He was the root of all this. His greed caused all this. It is all his fault. You were just at the wrong place in the wrong time." Sakura said. "If it had not been for your kind heart and your reluctance to take Sasukes life, I would have died as well. Because Sasuke died protecting me. Otherwise I and Tazuna might be dead as well. Hell it is even possible that we all could have died and Gateau would have won." she added.

"Still. If we hadn't fought you." Haku began again.

Naruto shook his head. "Then Gateau would have found someone else. Maybe even someone more powerful." he countered.

Sakura decided to end the argument. "It has happened this way and it brings us nothing to think about what if scenarios. Sasuke-kun is dead, we both have a Sharingan eye and Haku is our new team member. And by chance we will have a new Sensei this afternoon." she said sternly.

Both boys nodded and ceased their argument. "We will have to look for information on our eyes in the Uchiha compound." she added.

Naruto nodded. "I will send my clones to work." he said. Then he created 20 Shadow Clones and sent them to Sasukes home.

Sakura looked at Naruto quizzically. "Naruto. How can you create so many Shadow Clones? I have overheard some bits and pieces about them. This is a Jonin Level technique. Even the Hokage can not create such an army of clones. Back in Wave you created over 100 clones. How can you create so much clones?" Sakura wanted to know.

Naruto fidgeted nervously. "Promise me that you won't tell anyone!" he said dead serious.

Sakuras curiosity peaked. "I promise." she said as serious.

Teuchi, Ayame and Haku swore as well.

"The reason why I can create so many shadow clones is, that I am the vessel for the Kyuubi no Kitsune who attacked Konoha almost 13 years ago. You see the story of how the Yondaime killed the demon was only a story. No person has the power to kill one of the tailed beasts. So he did the next best thing. He sealed the demon in a newborn child. Me. And because of this I have great Chakra reserves. And because of this I can not create a single Bunshin to save my life, but I can create an army of Kage Bunshin." he told the 4 listening persons. Most of the words were not his own but Irukas or the Hokages words, but they were the best ones he could use here. His own words were simply not good enough. He resolved his will to thank the old man and Iruka-Sensei some time soon for explaining things to him.

Teuchi nodded. "You are a Jinchuuriki. The power of a human sacrifice. And let me tell you something. Don't believe anyone who dares calling you a demon. You are in fact the only thing that keeps the demon they are referring to from killing them." the old man clarified.

Sakura and Ayame hugged the boy. "You are Naruto. The annoying friend I got to know. Not an incarnation of the Kyuubi. Who tells something different is a blinded fool." Sakura assured him.

Ayame continued. "You are the best customer at our Ramen stand. You care about others. A demon wouldn't do so. A demon would destroy this village." she said.

Naruto was happy. They did not hate him. They showed him that they cared about him. This lightened his mood.

A while later Sakura went home.

Meanwhile in the Council Chamber. The Council was discussing the mission to Wave and Zabuzas request to become a Konoha Shinobi.

One of the civilian Councilmen spoke first. "I am totally against this. This man has led a rebellion against the Mizukage and the Council of Kiri. Who tells us that he won't do the same here in Konoha." he stated.

"I disagree." Nara Shikaku replied. "It is true that he wanted to overthrow the regime of the Mizukage. But the Mizukage and the Council are corrupt. They changed the famous and powerful Kirigakure in a Shadow of it's former self. 20 years ago Kiri Shinobi were under the strongest, best trained and most feared Shinobi. Nowadays they are seen as weak. The strongest Shinobi left the land because they did not want to stay in a land were the profit of the Kage and his council was the only important thing. Were corruption reigned." the head of the Nara clan explained.

Hiashi Hyuga took the opportunity to speak. "Zabuza Momochi is a very skilled Shinobi. Our ANBU could greatly profit from his knowledge. Then there is the fact that Hatake Kakashi recommended him and stands surety for him. And no one can question the loyalty of Kakashi." the head of the Hyuga clan said.

"Still. We might profit from his knowledge but what about Kirigakure. They might be offended by us taking in one of their most prestigious Nuke-Nin." the civilian, who had objected earlier, asked.

The Hokage nodded at this. "You all know that Kiri is only a shell of it's former dark glory. With the erasing of bloodlines and ongoing civil wars Mizu no Kuni is mostly operating within its own borders. They are still powerful in numbers but there are at least two fractions fighting each other. The forces loyal to the Mizukage and the supporters of the rebellion. I think the Mizukage would like it if Zabuza is bound to another village, so he can't openly support any action against his regime. Because this would set another war in motion. Something most villages want to avoid right now." he explained. "In the end, staying with a village might be safer for Zabuza but it also foils his ambition to end the corrupt reign of the Mizukage. Think about this." the aged Hokage added.

After some pointless banters the Council voted with three quarters majority in favor of Zabuzas request.

The Hokage handed Zabuza a headband. "Welcome to the forces of Konoha, Momochi Zabuza. May you honor this headband and everything it stands for."

Zabuza took the band and nodded. "I will do so, this I swear on my honor." he said seriously.

The Hokage nodded. "Meet me tomorrow at 1000 to discuss your new team. Dismissed." the Hokage said.

Zabuza nodded and used a Kiri Shunshin to leave.

The next issue in the Council was way graver. It was about the fact that the last loyal Uchiha had died on the Mission to Wave country. The civilian Councilmen were beyond annoyed and enraged. "How could Hatake do such a thing? Leading a bunch of Genin on such a mission? Endangering the last loyal Uchiha!" one of them shouted.

Tsume Inuzuka looked at them with disgust. "Do you imply that the loss of any other person would have mattered less?" she asked. "What about, let's say ... Naruto?" she asked with a dangerous glint in her eyes.

Inoichi Yamanaka continued. "It is a fact that Uchiha Sasuke is dead. But we can't do anything about this. From what I took from the survey about Wave mission, doing nothing would have been bad for Konoha in the long term. And it could have happened any other time." he said pointedly. "Every Shinobi going on a mission accepts that he may die there. We can't forbid a Shinobi taking riskful missions just because we want to save his Kekkei Genkai. This does nothing good in the end. Using a person with a Kekkei Genkai as a breeding stock is inhumane." he continued.

"I'm quite sure that Hatake would have nominated his Genin cell for the Chunin exams. And I have heard that the Kazekages children will also participate. If Sasuke had encountered them he would have died." Chouza Akimichi explained.

"And if I may remind you that it was a thug who killed him. Not a Nukenin. And that he died protecting his teammate." Tsume spoke again.

"And what is with this boy Zabuza brought with him? Does he have a Kekkei Genkai?" a civilian woman asked.

"Yes, he is a natural Hyoton user. He is the last survivor of an extinct clan from Kiri." the Hokage confirmed.

The council nodded. "Well, it seems that the Uchiha Clan is now officially extinct. But we have a new Clan in Konoha." another civilian spoke. The Hokage ended the meeting.

After the meeting the Hokage went back to his bureau. "Sent me Yamato." he ordered his secretary. The woman nodded and contacted the Anbu in question.

5 minutes later Yamato appeared before the Hokage. "You have called?" he wanted to know.

The Hokage nodded. "Yes. I have a mission for you. It is the supervision of Momochi Zabuza. I accepted him into the ranks of Konoha, but I can't trust him blindly. Supervise him for 2 months. You are not to be detected under any circumstances! I want to know if he is really trustworthy. And only a hidden supervision will tell me this." the old man said.

Yamato nodded. "I will do as you command, Hokage-sama." the Anbu said and vanished, intent on following Zabuza wherever the man went.

And Hizuren Sarutobi sighed. True, he trusted Kakashi and had said so, but he had to keep in mind that not all persons out there, coming with smooth words, were thinking along lines that were benevolent for the leaf. And he felt his age once again. "I really need a successor. And then I will never again take the mantle of the Hokage!" he swore to himself. Really, the job was too much for an old man. It was time for someone younger to lead the village. Now he just had to find a suitable replacement.

The next morning came and Naruto woke up to the most delicate smell in the world. Ramen. Seeing that he didn't have a place to stay, Naruto had offered Haku to sleep at his house for the night. Now Naruto bolted from his bed, jumped into his clothes and raced into the kitchen were Haku had prepared 2 cups of Instant Ramen. Naruto was happy. "All these precious Ramen." he said, grinning widely. Then he and Haku ate their breakfast and went on their way to the Hokage tower.

At the tower they met Sakura. The three of them entered and went to the secretary. She looked at them and smiled. "You can go on, the Hokage is waiting for you." she said and pointed to the door.

Naruto ran to the door. "Hello, Ojiji *!" he yelled. Sakura sighed and Haku was amused. Calling the most powerful Shinobi in Konoha an old man was quite funny in his eyes.

The Hokage smiled at the three. "Hello. We are here to discuss your future as a team. You know that Kakashi will be bound to a bed for quite some time. But I found someone who will take you over for the time being." Sarutobi announced.

All three were now eager to hear who it was.

In this moment the door opened and Zabuza came into the room. "Team 7, I will be your new Sensei." he announced.


End of chapter 1.


Another idea of mine. I have read another story, where Sakura and Naruto get the Sharingan Eyes from a dying Sasuke. It is called "Team Seven Minus One" and I can only recommend reading it. You can find it in my favorite stories list.

There is another "Naruto and Sakura get the Sharingan eyes from the dying Sasuke" out there. It was written by EroSlackerMicha, is called "Team Sharingan" and I recommend reading it. It is also in my favorites.

I wasn't to sure if I should give the 2 remaining Genin from Team 7 the Sharingan Eyes or not. After all it has been done before. But I then thought 'why not?'

When I first had the idea of Zabuza as Sensei for Team 7 thought "How can I have Zabuza as the Sensei for Team 7? And who shall die?" At first I thought of letting Kakashi and one of the Genins or Haku die, but in the end I decided to kill only Sasuke and let him give the Sharingan Eyes as a parting gift to his friends. I even thought of killing Naruto, but this would have brought an entire tail of problems. The first being that Gaara would have destroyed Konoha, because no one would have been there to stop him. Killing Sakura as she was, was more or less out of question.

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