Title: The Forgotten -- Memories and Love

Chapter 1: Regret

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"Why won't you just make up your mind?" Wolfram cringed as he felt his voice rise a little higher than he intended to. He wouldn't dare to shout like this at his king before but he definitely could not leave things as they were.

Four years had passed since Yuuri had proposed to him. Even if that slap was unintended in the first place, Wolfram had surely fallen in love with the king in no time. However, this was not the case for the king. Yuuri never seem to show the slightest love towards his fiancé and Wolfram was really upset about that.

"That's not the issue. Wolfram, could we just drop that?" Yuuri begged him. He was in no mood to discuss anything but this. Not when he had just finished his paperwork in the study room with Gunter. Those things were enough to get his head spinning. His head had no more space for others.

"No, we can't." said Wolfram through gritted teeth. "I want an answer, today and now. I'm tired of waiting. I have given you enough time, Yuuri. But you never seem to understand my love."

"Wolfram, I'm a bit tired now… If we can just discuss this tomorrow, I will definitely give you an answer that you satisfied with." Yuuri, however, said this only to please Wolfram. For he knew, he would never agree to marry Wolfram. The only reason he did not want to reject him was because he did not want to hurt Wolfram. Wolfram might appear to be a guy with high dignity, but his inner heart was weak.

"WIMP! YOU JUST CAN'T LOVE ME, CAN YOU?" Wolfram roared. He felt himself burning. Aside from his own anger that was heating himself up, he felt the fire magic accumulating inside his body at a rapid rate too.

"Don't call me a wimp!" Yuuri retorted. He was a bit surprised at Wolfram's sudden outburst and was afraid when he saw the ball of fire slowly taking its form in the blonde's hand.

"You are a wimp, Yuuri! Are you implying that you regret giving me that slap?"

The words that Yuuri had fought to suppress all evening exploded from him at last.

"Yes. If there's one thing that I regret, it would be the slap!" shouted Yuuri. The moment he said it, he had felt that it was a wrong thing to do.

It's too late…

Wolfram's face turned from angry, to startled, and at last to sadness. Yuuri had never said something like this before. Never! In the past, if Yuuri got annoyed at Wolfram, he would simply sigh, laugh it off as a joke or ignore him. However, this time was different; he had actually said those words…

Wolfram's felt his heart broke into pieces, and tears streaming down in his inner heart. He would not cry, not in front of his fiancé especially.

"A… I didn't mean…" Yuuri tried to explain but the damage was done.

Putting up his hand as a sign to shut Yuuri's mouth, Wolfram said in an emotionless voice, "I understand..." With that, Wolfram turned and started walking out of the room. He stopped at the threshold, holding his hand onto the door knob. He turned around to face Yuuri and said, "If that's what you wish for, just cancel off the engagement."

"Wait, Wolfram…" Yuuri felt his voice trail off as he watched Wolfram turned the knob and disappeared through the door. Yuuri felt a sinking stone in his stomach. He knew he had done something wrong.

Was he serious? Did he really want this engagement to be off? Well, I wouldn't be happier than this, but then… what will happen to their relationship?

"Wolfram…" Yuuri whispered, particularly to no one.

"Stupid!! WHAT DID I SAY JUST NOW TO YUURI??" Wolfram was angry. He knew he shouldn't have said those words at the first place. Now, wouldn't this give Yuuri a perfect excuse to call the engagement off?

His mind raced as he continued walking down the corridor of Blood Pledge Castle. Soldiers around him stopped by and bowed to sir von Bielefield, but he seemed to be out of it. They shrugged among each other after he passed by them, totally ignoring them. Wolfram gave out a huge sigh. He felt sad, he knew, with those words that he had said in Yuuri's bedroom, he might lose Yuuri forever… Yuuri never gave him any sign that he approved the engagement before, nor did he ever seem to care about it.

Wolfram closed his emerald eyes and prayed as hard as he could that Yuuri will not do anything about the cancelation. His memories flashed back to the first time they met. He remembered everything so well, Yuuri stumbling down from the horse, sitting on the ground, looking up at him in awesome eyes. He smiled; he guessed he did impressed Yuuri with his look that time. 'If I had never insulted his mother before, if that's the case, then…'

Still feeling slight disbelief from the shock he just had, Yuuri tried to clear his mind by reading a book that he borrowed from Gunter. However, he could not concentrate on the book as what he had said to Wolfram a few moments ago kept haunting his mind. He felt sorry for saying those nasty words to Wolfram, but he didn't know what to do to. Wolfram was bound to know about how he felt one day anyway. It was just a matter of time.

Yuuri sighed for a second time and thought about all those moments they had had. Wolfram chasing behind him everywhere he went, calling him cheater and prohibiting him from talking to other girls. Upon sleeping, he would always find Wolfram underneath his blanket. Now, if he really called the engagement off, would he be able to suit himself to a life without Wolfram? Should he really cancel the engagement? He didn't hold any kind of special feelings for Wolfram. Not once.

He only considered Wolfram a close friend; a best friend maybe, but what was this feeling of insecurity that was surrounding him?

Why did he feel scared of losing Wolfram??

He never fell in love with any girls before, let alone boy. So was this supposed to mean that he was in love with the blonde prince?

He shook his head hard. NO! NO WAY! He couldn't possibly fall in love with that brat. Not when he was the one most against the same sex love. He closed his eyes, this was troublesome. 'Now, I really wished I didn't give that slap after all, if that's the case, then I won't be worrying about this now.'

'If that's what you wished for, your wishes are granted.'

Yuuri snapped open his eyes, finding himself staring up at blue sky. Huh? Sky? Yuuri blinked for a second time, and opened his eyes again. The scenery remained the same, blue clouds floating in the sky peacefully.

'Aren't I supposed to be in my bedroom? Why is there a sky here?'

Confused, Yuuri stretched out his hand and touched around the ground. It was grass. He sat right up as if there was an electric shock gone right through him. 'What's going on?' He tried to recall his memory. He remembered hearing some voice mentioning about his wish being granted, or something like that, but 

'What did he wish for?' He looked around the place, this was Shin Makoku. No doubt about it. The trees, the warm breeze that blew on his face, and the village, they were all familiar to him. But he had no memories of travelling. So, where was his room? On top of all these, what was happening?

Yuuri began to panic. He dragged his tired body up and started wandering around.

"Conrad! Wolfram! Gwendal! Is anyone here?" He turned around and saw a woman, carrying a basket, walking pass him.

"HUH?" Yuuri had managed not to shout at the woman. What's this déjà vu? He knew about this scene from somewhere in his mind. He tried to grope his memories for the details. Then finally, he remembered. This was the woman he first met when he was flushed down the toilet. The very same woman!

"Excuse me!" He sprinted up the road. The woman stopped abruptly and looked at him. Yuuri was about to ask her what was going on, but the woman had reacted much faster. She dropped her basket, her purple apples, which Yuuri assumed to be, tumbling out. Yuuri was momentarily lost for words as he watched the apples rolling about. The woman showed a mixture of shock and fright. Strange…why did this scene seem familiar too?

'Aren't I supposed to be the famous heika?' Yuuri sighed deeply in his heart. 'Ah well, apparently there are some of them who doesn't know who I am.' Feeling a bit disappointed, he bent down to retrieve the apples.

"You don't have to be that surprised." Yuuri smiled at the woman. Yet it did not seem to calm down the woman. She gave out a yelp and started running away from him. Yuuri's stomach tightened. This was getting worse. In an instant, five men carrying weapons came for rescue. Yuuri put up his hands as sign of defeat. He expected stones to be thrown at him, and unmistakably he felt the weight hit on his hands.

"Wait! Wait!" Yuuri shouted in the midst of confusion but no one intended to listen to him. They started to speak in a foreign language. Judging from their looks, they seemed angry. Whatever that caused their anger was not Yuuri's concern at that moment. It was the fact that he no longer understood what they were saying that worried him even more.

'Am I experiencing the same thing all over again? What happened? Did I travel back through time? Why? Why is it that no one seems to recognize me? Supposed if I really did travel back, then at this moment…' He continued to run away from the angry villagers.

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