Title: The Forgotten – Memories and Love

Chapter 25: Final pieces: What I'll never forget…

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Written by: Lisse08

"It's too late. I can't undo history twice." His eyes rounded with shock. He was tricked.

"You bastard!! You never told me about that!" The anger rose inside, churning his stomach. He was ready to pounce at the man when the single question froze him.



"I will ask you again, Yuuri heika. I did as you wished, I save Wolfram's life. Why do you want to save the engagement?"

"I…" He was aware that he was being a coward. Love… Like… Friend… Family… Which one does he see Wolfram as? The answer has been there all along. He has never tried to be truthful to himself.

"Why?" Tesca demanded.

Wolfram has waited for him long enough. It is so not fair to let Wolfram suffer because of his indecisiveness. It is so not fair… to let Wolfram die because of his choice… Isn't it time to give him a proper answer?

"I love him."

Murata shook his head while Tesca gave him a helpless look.

"As I expected," Murata whispered. It took Yuuri another second to turn to his best friend. He still could not believe that he had said those words…

"What do you mean?"

"Shibuya… regretting your decision is something within our expectations." He nodded towards Tesca. "Don't you ever wonder why Wolfram needed to be sent back as well? We had done a backup for you… Even though it is a bit… cruel…"

Not comprehending his words, Yuuri stared at his best friend again until Tesca continued for him.

"This "Wolfram" will have to stay back."

"Sorry?" Yuuri asked, bewildered.

"You heard me. I had sent "Yuuri" back to his respective time, which is one year ago from now, where future is never the same again. But this "Wolfram", I will not send him back."


"In case you hadn't noticed, Wolfram's affection for you is deeper than you could imagine. His loyalty for you is unquestionable."

He could feel the familiar prickling at his eyes. The sacrifice Wolfram had made in return for his king's life was enough to prove it.

"Which is why, it is wiser to choose him rather than you. His first memories will stay with him all the while, and I estimated, it will be there for around four years, that is, where that "Yuuri" had arrived now. And he will still love you, even if to him, "Yuuri" don't remember him."

"Where does that help in saving our engagement?" Tesca smirked at his question as if it was too childish for him. Yuuri resisted his temptation to hit his face.

"You love him, didn't you said that?"

"I… yes I did." Yuuri muttered. He still did not understand the point of asking this question.

"So, that will do. I can see that… you have indeed fallen for him ever since the first time you met him." Yuuri turned red at that. "That's why, even without my help, your heart will still be directed towards him eventually."

"But… but…"

"I did not send Wolfram back, because apparently, Wolfram did not fall for you if it's not because of the duel he challenged you into after that slap." Yuuri stopped momentarily and thought back. Didn't Adelbelt mention something like why Wolfram allowed him to sit at his horse behind him after he woke up from the duel when that blonde only listened to his big brother and mother? And didn't he always wonder why, Wolfram's attitude towards him seemed to change 180 degree after that duel?

"That's the case for Wolfram. But you," Yuuri beckoned away from the pointed finger in his face. "You take a seriously long time to realize the love, it will undoubtedly never change. If this blonde had had no account of the love, by the time you realized it, he will probably be engaged to others."

Yuuri opened his mouth but closed again when he could thought of nothing to retort back.

"Doesn't that mean… Wolfram will have to go through those five years again?"

"It's four years, not five," Murata corrected for him. "Shibuya, this is Shin Makoku, not Earth. Four years for Mazoku aren't as long as you thought…" Murata is right. Time passed exceptionally fast in Shin Makoku. But that was what they, the human think. How about the Mazoku who have been living here all the time, not to mention that Wolfram was broken-hearted, how could the time passed exceptionally fast for him? Four years for him would be equal to… eternity…


"What will happen when "Yuuri" came back? I mean, you said Wolfram will forget everything, right?"

"You never know things are changing at this very moment." Tesca turned towards the sphere, they all followed. Yuuri's eyes widened in shock at the scenes, it was like watching a movie, where Tesca had fast forwarded everything. He saw the progress they made. He and Wolfram… were silently showing signs of love towards each other.

"And yet, it will be futile if that "Yuuri" reached and returned into this body, because he will still have doubt towards the love. While Wolfram had totally forgotten about him, all "Yuuri" could remember was… Ah… what a terrible thing you had done here."

Yuuri turned back again. He felt his eyelids stretched at their maximum limit. His whole body trembled before he felt heat crept up his neck again. Kissing… he and Wolfram was kissing!

"And this is just two weeks before "Yuuri" returned… See what I meant? When you returned, you will still remember that engagement, and how you break the engagement, hurting Wolfram, but at the same time, Wolfram would not know about the engagement anymore, because you had returned, all his memories had disappeared."

"All his memories disappeared…" Yuuri whispered after him.

"I need to add a little spice to you two…"

"What's it?"

"I'll propose to Wolfram von Bielefeld."

"No, you can't!!" Yuuri shouted.

"But I already did." Tesca smirked. Horrified, Yuuri looked inside the ball, he saw Tesca meeting them.

"What have you done!?" His composed state lost. Yuuri charged towards to grip the collars of the man.

"Hey, relax. I haven't finished yet." Feeling slightly fed up with the smirk, he tried to ignore the rage boiling inside. It is fact that Tesca have done so much for them that caused him to release the grip, reluctantly.

"I won't steal him. I'm just adding a little spice. I'll return his memories at the same time while you're trying to figure out your feelings. Ah… your memory is losing." He pointed towards the ball to see "Yuuri" collapsed into Conrad's arms. Yuuri shot him a look. The way Tesca was saying those things as if it wasn't his business, annoyed him even more.

"Anyway, I'll… I don't think I need to explain anymore." Tesca smirked again. Yuuri stared at the ball in silent horror and protests as the lips of his beloved and his hatred edging closer. His stomach churned.

"YOU!! HOW DARE YOU?! GET OFF HIM!" Tesca laughed off since Murata caught him around his arms, preventing him from further moving. Yuuri flung his arms over his head frantically, his fists tightened, threatening to kill.

"Shibuya, wait."

"Murata, let me go! You must be kidding me if you say that I shouldn't be angry about it!"

"SHIBUYA! Look!! They didn't do it!" Murata pressed him and held him down.

A picture of Yuuri seeing that scene, another scene of Wolfram's weakened state, and a slight intimate reaction between Tesca and Wolfram and it was all.

Yuuri threw off his best friend's hands and turned his head away. He didn't know whether if Tesca deliberately didn't let him see the scenes but he couldn't do anything about it even if he did.

"I had returned his memories as I promised." Tesca stated. Yuuri looked away again and clenched his fists. He swore he would kill him if he lied.

"Your memories will disappear at a really fast rate," Tesca pointed out. Yuuri was still shaking from fury. He did know that it was because he had not really valued Wolfram back then… "But at the same time…" he chuckled softly. Yuuri didn't understand the meaning behind the laugh. He returned his gaze to the ball, eager to find out what happened.

He squirmed, 'there's something strange going on there… Why did Wolfram seem so angry with me?'

Deliberately or not, he could not hear anything. Did Tesca mute the words? His eyebrows narrowed again as he saw some argument was going on, he saw Wolfram raised his hand, he saw himself shut his eyes, he felt the same excitement stirred inside, but Wolfram lowered his palm and bellowed something into his face. He watched horrified as Wolfram ran away before slapping his other cheek.

"What's going on?" He asked and pointed towards the sphere. "I'm missing something here. What's happening?"

Xxxx Yuuri xxxX

"I can't freaking believe you did that to me!" Yuuri shouted furiously at Tesca. Murata tried to calm his best friend down.


"Why did you tampered with my memory!? If I remember the kiss and all those things then, Wolfram wouldn't have been so angry with me!"

"That's what I meant by adding a little spice, Yuuri heika. Anyway, you two did manage to get back together. Like I promised, didn't I?" Tesca smirked.

Yuuri stared as the flame ignited in his insides.

Xxxx Wolf xxxX

His eyes opened like a lightning bolt. He felt like he had been sleeping for hours, no, days? Confused, he tried to sit up. His back was arching. In fact, his whole body was crying in pain. He moved his muscles. They were strangely unfamiliar to his command. Looking around, he found that the double black king was absent. He climbed out from the bed, and scurried over to the nearest mirror to get a better look at himself.

Two emerald green eyes blinked back in confuse at him. He eyes squirmed. His porcelain skin was finely lined, but there was a hideous scar that looked like a blade piercing into his neck.

The memories came back to him. He let out a sigh of relief, he was lucky to be able to react instinctively when the attack came from behind.

He was taking a stroll down the alley with Yuuri walking in front of him. They had a fight because Yuuri intended to flirt with another girl. Wolfram knew Yuuri didn't mean it, but his actions just offended him. Even after the shouts, with both of them sulking in silent, Wolfram was still trailing Yuuri close behind. Usually, their fight didn't last long. Most of the time, it was Wolfram who started it, but Yuuri was always tolerant. He would try to soothe the blonde down at first. If it didn't work out, Yuuri will end up sulking like this. That was what Wolfram doesn't like most. He hated it when they are both silence. The uncomfortable silence that stretched between them would kill him. At the end, it will be Wolfram's turn to run after Yuuri's back and apologize again.

He knew that Yuuri's anger wasn't for long, and deep in his heart, he knew too, that their fight was meaningless and that he was being childish. He had been watching Yuuri's back for awhile when suddenly he felt a cold blade closed at his neck. Despite the fact that he had been a little distracted, he was able to fence off the attack almost instantly, catching the arm of his attacker by surprise and twisting it. Yuuri turned at the shout and was quite alarmed to find an unknown man struggling in Wolfram's arm. His eyes rounded when he saw the red blood dripping down on the blonde's neck.

Wolfram grinned remembering that Yuuri had run over hurriedly to check on his wound. 'At least this time he was the one who apologized first, not me. Hmm… if not considering the one when I thought I would never give him the third chance.'

The third chance…

He shut off his visions as something else came to him. He remembered vaguely, and smiled. He loved it. Yuuri had bid him goodnight with a kiss on his cheek last night. The deep onyx was still lingering in his inner eyes and the touch of the king's hand on his cheek, the ruffling through his blonde hair, and the soft lips of his pressing against his cheek were all still there. But where is this wimp now?? Deciding to push aside the thoughts first, he donned on his uniform.

His instinct was telling him, where he could find his fiancé. Feeling furious, he headed straight towards the place.

Xxxx Yuuri xxxX

"All memories that don't exist shall be perished." Tesca said.

"What are you talking about?" Yuuri asked. Beside him, Murata shifted his glasses. He did not need Tesca to explain further to understand his meaning.

"Shibuya, don't you understand? We changed the past, the history. You do know what history had you changed, don't you?"

Yuuri paused for a moment.

"Wolfram's death. We prevented it." The words came to him without second thoughts but it pierced his heart nevertheless.

"Exactly. So, this memory never existed. This mean, von Bielefeld will have no account of himself dying. Nor will he bear any sufferings that you inflicted upon him, because he had forgotten about them. And what Prince Tesca has been trying to tell us is that, we will be no exception. We will forget these too."

"I would expect no less from the Great Sage," mused Tesca. He turned back to the king and continued. "Well, to tell you the truth, I think I had taken a like for Wolfram."

"Don't ever think about it. He's mine!" Yuuri barked.

"Hmm… I shall consider returning his memories once more, best to remind him how his loved had hurt him," Tesca smiled evilly.

"Tesca!" Yuuri shouted. Tesca withdrew his smile immediately and stared back at the king.

"Yuuri heika, about the first memories, where the accidental engagement happened, and which I restored them to you and Wolfram that night, they will still remain and be there for as long as you could remember. They were restored due to Wolfram's wish because Wolfram wanted himself to remember what you had done to him. You should recall that you gave him your promise that day. You vowed to never hurt him when Wolfram gave you the third chance. Yes, by some day, you might never remember the death of your fiancé. But if you hurt him again, I shall presume that you would be glad for me to restore all his memories. At the same time when he realized that this was not the third chance, but rather, fourth and fifth chance you had hurt him, I shall return to claim my status as his fiancé. Did I make myself clear?" Tesca said.

"Yes." Yuuri gulped. It seemed that Tesca really did like Wolfram. Staring back into the deep brown eyes, Yuuri felt himself shivering.

"Shibuya, someone is coming." Alerted, Yuuri responded just in time to see the door banged open. His eyes widened again at the sight. In came the person who he had missed so much. Wolfram was alive in front of him… and he was wearing a 'You-are-dead!-Yuuri' expression. He backed away instinctively.

"Cheater!" Wolfram barked. "What are you doing here? Are you trying to cheat on me behind my back?" He moved his eyes and saw the prince.

"Hello, Tesca…" His eyes wide opened. He looked from Tesca, who was still smirking then back to Yuuri, who was looking as if he had just resurrected someone, he look back at Tesca again before glaring back to Yuuri.

"You're trying to flirt with my ex-fiancé??" Wolfram shouted.

"Aw… Now I'm the ex… I'm hurt." Wolfram ignored Tesca's teasing. He continued to glare at the king before stretching out his hands.

Yuuri quickly found his face being pulled apart by those slim fingers. Yelping, he tried to protest.

"Wait, Wolfram. Murata is here too! How could I flirt?" Before he knew it, he burst out laughing. He couldn't explain it. His face was recoiled back to its normal position when Wolfram stopped. His heart was laughing along with him. Wave of joy was sweeping in him, again and again, until it triggered his tears.

Yuuri lurched over and embraced his fiancé in a bone-crushing hug. He didn't need much more encouragement from anyone.

Wolfram is here.

He is alive and back to his side.

That's all he cared…

Unknown to the couple, both Tesca and Murata had retreated from the room in silence.

"Yuuri, I. Need. To. Breathe!" Wolfram choked. Slightly abashed, Yuuri released his hug and looked back at those fascinating emerald green eyes that he thought he would never be able to see again. Tears sprung to live again. He couldn't count how many times had he cried for the past few weeks. Wolfram's death was real agonizing blow to him. Even though Tesca had said all those things and clearly proclaimed his love for Wolfram, Yuuri still noted that, had it not been Murata and Tesca, he could never imagine how he would live down his life without Wolfram.

"Wolf, did I ever tell you…?" Yuuri wiped off the droplets of tears before continued. "That I love you?"

Wolfram's face flooded with the color of red instantly. He mumbled softly.

"I beg your pardon?" Yuuri asked, half-laughing, half-bemused.

"Yes, you did." Wolfram muttered. The answer shocked Yuuri for awhile. When…?

"Didn't you just tell me last night, wimp?"

Last night?

"All memories that don't exist shall be perished."

"Exactly. So, this memory never existed. This mean, von Bielefeld will have no account of himself dying. Nor will he bear any sufferings that you inflicted upon him, because he had forgotten about them."

So, this is what he means…

"It wouldn't hurt you if I say that again, would it?" Yuuri said. He wanted to say it once more, with this mouth of his. Wolfram's face blushed even more. Seeing this made Yuuri felt as if the night when Wolfram was dead, the only time when he saw Wolfram's face as pale as a piece of paper, never happened before. Yes, it really never did exist. More wonder and joy erupted in his stomach. Wolfram attempted to say something again but this time Yuuri didn't wait for his answer.

He leaned in and sealed all the words escaping from his fiancé lips.

He tightened his arms around Wolfram, tugging at his back and bringing him closer to his body. The familiar flowery scent carried in the air into his nose.

He deepened his kiss, ravishing the lips, feeling Wolfram melted into the kisses. His tongue searched for the entrance hungrily at the barrier. Wolfram parted them a little, inviting them in.

He twitched his tongue inside Wolfram's, touching and tasting the delicious taste of each other. Wolfram felt his whole body burning in pleasure when Yuuri's hands started crawling on his skin. He heard a creak behind Yuuri and opened his eyes a little. Several gasps that he was sure that doesn't belong to Yuuri were heard.

His eyes continued to enlarge. His tongue ceased movement. In shock, he totally forgotten about that foreign tongue inside his mouth, Wolfram bit down.

The yelp rippled through the empty hall. Startled, Wolfram realized that Yuuri was holding onto his mouth, shouting in pain.


"Yuuri, I'm so sorry." Wolfram held onto his fiancé's arms, after giving him an apologetic look, he looked up behind Yuuri's back, "It's…"

Wolfram's face turned pink. Still holding his mouth and blinking back tears, Yuuri turned behind. On the door stood Tesca, a red-faced Ulrike, who was looking down on the floor, several others maiden who looked impressed and Murata, who was chuckling.

'…Doesn't this scene seem familiar?'

He lowered his hands. His eyebrows narrowed. Anger boiled up inside him.


"Ops… I think I did it again."

"You're really a JERK!! Even if you did help me, I won't forgive you again for this!"

"Oh? Really? You would better reconsider. Don't forget that I have something down my sleeves that will sure end this relationship of yours with Wolf."

"Don't you dare?! Get out of here!"

"Why don't I give it a try? Ne, Wolf, your fiancé have been hiding something…"


"YUURI! What have you been hiding from me??"

"It's nothing, Wolf. Nothing!"

"Do you know that Yuuri…"

"WOA!! Wolf, Let's get out of here!" He grabbed Wolfram by his hand and pivoted.

"Yuuri!! What have you been hiding??" Wolfram protested.

"Wolf, let's go on a date, okay?"

"Yuuri, pushing it off makes you even more suspicious. Tell me now, what are you trying to hide?!" Wolfram spun him around, his hands around his neck, choking Yuuri.

'T--Tesca, I'm going to kill you one day!'


"Third chance, Yuuri, there will not be fourth, if you messed it up again, I swear I will never return to your side."

"At the same time he realized that that was not the third chance, but rather, fourth and fifth chance you had hurt him, I shall return to claim my status as his fiancé."

Yuuri smiled as he watched the prince's sleeping face. His hands stroke the locks of the golden hair before planting yet another soft kiss on the cheek that was facing him. Wolfram stirred and made a soft grunt. His lips curled. Yuuri locked the prince closer for comfort, letting his chin rested on the blonde's head, nestling him into his chest. He let out a sigh and closed his eyes.

Wolfram did not come across the third memory, where he faced death, ending his life even before Yuuri could tell him that he loved him. The forgotten for Wolfram and Yuuri (will be), is the blonde's death. Yuuri will cling onto this shard of memory as long as he could, for it was a painful reminder, of how he nearly lose the one he loved.



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