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Chapter One

'Alright Pads, I'm here,' Remus Lupin said, throwing himself down on his friend's couch. 'Why the summons?'

Sirius Black smiled at him and walked to his cupboard, pulling out a bottle of Firewhiskey. He took his time pouring a couple of large glasses, knowing they'd both need a drink to get through this conversation. He'd asked his friend to come to his flat because he needed a favour.

'God, it must be a hell of a favour,' Remus commented when Sirius handed him the almost full glass.

'It is,' he replied dryly, sitting down opposite him, nervously jiggling his leg. He took a long pull of his whiskey then looked at Remus, who also took a sip of the drink.

'Alright, then,' Remus said, looking at Sirius. 'What do you want?'

Sirius took a breath and looked down at the floor. 'Just hear me out, alright,' he said quickly. 'Don't say yes or no. Just think about it for a day or two.'

'Ok,' Remus agreed cautiously.

'Don't look at me,' Sirius said, glancing over at him. 'I just can't ask you while you're looking at me.'

Remus' expression became slightly alarmed now, but he lowered his eyes. 'Just spit it out, Pads,' he demanded, taking another drink.

'IwantyoutohaveathreesomewithmeandSam,' he mumbled, speaking so fast his words ran together.

Remus looked up and frowned as he asked, 'What did you say?'

Sirius sighed loudly and said slowly, 'Would you be willing to have a threesome with me and Sam?'

Remus stared at him for a moment then laughed. 'Good one, Pads,' he said with a grin. 'You had me for a minute…'

His smiled faded when he saw his friend's expression and pink face and realised he wasn't kidding.

'Are you serious?' he asked and his mouth dropped open when Sirius nodded.

'No,' he said immediately. 'No.'

'Just listen first,' Sirius said hastily. 'I know you're not into that kind of thing, but they really aren't that bad. I've had a couple and they've been pretty great actually. It could be a lot of fun.'

Remus shook his head and took a mouthful of his drink. 'When did you do it?' he asked, trying to remember if he'd been told about this and wanting to buy some time to think. 'I don't recall you bragging about having threesomes.'

'That's because I didn't brag,' Sirius told him. 'One was with two of the Seventh Year girls on graduation night last year. We'd all had a bit to drink and one thing led to another. That was pretty hot actually - two girls. A bit more work for me though. The other was at the end of Sixth Year with Mary…you remember her? And….James.'

Whiskey was spat out of Remus' mouth and, when his spluttering subsided, he looked at Sirius as if he'd never seen him before.

'James?' he said disbelievingly. 'James Potter?'

'What other James do we know?' Sirius replied, standing up now and pacing. 'It was no big deal. I talked him and Mary into it one day - before he and Lily started dating. Actually it didn't take a lot of talking for him to agree. We were all curious and…well it wasn't fantastic cause we were all nervous, but it was still pretty good. And James thanked me the next day with a big smile on his face.'

His voice changed from defensive to wheedling as he sat down opposite Remus again.

'Come on, Moony,' he said. 'You trust me, right? You know I'd never make you do anything that you really didn't want to do. And…you do think Sam's cute, don't you? I mean, you wouldn't have any trouble getting it up or anything with her, would you?'

Remus had to bite his tongue to stop his laugh escaping. No. Unfortunately, he'd never had any trouble getting a hard on around Sirius' girlfriend.

'It's not Sam I might have trouble getting it up around, Pads,' Remus mumbled and Sirius grinned.

'Well, I'm not really all that attracted to you either, Moony,' he laughed. 'This wasn't my idea. It was Sam's.'

Remus looked up sharply, unable to hide his surprise. 'Sam wants a threesome?' he asked, pulling his features into a more neutral expression.

Sirius nodded, taking another drink before he said, 'We went to a party a couple of nights ago and somehow the conversation turned to sex. On the way home, we talked a bit more about our fantasies and Sam said that she'd always been curious about being with two men.'

'And you, of course, were willing to put any moral objections aside to allow her to fulfil her fantasy?' Remus said sarcastically, taking another drink.

Sirius laughed and nodded. 'You know me, Remus,' he said. 'Completely selfless. Actually I thought it was the least I could do since Sam so willingly assisted me with one of my fantasies just a few minutes later.'

'I'm positive I don't want to know about that,' Remus muttered, lifting his glass only to find it empty. 'Why me, anyway? Don't you have friends that are just as kinky as you who'd love this type of thing?'

Sirius' jaw tightened for a moment as he watched Remus closely. 'Sam asked for you,' he said quietly. 'She'll only do it if the other man is you.'

Remus blinked a couple of times as his heart beat sped up. 'She's playing you, Pads. She said that because she knew I wouldn't do it,' he managed to say lightly.

'No,' Sirius said, still watching Remus. 'She knows you and she likes you - despite the fact she's certain you don't like her.'

Remus opened his mouth to argue with Sirius but his friend held up his hand.

'I know, I know,' he said in a weary tone. 'She's imagining things. You think she's a very nice person and you hope that she's the one for me.'

Remus frowned as Sirius parroted his own words back at him. He did have the same response each time Sirius spoke to him about his apparent dislike for Sam.

'Anyway,' Sirius continued. 'Despite the fact she doesn't think you like her, I think she's kind of attracted to you. Whatever it is, she said she'd do it if I could get you to agree.'

Remus felt his chest tighten, and his face heated up as he tried to look as though he couldn't care less if Sam liked him or not.

'Well, it doesn't matter because I'm not doing it,' he said, hearing and hating the shakiness in his voice. 'And, really Pads, could you just stand there and watch someone else having sex with your girlfriend?'

'She's not my girlfriend,' Sirius said. 'Sam and I both know this isn't going anywhere, Remus. We are too much alike. We fight like crazy, then screw like crazy - the fact that we have incredible make up sex is the only reason we're still hanging out. A relationship shouldn't be this exhausting. This isn't going to be a long term thing. We both know it, and we're both ok with it.'

'I don't know, Pads,' Remus said, shaking his head. 'I just couldn't….I'm not all that experienced, you know. I don't fancy my performance being compared to yours.'

'James was a virgin when he was with Mary and me, and I was pretty experienced by then. He didn't have a problem,' Sirius told him. 'And you're not a virgin - are you? I mean, I know you haven't been with anyone lately but you and Cathy must have done it - you went out together for months.'

Remus frowned at the mention of his high school girlfriend who'd dumped him the second she'd found out he was a werewolf, despite having told him she loved him.

'Yes, we did,' he admitted, recalling the few times they'd had sex.

It was awkward and uncomfortable. He'd felt guilty for getting the little pleasure he did out of it when Cathy made it clear that she didn't enjoy it. He'd tried his best to help her relax and feel good, but she told him it was fine; she didn't need to come.

'Boys are the ones who get something from sex, Remus,' she'd told him. 'Girl's don't need all that. It's so animal like.'

Her obvious distaste for the physical act had put him off, and they hadn't been intimate for the last month of their relationship. Despite this, he'd told her about his ailment, and she'd walked out on him a few minutes later. That was a year ago now and he hadn't been with anyone since.

'I just don't think it'd be a good idea,' he said now, standing up.

'Just think about it, Remus,' Sirius said. 'Please? I promise it'll be more fun than you think and no one will ever know. I'll come around to your place in a couple of days and you can give me an answer then.'

'I won't change my mind,' Remus warned him, moving towards the door.

'We'll see,' Sirius said with a smile, watching as his friend closed the door behind him.

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