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Chapter Twenty five

Sam's eye's opened quickly, all exhaustion forgotten as she felt her heart leap. Had he really said that? He loved her?

Remus heard the change in her breathing and the sudden tension in her body and thought, 'Shit!'

Sam shifted and a lamp in the corner suddenly lit. He looked down to see her turn her body so she could look at him. Her face was shocked, her eyes wide as she stared at him.

'What did you say?' she whispered.

Remus let out a breath and closed his eyes. 'I thought you were asleep,' he mumbled, feeling his face redden.

'I know,' she said, touching her hand to his face. 'Remus, look at me.'

He did, breathing fast and feeling as though he was either going to burst into tears or throw up. He'd never said those words to anyone. He was just trying them out, wanting to hear them aloud to make sure they were right before he said it to her - which he hadn't planned on happening tonight. It was too soon. She was going to freak out.

'I'm sorry, Sam.' he said. 'I didn't mean for you to hear me. I know it's too soon to be saying stuff like that but…you weren't supposed to hear it.'

'Why did you say it then?' she asked softly. 'Didn't you mean it?'

Remus felt her begin to tremble and looked closely at her. She looked so vulnerable; he'd never seen her like this before tonight - she was usually so confident. He bit his lip then reached out to stroke a finger down her face.

'I meant it,' he said quietly, unable to meet her eye, his gaze fixed on her lips.

There were several moments of silence then Sam said, 'Say it again.'

Remus frowned, his eyes rising to meet hers as his chest tightened painfully. Why did she want him to say it again?

'Say it to me this time,' she said.

Remus gathered his courage and slid down the bed a little until his face was level with hers. Looking directly at her, he took a deep breath.

'I love you, Samantha,' he said softly, but firmly, not wanting her to doubt his sincerity. 'I know it's far too soon, and that this is going to freak you out but…I love you. I think I've loved you from the moment we met, and the physical attraction just overwhelmed it.'

He let out the breath he'd been holding and looked away, saying, 'Now you know.'

He rolled over onto his back, his face turned away from hers.

The silence was heavy between them for a minute, Remus lay cursing himself for not being able to keep his mouth shut. He was surprised when he felt Sam moving, sliding her body over his. He looked up, seeing her propping herself over him.

'Can I talk now?' she said quietly and he nodded. 'Tonight, when Angela and I were talking - very rudely - in Italian, we were arguing about whether I was in love with you or not.' Remus frowned, wondering which side of the argument she'd been on.

'I was on the 'I don't love him' side, if you're wondering,' she said softly.

She could see the disappointment in his eyes and continued hastily. 'But she was right. I think I've known it all along. That's why I was so determined to goad you into that threesome - I wanted to be with you.'

Remus' breathing quickened and he stared at her face. 'I love you, Remus.'

A tentative smile began to break out over his face, but he fought it back for a moment. 'You love me?' he said, hardly able to believe she'd said that.

'Yeah,' she said, smiling at him. 'Despite my best efforts not to, I love you.'

The smile couldn't be held back any longer and he took her face in his hands and kissed her hard. 'You love me,' he said against her lips.

Sam gave a little giggle and nodded. 'I do,' she said, kissing him back.

The playful kiss turned into something more needy and all the heat came rushing back, sending flames through them both.

Remus rolled her over, entering her almost unthinkingly, as if it was the natural place for his body to be. They moved fluidly together, kissing deeply and hungrily. The end drew near too quickly and Remus pulled his lips away from hers.

'Tell me again,' he demanded breathlessly, his thrusts becoming erratic.

'I love you,' she gasped. 'Ti amo, la mia cara, il mio amore. Adoro te.'

'Jesus, Sam,' he muttered, the sound of her voice, even though he didn't know exactly what she'd said, bringing him to the point of release. 'Sam, tell me when you come. I want to hear you say you love me when you come.'

She let out a moan and grasped his face, kissing him desperately before she cried out. 'I love you,' she called, arching up into him. 'I love you.'

Remus felt his end on him and buried his face in her neck, his mouth near her ear as he whispered harshly, 'I love you, Sam. I adore you. You're mine.'

He moaned as his release hit, pressing his face harder against her and gasping, 'You're mine, Sam,' one more time before he collapsed on her.

They lay together, breathing heavily.

'Wow,' Sam said, panting a little.

'Wow, alright,' Remus agreed, kissing the damp skin on her shoulder before lifting his head and grinning down at her. 'I would have told you I loved you when we first met if I knew that would happen.'

Sam laughed then groaned a little when Remus gently slid out of her, shifting to lay down beside her.

'Come here, bella,' he said with a smile and she did, resting her head on his chest as his arms went around her. They fell asleep, dozing for an hour before they both awoke, hands stroking contentedly over each other

'What did you say to me?' he asked suddenly. 'Before? In the middle of… things?'

Sam giggled and kissed his chest. 'I can't remember exactly,' she said softly. 'It just kind of came out; I wasn't thinking about it. It was something along the lines of "I love you, I adore you".'

'I must have read your mind,' he said against her head as he kissed her.

Sam turned, looking up at him. 'You went a bit further though,' she said with a smile. 'You can be a little possessive, si?'

Remus closed his eyes and flushed, trying to recall the words that had come tumbling unheeded out of his mouth.

'I can be,' he admitted, looking at her. 'I try not to. You just…everything I feel with you is so extreme. I don't just want you, I crave you. I don't just need you, there's a desperation about it that scares me a little, and after just over one week, I love you. With everything in me. So, yes. I will be possessive, I will be jealous, I will reveal every terrible quality I have because I can't…I just can't control myself around you. I can't hide anything.'

Sam shifted higher so she could kiss him. 'You've spent too much time with me,' she said softly. 'You sound like an Italiano.'

She kissed him again, feeling his body stir underneath her. 'Mmm,' she said with a smile. 'Such passione.'

Her hand moved down to circle his cock, stroking until she felt him become fully aroused. 'Amo il modo in cui si desidera me. Amo il modo in cui si ha bisogno di me. Io sono tuo e tu sei il mio,' she murmured as she kissed down his chest.

'English, now,' he breathed and she smiled.

'I love how you want me. I love how you need me,' she said, repeating herself in English. Her lips moved to his stomach, her hand still stroking him.

'I am yours and you are mine.'

Her mouth closed over him, his soft, smooth skin sliding easily over her tongue as it circled the tip of him. She took as much of him as she could into her mouth, the tip of him hitting the back of her throat. Remus moaned, and it was echoed by Sam, the vibrations from her throat stimulating him even further. She moved, sliding her mouth over him as her tongue and teeth teased him, bringing him quickly to incredible heights.

'Sam,' he warned softly, grasping her head.

Her mouth slipped to the tip of him and her tongue swept over him as she sucked hard, sending him crashing over the edge, thrusting up into her mouth as he called out her name.

She lay down next to him, stroking his chest, then kissing it. Remus rolled over, taking her face in his hands and kissing her gently.

'I love you, Sam,' he said, lips still against hers.

'I love you too,' she said, moving closer to wrap her arms around him. She listened to his heart beat slowing then felt his breathing even out as he drifted off to sleep again.

Only then did she close her eyes and let herself fall as well.

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