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Edward was now back in Forks. We all were, actually. I hadn't seen him between my seeing Bella and him returning with her from Italy. I sometimes wondered if I should tell him how she felt during our absence anyways, but I didn't know how it could help. I knew he had seen images of her through others' minds including that mutt, but this was something more, this was what she was actually feeling, not the façade she used to try to fool people.


Sometimes members of our family forget Edward is a mind reader, and right now, I just have. I was so lost in deep thought that I didn't notice he was staring at me intently, willing me to answer his unspoken question, until I felt a wave of curiosity and irritation hit me.

I looked into his eyes, knowing exactly what he wanted but I decided playing dumb was the best option for this kind of situation. Singing – loudly – a song I knew would annoy Edward, I blocked my thoughts from his further scrutiny and left the room.

His irritation overrode his curiosity as he left Bella sitting on the couch to follow me.

I was panicking slightly, knowing that it was going to take a lot to convince him to back off. His voice was menacing, "Jasper…what are you hiding?"

Not sure how much of my thoughts had registered with him, I stuck to my previous act – being dumb. "I don't know what you mean Edward."

Having a furious mental argument with myself did not help in trying to block my thoughts. I knew he'd be upset, no, I take that back, he'd be absolutely furious with me for coming to check on Bella. I knew what kind of pain – or at least I thought I did – this would cause him, unnecessarily. I also knew to let him know would be a kind of invasion of Bella's privacy. But the other side of me also wanted – just a little – to hurt him for the obvious pain he'd caused Bella.

I didn't show it much, and I certainly couldn't show any physical affection, but I cared about Bella as the little sister she was. Knowing what he had done to her, firsthand, and having to keep it a secret from my wife – for fear it would only hurt her more – made me very upset with him – the stupid, arrogant, smartass, selfish know-it-all.

My anger was starting to overpower my conscience and him staring daggers at me wasn't helping.

"I know you were thinking something about Bella, and how she was…when we were gone. How would you know?" He whispered furiously at me, making sure only I could hear him. "Did you come here? Back to Forks when I told you not to?!"

His accusations, though they were correct sent me over the edge. "Yes! I did!" I spat back at him, sick of his self-righteousness. "I felt slightly responsible for what happened and I wanted to see how Bella was doing!" I was yelling at him in vampire speed and pitch so Bella couldn't hear. "You left thinking everything would be fine, but I knew how she felt about you, I had felt how much she loves you, no matter how much you wanted to refuse the idea. I knew she wouldn't just be fine after you left but I gave her time. I needed to see that she wasn't hurting herself if nothing more!" I could feel the frustration, anger, and exacerbation rolling off of him, but the prominent emotion was guilt.

"What right did you have?!" He yelled back. I bristled.

"You're not the only that was hurting! You at least have to know that, right?!" By now, the curiosity coming from the members of my family told me everyone, excluding Bella, was listening to our rapid speech. "Everyone was upset we had to leave Bella, it wasn't right." I could feel his skepticism, "yes me to! Even if I can't show it like the others I do care about Bella. Knowing it was my fault, even if only partially, left a sick feeling in my stomach and I wanted to make sure she was okay. Bringing back any kind of good news would have also helped the rest of the family feel a bit better as well."

He seemed to have calmed his anger a bit by my words. "And were you able to?" His voice was small, I knew he was hoping for the answer I couldn't give and he knew I wouldn't.

"No." I whispered back, her blank eyes were haunting me in my mind. Edward's eyes snapped up, looking at me fiercely.

"What was that?" He sounded angry, tense, but I knew he was scared.

"I don't think I should tell you…it won't help anything." My conscience started crawling back up, telling me he shouldn't know.

"What do you mean it won't help anything?!" His voice was growing louder, even if Bella couldn't hear him. I could feel a panic beginning to take him over. "WHAT DID YOU SEE?!"

I averted my eyes from him. You won't like this. I thought at him and then proceeded to relive my day following Bella in my mind. I didn't need to feel his pain to know it was there, I could see it in his eyes. He was torn knowing he did this to her, and this was only his reaction to her as a zombie. I cringed inwardly at what his reaction would be to what came next.

Edward's eyes widened in horror as I remembered the force of her pain as Bella slept. I knew he'd be crying if he could. He flinched away from me when Bella's piercing scream echoed in my head. What he didn't know was it wasn't over.

Even though I didn't think it was possible, Edward's eyes widened even further as he watched through my mind as her pain increase when she awoke. His expression became grim when her emotions once again disappeared.

I knew he had seen what she was like through other people's eyes while he was gone, but he had never realized how much pain she had been in. I hoped now he would realize just how much she loved and needed him. He nodded at my thoughts and headed back into the room containing Bella.

She looked at him as slid next her, wrapping his arm around her waist. Bella moved into his lap, looking into his eyes, before pulling him into a kiss. I knew she was worried about him, even Edward's calm-faced façade couldn't fool Bella, but Edward visibly relaxed into the kiss. His pain seemed to fade away into his love for her.