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Chapter 18

Wufei grabbed hold of his wife's hand as she had another contraction. He grit his teeth at her strong grip and wished the baby to come out soon however the doctors predicted it another hour. He grabbed the drying towel on her forehead and dabbed it in a bucket of cold water the nurse had given him. Placing it back on her head she sighed gratefully. It was getting late and Sally was getting very tired. The sun had set hours ago outside. He glanced up at the statue of the Chinese god Chang Hs'ien, who was the Chinese god of children. He closed his eyes silently praying.

"Wufei…what happened…" Sally breathed as the contractions settled down for a bit

"The Judge providing the evidence decided the case straight away." Wufei murmured sadly, "capital punishment at sunrise."

"No…Duo!" The blonde woman whimpered, "he must have had a valid reason Wufei!"

"He did," the Chinese man replied as his wife squeezed his hand tightly. He waited for the contraction to pass until he spoke again. "He was a solider for the Fardo Party…" he muttered, "you remember the leader was assassinated."

Sally nodded tiredly. "Well Relena and the other parliament members who were killed helped destroy the main Fardo base killing many people."

"Oh god!" Sally gasped in shock. She shook her head as if willing the new information to go away, her friend was a murderer.

"And Duo was there?" Wufei nodded at his wife's question and silently watched as she closed her eyes - a distort look cross her face. He hated all the pain everyone was going through, he wished none of this had ever happened and that his friends were still friends and Relena hadn't of killed all those people. In a rage he yanked his copy of the clues from his jacket pocket and began to screw each one up into a little ball before throwing them into the bin. However he froze wen his eyes rested on the last clue.

All the answers in a continuous footsteps

Its time for one to be destroyed

Are you scared?

You should be.

I am what you are 2x

Who am I?

"I am what you are 2x," he whispered. "That's too obvious…"

"Wufei?" Sally murmured when suddenly the man's phone went off. A passing nurse frowned at him and motioned for him to not use his mobile within the hospital. He took the call anyway holding it up to his ear he said his name down the phone.

"Chief Preventer WuFei? This is Preventer Carl, we have a situation. We need you down here straight away," he spoke quickly the noises of sirens in the background causing Wufei's heart to beat faster.

"What's happened?" he asked

"Headquarters…It's been blown up," Wufei felt his heart stop…Duo….

"I'll be straight down!" He called shutting off his phone. He turned to Sally who just motioned him to leave.

"Get out Wufei! As long as you're back for when this baby comes out I wont decapitate you!" She cried. Quickly bending down and giving his wife a small kiss on the lips he smiled.

"I love you Sally, more than you know."

"Get outta here Chang!" She rolled her eyes; he grinned at her before rushing from the room. She watched him go a large smile on her face, though deep down her heart ached.

'Please let Duo be OK,' she thought, before a soul moving contraction took over.


Wufei spun his car out onto the street going as fast as he could. The sound of sirens started to get louder as he neared the Preventer Headquarters only 1 mile away from the hospital. Rounding the street corner his eyes widened once they settled on the building on fire. Parts of it had even been blown up. Fire fighters, Preventers and civilians were helping to put the fire out. Wufei's car came to a quick stop as he jumped out. His eyes just couldn't take in the whole scene, but one thing was screaming in his mind 'Get Duo out!'.

Just as he was about to put that plan into action he noticed Heero standing to one side, motionless and staring up at the fire in silence. Rushing over to his friend he pulled on his shirt sleeve.

"Heero what happened?!" He yelled in horror.

"Apparently the base was attacked," the other replied calmly the flames dancing in his deep blue eyes.

"Heero, Duo's in there!" The Chinese man yelled in panic and distress. Heero shrugged his shoulders at the comment. Wufei's eyes widened, "don't you care?!"

"Of course." Heero's clipped voice chided

"Listen," Wufei pulled Heero close so no one could over hear. "I have a theory that there are 2 people in this assassination business."

"You would be correct Wufei," Heero answered flatly

"What?" Wufei yelled, "You knew?!"

"Hmmm." The 'Perfect Solider' brought out a gold bullet from his pocket, which he'd taken from the evidence department earlier. The flames danced eerily on its shiny surface.

"It's Odin."

"Odin?" Wufei's eyes widened remembering the name from past talks he'd had with Heero. "You means as in…"

"Hai…" The man murmured a slight frown showing on his forehead.

"It can't be he's dead, you yourself saw him die!"

"I thought I did..." There was confusion in his tone. "He always told me not to underestimate anyone." Heero still hadn't taken his gaze away from the shining bullet, while WuFei felt like he wanted to tear his hair out.

"I thought it was strange," he finally spoke again, "but I finally remembered that Odin only shot with gold bullets." WuFei flinched slightly at the sudden bark of laughter than left the ex-soldiers mouth. "Also the murders spelled out his name, it was so damned obvious WHY didn't I see it before?"

"Overdose, Drowned…" Wufei spoke as the realization dawned on him. He felt sick.

"Immolation, as he liked to call it when he burnt someone to death and Mariemaia had a Narcotic drug." Heero stared off into the dancing flames, the orange light, lighting up his face in the darkness. "He's a psychopath, a killing machine." Glancing at WuFei out the corner of his eye he murmured, "to Odin life is a game, it will never end."

Fear rose on Wufei's face, "Odin will not stop until he's had revenge."

"But what about Duo…" the Chinese man spluttered pointing to the burning wreck.

"What about him?"

"He's still in there!" Wufei yelled hysterically. "Duo Maxwell, the love of your life is in there!"

"Indeed," WuFei heard him murmur, "eliminate all obstacles."

"You mean…Odin set the building on fire to kill Duo?" the Chinese man asked, "To get rid of his evidence?" Heero didn't reply "Then what are we going to do?"

"Nothing...sit and wait…"

"We can't do that, there's no justice in it!"

"What else can we do...Odin will be back again...Relena's next."

"Shit…Duo's still in there Heero!" Wufei backed away from his friend as he turned to help put the fire out to save his friend. Heero stayed still in his place staring up at the burning building, the flames dancing within his eyes.

"You know what Duo..." he murmured turning from the wreckage he looked down at the small black detonator within this hand and a small lock pick. "I'm more than willing to help you assassinate Miss Relena Peacecraft," he murmured before sliding it in his back pocket.

His cobalt blue eyes flickered off into the darkness of the streets when he noticed two figures within one of the alleyways. They stayed where they were for a second before disappearing into the shadows, a flick of a trailing braid following one.

Heero smiled as his hand ran over the cross hid under his shirt.

"I love you come what may Duo. I'll always be here… wherever you wanna go…my footsteps will always follow yours."