PowerPuff Graduates

PowerPuff Graduates

The senior class of 2018 (I think that's about right) were about to begin the march. They wore gold gowns and gold and red tassels. Their mascot was the Townsvile Cougars. Each Powerpuff girl knew what they were going to do after graduation. Blossom was going to enter politics, Bubbles was going to beauty school and Buttercup was going in the army. The Rowdyruffy boys also had an idea, they were all going to go to the State University, but they weren't sure what to study.

Narrator: I can't believe it!! The Powerpuff girls are graduating!

"I'm so nervous," Bubbles whispered. "What if I trip?"

"Then you're no longer my sister," Buttercup grunted.

"Shh," Blossom shushed, "we're graduating here!"

Pomp and Circumstance began playing and the graduates started the march. Professor Utonium shouted at them, "those are my girls!" he kept saying, then he nudged people around him, "see those girls, they're mine."

"Yes, professor, we know." They mumbled back.

The mayor gave a speech about the graduates and how life is different from high school and such. After that, the student president and valid Victorian, Blossom Utonium gave her speech.

Nervously but excitedly, she went up to the podium to begin her speech. She adjusted the microphone as she could hear the professor clapping and Brick shouting for her.. "My fellow graduates, we've made it!" she paused for her friends and classmates to begin cheering. "Now, our future lies right in front of us."

Before she barely began, Him showed up, making a ruckus.

"How did he get in here?" Bubbles asked.

"Who?" Boomer asked.

"I really don't like that guy!" Buttercup snarled.

"Who?" Butch peered around.


"Him who?"

"Hey!" Blossom shouted, "I'm trying to give a speech here!"

"Ohhh, sorryyyy," Him said, "but haven't you noticed that none of you have a future??"

Every graduate gasped.

"Why you…." Buttercup grunted, lunging forward, "you have no right just to barge in our high school gym!"

"We better do something or he'll ruin the whole graduation!" Bubbles cried, flying from her seat.

"Let's go girls!" Blossom urged, busting out of the gymnasium ceiling with Him.

"Should we follow 'em?" Boomer asked Brick.

"Of course," Brick said, "this is our graduation too."

"We'll all go!" Butch told the other graduates, "you're not going to let Him ruin your graduation are you?"

"NO!" they cried, tossing their caps way too early. The RowdyRuff boys flew out of the ceiling and the graduates ran out of the exits to give Him a piece of their minds…and fists…and feet…and

Narrator: Him should have just went to school instead! So, once again, the day is saved, by the powerpuff girls and the Townsville Cougers!