Star Trek: Alexandria

The air was perfect for a typical day in Boston, Massachusetts. It wasn't too hot or too cold. It was a steady 75 degrees, absolutely ideal for baseball. The Boston Red Sox were facing the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Red Sox were up 7-3 at the beginning of the ninth. The crowd was ecstatic. All but a few. One of them was sitting with an annoyed look on his face for his team was losing, but his friend next to him cheering on the Red Sox. They both wore the standard Starfleet uniform, all black with the grey shoulders and yellow colored turtleneck underneath. They both had Lt. Commander Pips on their collars. The one standing looked down at his friend.

"Ah come on, Dustin. Your team still has a chance to win. It's a bit unlikely but they may pull it out."

Dustin was an average height person for his age. He ran his hand through his brown hair and then focused his green eyes on the scoreboard.

"You know how Pittsburgh is, Alex. They had a three nothing lead until two innings ago. I'd be highly surprised if they pulled it out today."

Alex stood taller than Dustin with the same color hair but with brown eyes. The two had met when Alex's old assignment, the USS Farragut had rescued the Enterprise-D's crew after it crash landed on Veridian III. The two became friends shortly during the trip back to Earth. He was transferred to the newly built Sovereign class Alexandria as a promotion to Lt. Commander. Dustin was assigned to the Enterprise-E until after the battle with the Scimitar four months ago. He worked in Engineering with Geordi LaForge, who he had admired since he was assigned to the Enterprise.

The Pirates had two on with one out. Dustin stood up just in time to see the Pittsburgh batter knock it out of the park. The score was now 7-6. Dustin clapped and cheered. He was one of very few in the stadium cheering on the away team. The next batter got up to the plate. The pitcher threw a fastball and the batter swung and nailed the ball sending it clear to left field.

"Computer, freeze program." A voice called.

Everyone around Alex and Dustin froze in mid motion. The two Lt. Commanders stood their confused.

"Who interrupted the game?" Alex asked.

"I did." A voice said.

The two turned around to see Counselor Christine Nycz walking up to them. Christine stood a bit shorter than Dustin with brown hair that went down to her shoulder blades and was in pretty fit shape.

"Christine…Err…I mean Counselor." Dustin said.

"It's ok, we're good friends. You can call me by my first name." She said.

Dustin and Christine graduated from the academy together. During their days at the academy they weren't exactly boyfriend and girlfriend but they were close. At times people would say they were dating because they were together so much. They hadn't seen each other since they graduated. Dustin was assigned to the Enterprise while Christine was assigned to the Cairo.

"So what brings you down to the Holodeck, Counselor?" Alex asked.

"The Captain will be arriving just under an hour. I figured that you two would like to be there for his arrival." She said.

The two nodded.

Captain Jermaine Allensworth stepped in from the passenger area of the Type-11 shuttlecraft. It look liked a streamlined version of the Type-9 shuttlecraft. This particular one was part of his new ship's shuttlecraft. He sat down in one of the pilot seats and touched the command console. The Roddenberry was one of nineteen auxiliary craft assigned to the Alexandria. He sat there for a few moments waiting for his pilot to arrive. The pilot wasn't late or anything. The new dark skinned captain was early arriving to the shuttle. He was a bit excited getting a command of his own at age 33. He was the second youngest captain in Starfleet history. The first being Captain James T. Kirk. Not to mention that he was commanding one of the Sovereign class starships. It was the third besides the USS Enterprise and USS Sovereign. At that moment, he heard the sound of a boot stepping onto the deck of the shuttle. He turned around to introduce himself.

"I'm Captain Jermaine Allensworth." He said extending a hand outward.

The pilot took his hand and shook it slightly.

"I'm Lieutenant Kit Moran. I'm also the Navigator aboard the Alexandria."

"Well, Lieutenant Moran, if there is nothing else to keep us here, I say we get underway." Allensworth said.

"Yes, sir." She said before making a move to the pilot's seat.

Allensworth sat in the co-pilot's seat and watched the Lieutenant's fingers dance across the control board.

"Control, this is Roddenberry. Engaging thrusters for departure."

The shuttlecraft shuddered as it lifted off the cargo deck and passed through the force field that kept the atmosphere inside the cargo bay, and into space.

"Have you been inside a Sovereign class, sir?" Kit asked.

Captain Allensworth was a bit unprepared for the question.

"Yeah, I've been on the Enterprise once and I'm familiar with all of the blueprints and specifications."

"Our chief engineer is from the Enterprise." Kit said.

"Ah yes, uh…Lt. Commander Zofchak, right?"

Kit nodded.

"He, Lt. Commander Merriell and Commander La Forge made sure that the ship would be ready by the time you arrived. They finished two days ago. The Alexandria is up and ready for you to take command."

Allensworth nodded in approval. Kit returned her gaze to the front of them.

"And there she is." She said.

Allensworth broke his look from his navigator to the ship in front of them. Incased in the arms of the drydock above Earth was NCC-2547. From their position, they could see underneath of the Sovereign class saucer section. The ship itself was an exact replica of the Enterprise.


Kit looked over to her captain.


"She's a sight to behold."

At that moment, a male deep toned voice popped on the shuttle's comm. speakers.

"Alexandria to Shuttlecraft Roddenberry. You are cleared to land in Shuttlebay One."

"Acknowledged, Alexandria." Kit said.

The main shuttlebay was cavernous. Captain Allensworth wasn't used to this size of a shuttlebay. He could only imagine how Starfleet officers of yesteryear would react to such a shuttlebay. The Roddenberry landed on a pair of lighted landing strips. As soon as they touched down, a flight crew came out to tend to the shuttle.

"Thank you, Lieutenant." Allensworth said standing up.

"My pleasure, sir." She replied.

Allensworth stepped out of the shuttle and onto the deck. A man of equal height walked over to him extending a hand out.

"Captain Allensworth. I'm Commander Jason Sparhawk, sir. A pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise, Commander." Allensworth said taking the hand and shaking it firmly.

"Congratulations on your promotion, sir." Sparhawk said.

"Thank you, Commander. Are my quarters ready?"

"Yes, sir. Ready for your arrival."

"Then lead on, Commander."

The captain followed his commander out of the cargo bay and to his quarters.