Writer's Notes: Well, here's a new FanFic! :D My Lady Wolf was inspired by this AMV on YouTube I was watching, and for about three seconds, there was a clip of wolves running through a forest or something. And then the idea just kind of came from there…Haha. And then as I watched Spice and Wolf (an Anime/Manga), I really wanted to write this FanFic more and more. Though there won't be manga relations to Spice and Wolf.

This chapter might use a lot of cursing.

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Her waist-length, honey brown hair was sopping wet as she threw back her head, a silver fish in her left hand and another in her right hand. Her plain white dress was thrown on the ground, leaving her naked. Her hair splashed water onto the trees and the forest ground, along with a few wolves, who shook their heads to get rid of the water.

The girl's chocolate eyes glimmered with satisfaction as she threw the two fish to the wolves, who jumped and snapped at the meat. She looked away to avoid watching them eat.

A flash of silver in the stream she was standing in, and another fish in hand, to another wolf who would get its meal.

The day was beautiful. The sun was shining, and there were almost no clouds in the sky. Full-grown trees with lush green leaves swayed lazily in the wind, and younger saplings were sprouting some leaves. The streams were cool, and plenty of food was running around.

And speaking of food, a large deer was seen drinking from a stream further away.

The brunette looked at one of the fifteen wolves and nodded her head slightly.

Within seconds, the wolf was stalking its prey stealthily. And then it struck, and the deer was dead.

And no sooner, several wolves were snapping at the bloody meat. Food. Survival.

Again, the girl turned away to avoid watching them eat, she turned away as soon as the deer was dead.

The girl was already cooking some fish by the fire, and using a bow and arrow she had constructed herself, shot some other wild animals for the wolves.

Today was going to be her last day in the forest. The place she had called home for however many years she had been here. She'd lost track of time already. The date never really crossed her mind, the only thing that did was survival.

At this moment, she wrung out her hair and shook her body, like a wolf, to get rid of water, and slipped on the white dress that was previously abandoned. The dress reached a little below her knees.

And somehow, when she found herself in this forest, she formed a bond with wolves.

She was the Alpha, no wolf in the forest dare defy her.

But she considered them friends, and the wolves did, too.

The girl sighed, breathing in the forest air. How did she get here, anyway? Was she abandoned?

But she would have to leave soon…leave this forest.

But at least she wasn't going alone, because her pack of fifteen wolves would be going with her.

"Hey, hey, did you hear? That crazy rumor?"

"Which one? The one about the wolf-girl?"

"I did, I did!"

Three girls, students of the famous school Alice Academy chatted as they waited for their teacher to come and start the class.

"She's supposedly lives with wolves. Like she controls them or something."

"That's so weird! And she acts like one, too. She catches prey with the wolves. Although she does have a human mind, so she uses bows and arrows and stuff."

"I heard that she's like an Alpha Wolf, all the wolves in that forest don't dare disobey her commands."


Luna Koizumi painted her nails as her friends and fanboys crowded around her.

"What do you think of that, Luna-chan?" one guy asked.

"That's just ridiculous," Luna replied snottily, inspecting her painted-pink nails. "I don't believe it. Plus if it was true, that's disgusting."

"Of course, Luna-chan," the guy agreed.

Luna Koizumi, the school's Queen. Short, wavy, dark- blond hair and ocean- blue eyes. She was the Alpha here, the queen bitch. Her little gang of ten loyal servants at her disposal, consisting of her fanboys that she thought were worthy to kiss her shoes.

The door slid open at the moment, and an extremely handsome teenager walked in. Natsume Hyuuga, the King of Alice Academy. But he had nothing to do with the Queen.

"Ah! Natsume-kuuun!" Luna called, abandoning her fanboys and her nail polish, skipping over to Natsume. "I just painted my nails! Don't they look absolutely fabulous?" She gushed, thrusting her hand into his face.

But the teenager merely narrowed his crimson eyes and slapped her hand away.

"Don't get so close to me, bitch. I don't give a shit about nails that just add to that repulsive face of yours." He warned.

Luna smirked and put a finger to her lips.

"Awww, Natsume-kun, are you rejecting me?"

She wouldn't back down. She wanted Natsume Hyuuga.

Raven coloured hair and crimson eyes. Strong and gorgeous.

Luna Koizumi adored everything about him.

The only thing that wasn't so perfect was his personality.

Harsh and deadly. He could instantly send shivers down a girl's back with just a look.

No wonder he was part of the school's Top-three beauties.

Age 17, Natsume Hyuuga. The Number one that girls ogle at, a mere glance could make them swoon, and a light glare could make them shrink back into shadows, bringing their confidence of giving him a gift of any sort to nothing. The wild raven hair and the piercing crimson eyes, a well-built body, though a rebel, and no matter what he did, it only made him seem better and inferior.

Age 17, Ruka Nogi. His soft, blond hair that complimented his eyes perfectly, which were brilliant blue color. He lost to Natsume in 'coolness', because he was cute, rather than 'cool'. But he did not lose to Natsume in fangirls and jealous boys. Although he was a bit kinder, he was still harsh with his words.

Age 17, Hotaru Imai. Her short, raven hair and cold violet eyes. She was called the genius inventor, and a money-lover. But what she was also famous for was being so incredibly cold. She definitely matched up to Natsume in cold attitude. She was a master of blackmail, and getting what she wanted most—information.

They were always seen together, and were called the "Velvet Roses".

They were perfect, but every rose has a thorn, and the thorn symbolized their own flaw.

…Which mostly referred to their personalities. No matter how kind they were to each other, harsh comments were given to anyone else. And some were enough to reduce a girl or guy to nothing.

The door opened again, and this time, Hotaru Imai and Ruka Nogi walked in, ignoring the commotion of Luna and Natsume in the front of the classroom, and walked to their seats.

"Why are you wasting your time, Hyuuga?" Hotaru called, taking out her books.

"It's because that girl is like a cockroach, she pops back up even if you smack her with a slipper." Ruka replied, also taking out his books.

"How dare you compare me to something repulsive like a cockroach?" Luna shrieked, pointing a finger at Ruka.

"Because you are one," Hotaru said, rolling her eyes. "If you detach your head, will you live for 10 days?"



For calling one of the members of Velvet Rose a bitch earned her a slap from the crimson-eyed lad.

"You shouldn't be talking, slut." his lips pulled back into a snarl.

He turned to walk to his seat, until the door opened yet again, but this time, and unfamiliar girl wearing a white dress and white boots.

What perfect timing, as the famous Natsume Hyuuga walked forwards, this girl crashed right into him.





Hotaru Imai rarely smiled. But as she witnessed this scene, her lips curled upwards into an amused one.

Ruka's eyes opened wide. He was more shocked than amused. But he was partly amused anyway.

Luna was absolutely shocked too, but that shock soon turned a furious reaction.

The rest of the class also watched in shock, envy, or surprise.

And the wonderful scene that made everyone react so nicely:

Natsume Hyuuga, on the floor, back on the ground. And this girl with long, waist-length honey-brown hair on top of him.

...And their lips locked into a kiss.

Natsume was the first to notice what was happening first. And then the girl slowly got up.

"Uwaaa…that really hurt…ah, I'm sorry!...Oh dear Kami-sama…!"

The brunette was surprised too. Did she just fall and kiss him? Oh crap.

"You…! You bitch!" Luna screamed, grabbing the girl by her hair.


Another hand was used to choke the girl.

"How…how dare you kiss him! Natsume-kun belongs to me!"

Hyuuga was still on the floor, though he was sitting up. He was a bit shocked too, because believe it or not, that was his first kiss, but regained his composure.

"I don't belong to anyone," He said, standing up.

Luna ignored him.

"Who do you think you are?" she screeched. "Do you think you can just come in here and touch my things as you please?"


Luna's hand around the brunette's neck was getting tighter and tighter.

"No one's going to come and help you, girlie," she continued. "You're just going to end up in the hospital for a few years, and don't even think about showing your face here ever again!"


Tears ran down the girl's face as she tried to pry Luna's fingers off her neck. The Queen's perfectly manicured nails raised to rake across the new girl's face.

"Oi-" Natsume started, but before he could say or do anything else, the window shattered, and about six wolves landed in the room.


Luna screamed and let go of the brunette, jumping back to avoid contact with the animals.

The wolves growled, and all of them were crouched to attack.

One jumped on top of Luna, and started to snap at her hair and clothes, messing up her hair and accessories, and whatever she wore. Velvet Rose could see that it was actually take care not to rip her skin.

The other also started to join in.

"Someone, help me!" Luna yelled, and several fanboys tried to. But the wolves snarled and tried to attack them, too.

And Luna probably would have been sent to the hospital if it weren't for that new girl.

Although her voice was gentle and quiet, everyone heard it.

"Kaede-chan, stop it. I'm fine. Let her go."

The female wolf on top of Luna snarled one last time, and retreated, sitting down next to Mikan, who was sitting on the floor, rubbing her neck and coughing.

"Kaida, Hastu, Ichiro, Ari, Jin…you too. Stop."

The other five wolves also backed away and stood next to the girl.

And the door opened a final time, and the blond-haired teacher with violet eyes stepped in, wearing a plain, baggy white shirt and jeans, with black shoes.

"I'm too late…Ahhh…I knew I shouldn't have let her go to class by herself…" he said, sighing.

Narumi-sensei, the Japanese and Homeroom teacher for this chaotic classroom, classroom B.

"And I should have known Koizumi-san would be the one to provoke her…"

"Who's the girl, Narumi?" Hotaru said, still amused.

"She's the new transfer student, Mikan Sakura." Narumi explained.

"…You can't be serious," Someone said.

"She's that crazy wolf girl, isn't she? She sent wolves to attack!" another yelled.

Narumi shook his head.

"She doesn't send for them, they come on their own free will when they sense that she's in danger. I should have told you about this beforehand…people can get severely hurt if they try to hurt her."

He glanced at Luna.

"Damn right you should've told us, you freaking teacher!" Luna spat.

Mikan narrowed her eyes, and the wolves growled. The blonde flinched at the noise.


She stood up, facing Luna directly.

"Excuse me," she said quietly. "May I have her name?"

She was directing the question to Ruka, who was sitting closest.

"L-Luna K-Koizumi…" Ruka Nogi actually stammered.

"Then, Koizumi-san," the brunette whispered quietly, "How spoiled…must you always call for someone to aid you? Such a pup…without your mother, you wouldn't survive…"

"W-What?" Luna sneered back, taken aback by the sudden change of tone.

One of the wolves, who Mikan knew as Jin, held something in its mouth. A bow and a packet of arrows.

"Narumi-sensei," Mikan called quietly. "I'm sorry to ask of this, but do you mind for me to be absent today? I'm very sorry…even though it's my first day…I believe my presence has ruined the atmosphere here…"

The teacher nodded, slightly nervous.

Bow and an arrows in hand, with the six wolves behind her, the girl-in-white walked towards the window.

"Hey! Come back here, I wasn't finished with you!" Luna screamed, reaching out.

The rest of the class expected the wolves to react for her, but instead, they merely glanced at her with their yellow, blue and gray eyes, as something whizzed past Luna's head.

"Are you finished now? I have a pack of fifteen wolves to keep in order," Mikan replied, and everyone realized what went past Luna was an arrow.

How incredibly fast.

Luna stayed quiet, flabbergasted, speechless, and Mikan smiled, it held no mirth, only something...mysterious.

"I'll take your silence as a 'yes', then…"

With the position of a wolf, she leaped out the window, without a glance back.

The members of Velvet Rose stared at each other blankly.

Well, something wild certainly has entered the school…

Perhaps she has a secret know one knows?

~./End Chapter One/.~

And that's all?

Writer's Ending Notes: Whee! I hope you guys enjoyed this first chapter!

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