Well, I finally have it! It's nowhere near as good as the last chapter... some funny pack interatcion later though. Poor Seth... Jake is extremely OOC, but I really couldn't care less here. It's humor, and it's fanfiction! Oh and by the way- I played with my little brothers' new 20Q today (I myself don't own one... note to self, buy 20Q Ball before camp) and tried to make it guess vampire. I got the below answers... I think YoolieYick got the same thing.

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"Somebody call Seth," Sam insisted a few days after he discovered that one of his pack members was running to Florida. They were sitting on the beach around a burning fire.

"Can't," Jacob sighed, rolling his eyes. "His phone broke. He squeezed it too hard."

"Then transform and contact him! Honestly, are you stupid or something? We're wolves, and wolves are dogs, and dogs are intelligent!" Sam shouted, just as a young boy ran up to them, holding a heavily plastic wrapped ball.

"You got the game!" Quil yelped excitedly.

"Yep! Wanna play?" The pack gathered around Seth in a circle and they began to play.

"What should we pick?" Sam asked, finally giving in to the game's hypnotism.

"Um… a pound of bricks!" Embry suggested. The pack looked at him with dark looks. "Or not, whatever suits you."

"Let's do vampires, you know, see if it works!" After playing the game several times of failing to make it guess vampire or werewolf, Paul accidentally threw the ball into the fire pit. The fire's flames went up and the teenagers' eyes widened.

"Great!" Jacob yelled. "Now we need to send Seth back to Florida! Seth? Seth, where are you?" But alas, the young boy was gone. Jacob shrugged and rolled his eyes. "Well, at least we can tell the Cullens that they've been demoted to aliens and pirates."

"Yeah, but we've been demoted to poodles," Jared pointed out, plopping down on a stump.

"True, true," Jacob nodded before laying out on the sand. He suddenly shot up and had wild eyes- eyes with a plan. "Guys, let's make it guess humans!"

"Great idea, Jake," Leah said, her voice extremely sarcastic. "One problem- the 20Q Ball has just been burned to a crisp!"

"But we can just-"

"No, Jacob. We are not sending my brother back to Florida." Under Leah's strict glare, the massive boy withered back.

"Okay, no Seth… Can we-"


"But what about-"


"C'mon, Leah, you're not even the Beta wolf! Can't we just send-"


"I was just going to say-"

"I said NO!"

"Can't you let me finish a sentence?"

Let's just say that Jacob Black never stood up to Leah again. After Sam captured a picture of him stumbling around with a handprint on his cheek, he did everything in his power to stay away.

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