Uchiha Sasuke. He was almost everyone's idea of perfection. Envied for his unmarked creamy skin, pitch black hair, and those gorgeous bottomless eyes. Envied for his intelligence, for his family name.

But, Uchiha Sasuke was broken. He could never be at peace. The family had tried to hide the deep flaws for years. His family was troubled, so much that it could never be repaired.

Mikoto. Sasuke had chosen to stay with her, he preferred it. Mikoto was at the edge of her sanity, after over a decade of heavy mental abuse, family pressure, and being forced to take part in a trustless marriage.

Itachi. Believe it or not, Itachi was Sasuke's source of stability. Without him, Sasuke may have caused himself unthinkable damage. But Itachi was no longer there for Sasuke. He had been sent overseas by Fugaku to maintain one of the numerous international companies.

Let's not forget Fugaku. Fugaku was the source of many, if not all of the youngest Uchiha's problems.

Sasuke had always trusted his father, he had thought Fugaku was a good, honest man. When Sasuke learned more, the night he learned almost, if not everything. That was when Sasuke cracked.

In Sasuke's eyes, his father was a filthy piece of scum. Maybe he was below scum. Fugaku was a terrible person. As Itachi was growing up, and even before, when he was a young child, for some reason, Fugaku enjoyed pulling his arm back and fiercely slapping his eldest son across the face, the child's face would throb in searing pain, his eyes would water. Everytime Sasuke heard that sickening sound, even if he was a floor away from the cause, the helpless boy would lock himself in his room and sob. He would sob because he didn't know how to save Itachi, he didn't know how to end Itachi's pain.

When Fugaku wasn't causing his sons pain, he was busy terrorizing his wife. Poor Mikoto was forced into marriage at the age of eighteen. Since that time, Fugaku never had any problem telling her how stupid and worthless he thought she was. Not only Mikoto, he thought all women were useless. But that never kept him from deserting the family every other weekend, to travel the world, and fuck some sluts. Nope, never kept him from that.

Now, Sasuke had learned all this and much, much more in the time span of about twenty minutes. Needless to say, it swamped him. He escaped to his room that night, and vomited a few times, all while sobbing helplessly.

Months later, Sasuke sat in his bedroom, feeling content. That "beautiful" alabaster skin littered with cuts, some of which still bled. Seated on his bed, he pushed the razor down, sliding it across his skin while still pressuring it more than enough. It hurt, it hurt quite a bit, but it was what he needed. It was the distraction from family, from his father, from life. Blood began to ooze from the newly formed opening, and for some twisted reason, seeing that gorgeous, vibrant shade of red, slither down his skin made Sasuke happy. Watching it for a while, he wiped it onto his hand to keep it from staining the bedding.

Sasuke loved staring at the cuts on his arms and legs, those bright red marks of pain, his distraction. Though, he had always thought that it was cowardly of him to be unable to slice down his wrist, but Sasuke didn't want to cause too much damage.

Once the bleeding had stopped, he wrapped up the razor and placed it inside of the cabinets under his sink. Glancing at his reflection, Sasuke noticed bags under his dark eyes, and blue black hair stood messily atop his head. He had tried to go to bed earlier, but it was no good. He turned and tossed around in his bed, restlessly, he was unable to sleep without marring his milky skin.

Scowling as he thought of his weakness, onyx eyes darted to the clock, it read 3:20 a.m. Groaning, Sasuke trudged over his bed, cursing as he stepped on the sharp point of one of his belts. It seemed he'd only get four hours of sleep before school, again. How lovely.

Pain coursed through the boy, as he pressured his scarred limbs while climbing into his bed, he shivered as the pain ceased to end. Once under the blanket, Sasuke was out, trying to get as much rest as he could before he had to get up and face his life again.

Uchiha Sasuke is broken.

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