This has got to be the shortest and dumbest story I have ever written. But, it is so gosh-darn funny! And, you have my best friend Shelly to thank for it. Her email is: . She thought of the thing when we were talking on the phone. It was just a big joke.

So, here it is. . .

It's Alive!

The gang couldn't believe it. Buffy was dead. Where that left them, they weren't sure.

Spike couldn't stop crying. His only reason for living was gone. He didn't want to go on, but he had to. He had to take care of Dawn.

The niblet was staring at her limp sister with widened eyes. Her body didn't move. Her eyes were all dried up now, with no more tears left to fall.

All of a sudden, something caught Spike's vision. He turned to see Buffy move in shock. She sat up and grinned. Then she jumped up. "I fooled you! I can't believe you guys really thought I was dead! I'm the slayer, a little fall can't break me!"

Everyone was watching her, thinking she had gone crazy. Which she had.

Buffy moved over to Spike. She looked at him intently.

Spike swallowed, taking her in. She was real, and he could touch her. He lifted a hand to her face. "Buffy?" he whispered. Was he dreaming?

In a flash, Buffy crushed her lips down on his. She kissed with him with passion. When she pulled away, she said, "Spike I love you. I have for a long time. I only wanted to see how far you would go."

She let out a laugh. "I fooled you the most," she added.

Yes, Buffy was crazy. But, she was alive. And she was their friend. So, they all stepped forward to give her a hug in relief.

The End

*LOL* So, what did you all think? Totally stupid? I thought so. But, hey, it was funny, right?