It was around noon on Saturday and a certain tri-colored hair and amethyst eye boy was watching his grandfather's Game Shop. It was a beautiful day and the 19-year-old was trapped inside. Yugi folded his arms and laid his head down. A lot had happen in two years; Yugi and his friends graduated from high school, him and Joey were in their first year of college. Tea had gone to America. Marik and Ryou were living together in Egypt. Serenity and Tristan started to date. Duke was off making Dungeon Dice Monsters global. Lastly Seto and Mokuba were the same, still running Kaiba Corp.

Yugi was still King of Games, but now he shared the title. It was weird how Yugi lost the duel 2 years ago to his other half, but it turned out perfect in the long run.

The bell on top the shop door rang so Yugi lifted his head. He sighed as he saw it was only his grandfather. "So everything went ok at the bank?"

Solomon laughed. "Yes, your not bored are you?"

Yugi started to tap his fingers on the counter. "Yea."

"Come on don't look so down, I am sure he'll be here soon."

Yugi nodded. "I hope so. He said he was only going to practice for a few hours." His stomach growled just then and he blushed. "So what's for lunch?"

Solomon headed for the door leading upstairs. "I'll go fix something, you lock up."

Yugi headed to the shop door, locked it, flipped the sign to 'closed for lunch break', then went upstairs.

Within 30 minutes Yugi and Solomon were eating egg rolls, rice, and noodles. Yugi ate his slowly while listening to his grandfather talk. He only spoke a little and nodded his head at a few things. About to fall asleep, Yugi looked up to see his grandfather smiling. "What are you...AHHHH!" He jumped in his seat as arms wrapped around his shoulders. Getting up, he turned to see a laughing Yami. "Don't Do That!"

Yami smirked. "Why not?"

"You almost gave me a heart attack."

Yami pulled him into a hug. "I'm sorry."

Yugi sighed and returned the hug. "It's fine." He then noticed the guitar case by the table. "So you've finished practice?"

Yami nodded. "Yup, I just have to go back tonight at eight to play the show."

After Yami had won the duel that had followed after getting his memories, he got to stay with his friends. Yugi was cleaning out his closet one day to make room for Yami's clothes and found his father's old guitar. Yami started to play it, wondering what it was. He was good for not knowing what it was, so Yugi helped him write some songs. Later Yami got a job at a local club to play night shows; he played for other clubs too.

Yugi gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Then we'll just have to make the most of the hours we have."

Yami smirked again, before putting a pair of hand cuffs on Yugi. "Yes we will."

Yugi eyed the hand cuffs on his wrists. "Where did you get these?"

"Oh I dropped by a store. Now how about we get upstairs." He picked up the guitar case and lead Yugi out of the kitchen.

"Don't make too much noise!" yelled Solomon.

"We Won't!"

Yami closed the door to their bedroom as Yugi sat on their bed. "So what now?"

Yami opened the guitar case and pulled out a black guitar. "Now you listen while I play you a new song I wrote for you." He sat down next to Yugi, then started to play.

Late at night in the dark

I still have your light

Darkness never comes with you around

People think I'm crazy

They just don't understand the love we share

This light of yours

Its fights my fears and defeats my demons

I can't go on without you

I love the way your light shines down

The nights are never dark anymore

No matter where, when, or how

You light is with me forever

My shining light

Yami placed the guitar beside the bed. "It's not finished, but I figured you would like to hear it."

Yugi leaned against Yami, who in turn wrapped his arms around him. "I loved it."

"Good, I was hoping to finish it so I could play it soon. Will you help?"

Yugi kissed his cheek. "Of course."

"Now how about some quiet time just you and me." Yami pinned Yugi to the bed and started to kiss his neck.

Yugi purred. "I don't know about quiet, but I like where this is going."

End Chapter 1

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