Author's Note: I haven't written anything in a long time, and I'm actually kind of embarassed to be posting this. But it's one of those cases where the story won't get out of my head, so I hope posting it will take care of that. If it turns out to be well recieved, then who knows, I might actually post again. But personally, I don't think I'm that great of a writer, especially for my age. Also, I didn't have a beta-reader, so be merciful!

Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist. I could never imagine something so awesome on my own. Also, this takes place post-anime, but pre-movie (I haven't gotten to see the movie yet!).

Winry did not like Rose.

Winry knew there was no logical reason for it. Rose was kind, humble, and beautiful. She was easily the best house guest Pinako and Winry had ever had, always helping with the chores and constanly thanking them for their kindness. She was a wonderful mother too. Her son was her world and she doted on the child to no end.

No, there was nothing Rose had done to deserve Winry's ire. It was pure circumstance actually, no fault of her own. The simple fact was that Rose had been the last one to Edward Elric before he disappeared, and Winry couldn't forgive her for that.

No one knew Winry's true feelings. She was very good at hiding them. Any observer would actually think that the girls were good friends. They'd talk together, laugh together, sometimes even share clothes. And Winry loved Rose's son and was more than happy to help in his caretaking.

But deep down there was a gnawing resentment. Who the hell was Rose that she got to be with Ed in the end? Why was she the last one to see his face and hear his voice? Why did she get to be the one to find the flesh and blood Alphonse? Winry had been with them since childhood. It should have been her!

Rose and Al had shown up at the Rockbell home one day, seemingly out of the blue. A while later, after the shock of Al's age and Ed's absence had worn off, they had both tried their best to explain the situation, but it was to no avail. Rose couldn't remember how she had gotten to the underground city, and what she could remember she couldn't explain per her lack of alchemic knowledge. And poor Al had no memory at all of his time in the suit of armor.

One night, about a week after they had arrived, Winry woke up in the middle of the night in a panic.

'What if Ed is the baby's father?' she thought. Her logical side had to calm her down. 'The baby doesn't look anything like him. The timing's all wrong anyway.'

Still, the thought lingered in the back of her mind until the day Rose felt comfortable enough to share the true circumstances of her child's paternity with her and Pinako, and then Winry only felt worse about her bad feelings toward the girl. Even so, the feelings remained, and she knew the always would.

Winry knew why, though. She loved Ed, and it was driving her crazy to think that maybe he had feelings for someone else, that maybe it wasn't just coincidence that Rose was the last person to see him. Of course, she had no way to confirm it, but she had no reason to believe otherwise; Ed had never given her one. And so as long as she felt that way about Ed, she was going to resent Rose, because there isn't a thing Winry wouldn't have done to be the one to see him one last time.