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Locked up

Hikaru walked around the walk-in closet, as the son of a fashion designer he had inherited her ability to coordinate outfits. Today was a funny day because he didn't know what to wear.

Kaoru walked in behind the older of the twins, "Hi-ka-ru?" he was already dressed, and they were going to go to an amusement park with Haruhi later. Just to bother her, they already had each of the tricks and pranks planned out.

"Kaoruuuu! Help me find something to wear!"

"Okay." Kaoru took a similar looking hoodie of his, "Wear this?"

Hikaru frowned, "Although that would be fun to make people confused, but weren't we going to do the switching clothes trick today?"

"Oh. Right." Kaoru closed the door slowly to get to the clothes behind the door. It clicked and auto locked. The light auto closed as well.

A pause, "Kaoru, please tell me you brought your keys."

"Hikaru, I brought my keys," Kaoru said obediently, he looked like he was done but then he continued, "is what I would like to say, but that would be a lie and I would never lie to you."

"Haha. Pretty funny because you lied right there."

"I did—Whoops." Kaoru said, slipping pulling the shelf a bit too hard and the two twins were avalanched with clothes.

"Ughhh… Get off of me Kaoru." Hikaru said attempting to get out of the pile of clothes.

"I'm not on you Hikaru."

"Fine, then you're saying that you're in me?" Hikaru questioned.

"Is that where you want me to be?"

"M-maybe." Hikaru stuttered. He grabbed a nearby shelf for support but only ended up getting more clothes piled onto them. "Ughh…"

He felt around in the clothes, "Oh. I can wear this with this," he murmured quietly to himself. He hurriedly stripped off his clothes and started to change before he heard a familiar voice.

"Hikaru? Kaoru?" Haruhi said before opening the door from the outside, the lights auto turning on. She glanced around her before her eyes landed on a half naked Hikaru. "Am I interrupting… something?" Oh man, I'm scarred for life now… Not that I wasn't already.

Hikaru and Kaoru grinned it might as well be the first of their pranks, "Oh, not at all… You're free to watch, we're perfectly comfortable."

"But… Hikaru…" Kaoru whined, "I'm too embarrassed for people to watch when you're inside me…" He pretended to have said something wrong. "Oops…" A faint blush touched his cheeks.

Hikaru leaned down to kiss Kaoru to comfort him. He didn't know how this really worked, but all the fangirls thought that kissing people even in such uncomfortable circumstances would make everything okay again. It really didn't it just put them in an even more uncomfortable position, it takes a lot of strength to have a bunch of clothes on your back and try to pretend to kiss someone as well. It's quite difficult actually.

Haruhi watched silently, I'm so scarred for life…was going through her head the whole time. She walked away, accidentally closing the door again in the process.



Two identical pairs of eyes watched with wide-eyed horror as the door auto locked again and the light auto closed again.

"Hikaru!" Kaoru whined. "Look what you did!"

Being too rich and having too much technology would be the death of them yet.

I ended up not liking how it came out... The story looked prettier in my mind. sigh