The veritaserum Quiz show

Hello, welcome to the veritaserum quiz show I'm your host mysterious-angel-from-the-sun but you can call me mysterious.

Now the game is played like this:

all of my constestants are under veritaserum and I will ask them all the same question which you all know they will have to answer truthfully.


Q1:Do you like thunderstorms??

Harry Potter:well they can be pretty cool since thunder could knock your enemy dead but then they are very annoying when it comes to quidditch matches.

Ron Weasley:I think they're bloody wicked and they also make it too hard to study or do homework.

Neville Longbottom:of course I don't, they're very scary and whenever theres one during potions I do even worse on my work which causes me to get a detention from Snape.

Lavender Brown:well my won won seems to think they're ''wicked'' so anything that pleases my won won pleases me.

Cho Chang:-sobs- Cedric used to like thunderstorms -sobs-

Here have a tissue Thanks mysterious

Vincent crabbe:I like food ecspecially cupcakes. -drools- ok thank you crabbe.

Colin creevey:I think thunderstorms are awesome ecspecially when theres quidditch matches it makes great photos and the photos are even better if harrys playing.

Fleur Delacour:I think ze are very beautiful and at my school zey are considered ze best thing in ze world.

Gregory Goyle:I like eating food with crabbe ecspecially cupcakes -drools- uhhh thanks goyle

Hermione Granger:I am NOT drinking that, Hermione theres nothing in it,its just a cup of tea. NO abosoluty NO! JUST DRINK IT!! -forces hermione to drink it- now answer my question!! well mysterious, thunderstorms are great but everyone thinks they're so horrible so I've created W.W.W.T which stands for wizarding world welfare of thunderstorms! Lovely

Viktor krum:thunder storms are terrible, they can ruin everything when it comes to quidditch. Wow what great english you have! Thank you hermione taught me.

Luna Lovegood:Thunderstorms are the best time ever because nargles hate them. -rolls eyes-

Draco Malfoy:are you asking me you stupid muggle?? how dare you talk to me! -backs away slowly-

Fred Weasley: Wicked!! its like fireworks, hope it storms on the opening day of our joke shop.

George Weasley:I completely agree with fred, they are wicked!!

Ginny Weasley:hmm they're okay. Nothing special.

Percy Weasley:stupid thunderstorms cause the students to act like lunatics.

Oliver wood:thunderstorms can be very unfortunate in quidditch circumstances and I hope they become extinct.

Albus Dumbledore:I think thunderstorms are exciting!! care for a lemon drop?? No thanks

Gilderoy Lockhart:hmm thats a very good idea for a new book ''Tapdancing with thunderstorms''. Thanks um your welcome??

Remus Lupin:Thunderstorms nearly always cause clouds over the full moon and make me very happy.

Minerva Mcgonagall:they are very disturbing, they cause the students to be off task. Argh what the heck? Ive got a storm to dance in.-laughs-

Severus Snape:I will never like them for potter has a lightning scar and they make neville do worse than a mole rat.

Dolores Umbridge:under educational degree 561, I hereby declare thunderstorms banned.

Grawp:Grawp likes storms :).

Sirius Black:Unfortunately hes dead

Dudley Dursley:Daddy, harry been doing magic and now im scared. Coughwimpcough

Rita Skeeter:now mysterious, thunderstorms are very dangerous but im sure you'll be able to read all about them in my article this week.

Voldemort:Thunderstorms are nothing, compared to my magic. MWAHAHAHAHAHA -runs away scared-

so we have come to the end of the first question. I would appreciate reviews and any question suggestions would be great.

AN: set before dumdledore dies but after sirius dies.