The veritaserum Quiz show

Welcome back to the veritaserum quiz show, Im your host mysterious-angel-from-the-sun. Here's question 6!!!

Q6:If you could date anyone in the world, who would it be?

Thank you to givenpeace13 for the question.

Harry Potter: If it was not for the war, I would date Ginny weasley. Ever since I first saw her, she fascinated me.

Ron Weasley: Everyone thinks im in love with my girlfriend Lavender but truth be told I love Hermione Granger. The way she raises her hand in class,the way she lets me copy her homework and mmmmm that HAIR! okkkk

Neville Longbottom: No one knows but Ever since the Yule ball, Ive loved Ginny Weasley vote number two for ginny, wow shes popular.

Lavender Brown:I may be always going on about my 'Won Won' but its only to cover up the true fact that me and Blaise Zabini are secret lovers. Omg, did I just say that? Fraid so

Cho Chang: I truly did love Cedric but then he went and got himself killed. Now I am forever doomed to be single you will find love again!

Vincent Crabbe: I love cupcakes does that count??? uhhh sure crabbe

Colin Creevey: If I find a girl she must love photography then we can take even more photos! But oh dear! If we are both photographers, who will take photos of us????

Fleur Delacour: I love bill of course. I cant change my fate,it is already sealed.

Gregory Goyle: Bella swan. She is such a neat chick ANNOUNCEMENT: We have a twihard in the room

Hermione Granger: Ron I love you too. -ron runs on stage and romanticly kisses Hermione- what a happy ending............ For now

Viktor krum: Hermione, my love. Please take me back, im sorry!!! Vote two for hermione, its a tie!!

Luna Lovegood: Well anyones better than a nargle.

Draco Malfoy: Pansy is a stupid whore. Hermione is ten times the lady Pansy will ever be!!!

Fred Weasley: You know George, I really dont know anymore. Ok girls heres the deal im creating a website, put an ad in for yourself and if youre lucky ill date you. Simple as that girls.

George Weasley:you know how you created that site Fred? Well its been 3 hours and no girls have signed up yet!!! Give it time George

OII!!! Where did Ginny go to?? -Ginny timidly walks up to mysterious- No playing Hooky on my watch got it? -Ginny nods-

Ginny Weasley: Harry is my one and only for ever and ever and ever. Afterall he did save me from the chamber of secrets. Now I just have to fight off moaning myrtle.

Percy Weasley: If I got this 'Mysterious girl' Id take her to the Department of mysteries.

Oliver wood: Girls? GIRLS? I dont have time. Im a professional quidditch player now!

Albus Dumbledore: I loved someone once but then she disappeared like all the others. She even understood my love of lemon drops.

Gilderoy Lockhart: You know what? I really have no clue about anything Really?? I didnt know that Now you do I KNEW, YOU DWEEB! -Cowers in corner-

Remus Lupin: She is amazing,she can change her hair colour in a second and Tonks you have officially stolen my heart!

Minerva Mcgonagall: I cant answer that. Im still getting over the shock that snape loves me!

Severus Snape: As I said in the last question, I love you minerva. Ill shout it hanging upside down from a tree like I used to if I have to.

Dolores Umbridge: Who needs love when you're the high insquisitor??? Hmmm true

Sirius Black: I think I finally understand love. Love is when you will do anything for that person. Like take Fiery-charlatan for example, she thinks im such a neat person that she illegally went back in time and saved me from dieing a terrible death. I owe you one Fiery!! Call me and I might just take you out sometime ;)

Dudley Dursley: I DONT WANT ANYONE! Hehehehe

Rita Skeeter: Well you know love only gets good ratings in my paper on valentines day.

Voldemort: Love will doom you all and then the world will be mine!!!

I feel like im on a roll!!! My motivation is back. Party in Ravenclaw common room at 8, Dont be late!!!