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Mayu had always loved the ocean.

She had loved it before she ran away, and she loved it even more after she had run away.

So many memories had happened at the beach, even if they weren't hers.

She'd met Wanta at the ocean.

Kouta had met Nyuu...

Mayu had lived at the ocean, with Wanta.

Mayu also had Nyuu to thank for several reasons.

Had it not of been for Nyuu, Mayu would not be living with Kouta, Nana, and Yuka.

Had it not of been for Nyuu, Mayu never would have even met Nana, whom she considered her best friend besides Wanta.

Had it not of been for Nyuu, Mayu never would have met Bandou.

Mayu was scared when she first mt Bandou, but she was not scared of him, she was scared for him.

When they had met the second time, it was the reverse. But then again, usually when someone is strangling you, you usually do feel fear.

But then Mayu started to visit the beach more and more often, and it was no longer just because the ocean was so pretty and because it had been where she met Wanta, Nyuu, and Kouta...But it was because Bandou was there.

She started to bring him lunch after she noticed he was getting skinnier, assuming he had no food. He didn't accept it at first, not wanting to accept any more help from her, but after a while, when he decided that survival was more important, he grudgely accepted.

She visited him often, and ocassionally teased him, which he replied to with somewhat angry curses. It was a nice semi-friendship.

And it grew into something more. For Mayu, at least. Bandou was...too guarded for her to really tell what his feelings for her were, or if he even considered her to be a friend.

But needless to say, she always came back, hoping that he would say or do something to give her a hint.

All this happened by the ocean. And now, as she walked from the Kaede Inn to the beach, a smile on her face, she hoped that these happy times would never end, and that they would only grow better. Mayu stepped on the sand from the stairs, and Bandou, who had been picking up trash, looked over eagerly.

Yes...Mayu had always loved the ocean. Now more than ever.

But now there was something competing with that love.

And Mayu loved it.