M.C.S: OK sorry we haven't put up the next chapter in so long things have been busy.

Jith: I don't see the point of putting these things up all it douse is get the readers hopes up when they get the e-mail saying new chapter and they find out that it's just us saying were working on the next chapter but we're really not cause we're typing this to let everyone know that we will hopefully get it up soon or we won't get it up for a long, long, long time and so all we do is sit here and type telling you that this is not the chapter you've been waiting for and it's just us saying that we haven't forgotten when how can we forget since we've gonnen threats, THREATS to type this thing!!

M.C.S/Jith: April Fools welcome to chapter 16

: we really had you going for a second didn't we?

Jith: Marry Christmas!


Jith: Ok this is how were going to do the story from now on! All the animals realize that Millard is the smarts and treat him like a king, and do all his choughs from him and feed him bites of banana cream pie while fanning him with palm leaves.

M Kevin: I ani't no animal!

Sushi guy: you ani't no human either!

PEEB note opposite

Vilgax: this R is from

The Unknown Alias

Anyway, first thing first. If not done already, I hereby dare the 'opposite dare' to be undone.
Secondly, I dare The Ninja and The Sushi Guy to go against each other in an epic battle! (What the battle shall be is up to Max.)
Thirdly, I dare Vilgax to juggle active stink bombs!
Fourthly, I dare Charmcaster to perform the sugarplum fairy dance number form Swan Lake.
Fifthly, I dare 10 Ben and 15 Ben to face each other in a rock off. The winner gets a pie of their choice!
And now finally, just for the fun of it...
(Alias summons an ice cream factory and makes it explode, raining ice cream of all flavors everywhere.)

Have fun my entertaining companions!
-The Unknown Alias.

POOF everyone is now normal

Vilgax: (he is now in a corner) they are all cows they are cows they are all cows!

Charmcaster: (looks at Ben 10) you drag me into chocolate, strawberry juice, honey, and marshmellow cream! You are soooo DEAD!!!

Jith: opposite or not that still sounds bad.

M.C.S: speaking of which I tried strawberries and honey and it tested yucky.

Jith: OK and back to the dare. And epic battles are always at the end of a story so will do it and the end of our story!

M.C.S: Jith that is the dumbest loophole I think you've done! We don't know when this stories going to end!

Jith: OOPS I mean the end of this chapter (note she really did say this)

10 Ben: hey who's reading the R?

M.C.S: Oh Vilgax was but now that everything's back to normal or as normal as it gets. He's in the corner say that we're all cows.

Jith: Look I still have the flower he gave me…but I think its dead and it's made of acid. Here Ben catch!

M.C.S: OK since were doing the epic battle later the next part of the R is Thirdly, I dare Vilgax to juggle active stink bombs!

Jith: OK Ben take off you socks

10 Ben: I can't. Gwen and Vilgax ate them!

M.C.S: oh yeah that was in 'chapter 5 Gummy?'!

Jith: Well I think we still have Vilgy Diaper?

Everyone: WHAT!!!

Jith: You know I poofed a diaper on him so that Charmcaster would do the dare in chapter 4 'Snapping Fingers'.

M.C.S: NO!!!

Jith: Fine. But so all of you know there was nothing in it.


Jith: Wait WE could-

M.C.S No! What we will do is give him just plain stink bombs!!!!

Vilgax: YES please just plain stink bombs!!!!!!!!!


Sushi Guy: Vilgax is now juggling active stink bombs! Oh wait he can't juggle oh no oh no they go's one!


M.C.S: EEEWWW it stinks in here!

Jith: is this your idea of some sick joke!?

Lucky Girl: Help can't breath! Ben socks smells better then this!

M Kevin:…( I think he fainted)

Max: smalls like jitterbugs.

10 Ben: EEEWWW and you eat them!

Jith: that's it we're moving!!!

QQQQQQQQQQQQQ (it doesn't make a sound with out U so try and figure that one out!!)

Sushi Guy: My eyes!

And here's is the list of charters that are here and if their names no here then their not here and we left them! Charmcaster, 10 Ben, 15 Ben, Lucky Girl, M Kevin, Max, Azmuth, Ghostfreak, Big Chill, Vilgax, Sushi Guy, M.C.S and Jith

Azmuth: well that's an interesting shade of red. You just look and go I'M AWAKE!

Big Chill: it is interesting isn't it? It's the brightest red I ever did see. Cool!

M.C.S: Jith what made you pick this color? I can't see a thing!

Jith: Hmm it was free OK!?

Ghostfreak: No it is not OK I hate the color red!

Jith: I'm keeping it!!

M.C.S: OH no your not! I'm not gonna go around squinting for the rest of this thing! (Snaps fingers)

Everyone: OWW! M.C.S!!! Why the heck did you make it rain paint can!!!???

Jith: and paint brushes.

M.C.S: Dang it was supposed to change the wall color! Well just paint the walls with it!!!

Jith: I got green!

Big Chill: I got blue!

Azmuth: silver!

Lucky Girl: light blue!

M Kevin: I got…red? I think it's a darker shade of red…no just red!

Charmcaster: purple.

Max: orange.

Sushi Guy: wall paper!

Vilgax: White!

10 Ben: we just got out of a white room why did you pick white?

Vilgax: I just pick white you COW!

10 Ben: OK well I pick black!

15 Ben: dude you just went opposite of Vilgax! So I pick light green.

Ghostfreak: PINK!? Why did I get stuck with PINK!!!!

Jith: So I can do this (pick Ghostfreak up and dips him in pink paint)

Ghostfreak: WHY YOU LITTLE-

Jith: look who's talking. (if you remember Jith shrunk him so he'd fit in a bottle again. Oh Big Chill is shrunk too but he likes it he thinks it cool so I guess his name should be little Chill)

M.C.S: OK back to the R Fourthly, I dare Charmcaster to perform the sugarplum fairy dance number form Swan Lake

Jith: while painting!

Sushi Guy: Charmcaster is now doing the dance while she's painting and she's getting paint everywhere.

15 Ben: Hey Charmcaster you got paint allover me!

Charmcaster: oh shut it Ben!!!!!!!!!!!

M.C.S: well while Charmcaster douse that will finish the dares. The next part is Fifthly, I dare 10 Ben and 15 Ben to face each other in a rock off. The winner gets a pie of their choice

Jith: fine there's a rock knock each other off the last one standing gets a pie!

15 Ben: what!?!

10 Ben: what the heck is a rock off!?

Jith: I told you. You have to KNOCK each other OFF the last one standing gets a pie of there choice!

10 Ben: OK (pushes 15 Ben off the rock. And 15 Ben falls face first into a pie) YEAH I WIN!

15 Ben: no you didn't you cheated! We didn't say "Ready set GO"!

10 Ben: No one said we had to!

Jith: well while they argue lets finish the R And now finally, just for the fun of it...
(Alias summons an ice cream factory and makes it explode, raining ice cream of all flavors everywhere.)

Have fun my entertaining companions!
-The Unknown Alias.

KABOOLY (Ice cream is everywhere)

M.C.S: OH nuts!

Jith: what?

M.C.S: Now we have to paint again! And the ice cream is now poisoned!!

Jith: why is the Ice cream poisoned?

M.C.S: hello wet paint in ice cream poison!

Jith: bleck that explains the nasty flavor!

Lucky Girl: THAT'S PAINT!!

Azmuth: You were eating a bucket of paint!?

Jith: I thought it was cherry.

M Kevin: that was my paint can…now it has your spit in it…I ain't painting anymore!

Vilgax: you should be dead! And we should be having party right now!

Jith: you can't die in this fic! So come on everyone eat up you can't die you'll just have a very strong sense of food poisoning!

Everyone: SHE CRAZY!

Jith: wait I'm getting a feeling that we forgot something! Omigosh we forgot the thing uh mu what's it at the other house!

Charmcaster: it wasn't a house it was a room!

Jith: Oh no food poisoning taking over must jump on cartoon charters!!!

Somebody else: hey did you guys leave this (hold up thing uh mu what's it)

M.C.S: YEAH you found it!

Somebody: and it's heavy where- what happed in here?

M.C.S: we where painting can't you tell?

Jith: (Jumps on Ben.) jump, jump, jump (now she sees M Kevin) next target located!

M.C.S: Oh and then Jith had food poisoning!

Somebody else: man we missed everything!


M.C.S: OOO goody a review from Plumalchemyst

oh man I laughed so hard low fat yogurt came out my nose XD

All Gwens: I dare you to tackle the kevins that includes grown Gwen and Kevin 11,0

Ben age 10: why don't you wash your socks ew


Azmuth: Here is a bell that when rang will get you any food you want have fun

and thats it bye

Jith: you ate low fat yogurt! Ew and I thought paint was bad! RAMEN, RAMEN, RAMEN I LIKE RAMEN THE NOODLES ARE LONG AND…RAMEN, RAMEN, RAMEN

Azmuth: OK no more paint for you!

Somebody: are you kidding that was great ramen, ramen she likes ramen- um what was the rest of it?

M.C.S: back to the review All Gwens: I dare you to tackle the kevins that includes grown Gwen and Kevin 11,0

POOF all the Kevins and Gwens are here

16 Kevin: whoa what happed to the walls!?

11 Kevin: and why is Jith jumping on me!?

10 Gwen: and why is the room round!?

M.C.S: oh while you were gone Jith ate paint and got food poisoning and has been jumping on all the Ben 10 Charters and The Unknown Aliasdared us to have Vilgax juggle active stink bombs but Vilgax couldn't juggle so he dropped them and we moved to this room but Jith had painted it this bright red that I couldn't stand so I had everyone paint it different colors and then The Unknown Alias wanted an ice cream factory blowup and it rained ice cream but we couldn't eat the ice cream cause there was paint in it and that's what happed while you where gone!

16 Kevin: And I thought the season finally of Ben 10 Alien Force was weird.

M.C.S: but besides that all the Gwens have to tackle all the Kevins!

GK: (he's back to his normal long haired girly looking self) the only bright side I see to this is that those idiots will get tackled as well. (points at 16, 11 and M Kevin)

All Gwens: (glare at GK) GET HIM!

11 Kevin: Ouch that looked like it hurt. Remind me never to get Gwen angry.

16 Kevin: Lets just hope they forget their supposed to tackle us as well.

M Kevin: Mai-Ya-Hi Mai-Ya-Hoo Mai-Ya-Ha Mai-Ya-Ha-Ha? I can't stop!

Lucky Girl: wow M.C.S this is fun. (points wand at M Kevin)

M Kevin: Mai-Ya-Hi Mai-Ya-Hoo Mai-Ya-Ha Mai-Ya-Ha-Ha.

16 Kevin: what the heck is going on?

M.C.S: well Plumalchemystsaid the Gwens had to tackle you, but she didn't say they had to tackle you physically, so we're tackling your minds. Whahahahaha!

10 Gwen: OOO gimme. (takes wand from Lucky Girl and points it at 11 Kevin)

11 Kevin: Mai-Ya-Hi (Ma Mi A)Mai-Ya-Hoo (Ma Mi A)Mai-Ya-Ha (Ma Mi A) Mai-Ya-Ha-Ha Mai-Ya-Hi (Ma Mi A)Mai-Ya-Hoo (Ma Mi A)Mai-Ya-Ha (Ma Mi A) Mai-Ya-Ha-Ha what the heck am I singing?

15 Gwen: I've gotta try this (takes wand and points it at 16 Kevin)

16 Kevin: Hello, Salute, It's me, Your Duke And I made something that's real to show you how I feel Hello, Heelloo, It's me, Picasso I will paint, My words of love, with your name on every wall. I'm a Duke?

11 Kevin: When you leave my colors turn to gray

M Kevin: Numa Numa Yay Numa Numa Numa Yay Every word of love I use to say. Now I paint them everyday. Um I can't paint.

16 Kevin: When you leave my colors turn to gray Oh little lover stay, or all my colors fade away every word of love I use to say.

M Kevin: Now I paint them everyday.

11 Kevin: I sold, my strings, my song and dreams

M Kevin: And I bought some paints to match the colors of my love.

16 Kevin: Hello, Helloo, It's me again, Picasso. I will spray, my words of love with your name on every wall.

11 Kevin: When you leave my colors turn to gray

M Kevin: Numa Numa Yay Numa Numa Numa Yay Every word of love I use to say.
Now I paint them everyday.

16 Kevin: When you leave my colors turn to gray Oh little lover stay, or all my colors fade away Every word of love I use to say.

M Kevin: Now I paint them everyday.

M.C.S and Jith: Mai-Ya-Hi Mai-Ya-Hoo Mai-Ya-Ha Mai-Ya-Ha-Ha Mai-Ya-Hi Mai-Ya-Hoo Mai-Ya-Ha Mai-Ya-Ha-Ha

Azmuth, Vilgax, Sushi Guy, all Gwens all Kevins, Max, Charmcaster, 15 Ben, 10 Ben: Mai-Ya-Hi (Ma Mi A) Mai-Ya-Hoo (Ma Mi A) Mai-Ya-Ha (Ma Mi A) Mai-Ya-Ha-Ha Mai-Ya-Hi (Ma Mi A) Mai-Ya-Hoo (Ma Mi A) Mai-Ya-Ha (Ma Mi A)Mai-Ya-Ha-Ha


Da end

16 Kevin: what were we just singing?

M Kevin: I don't know, but all the color in the rooms has gone gray.

Jith: EWWW icy, not pretty, needs more color.

M.C.S: Jith if you chance this in to some too bright, happy go lucky color I'll pulverize you!

Jith: (walks over to 10 Ben) hey Ben push this button.

10 Ben: no way if I touch that who knows what might happen, I might explode and be painfully put back together, like that tree hugger who M.C.S kept blowing up.

Jith: fine. Hey 15 Ben push this button!

15 Ben: um OK (pushes button and know the whole room is how did M.C.S put it bright happy go lucky colorS)

M.C.S: JITH!!!

Jith: 15 BEN did it! I'm innocent. (look up the word 'innocent' and see if it even describes her) But I the rest of the R says

Ben age 10: why don't you wash your socks ew


Azmuth: Here is a bell that when rang will get you any food you want have fun

and thats it bye

Jith and M.C.S: Who is this JOO!?!

10Ben: Why should I, they'll just get dirty again?

Azmuth: Why is the bell bigger then Vilgax?

Jith: Oh I should jump on him too!


M.C.S: And this R is from


LOL that was great! I don't know whether you guys are still opposite and what

not but if you are I dare you to go back to... normal?? Well not opposite

anyway. And now that that is done I want you guys to do the debate about Pluto

being a planet or not and seeing what the characters of Ben 10 think.



Jith and M.C.S: YES!!!!

POOF there's now a courtroom setup, and all the Ben 10/alien force characters are in the set thingies, and Jith and M.C.S have those fake white wig thingies but Jith's is made out of lollypops.

M.C.S: All right court is now in se…ses…court is now starting. All may rise.

Jith: I object! Pluto is not I planet and there anit nothing you can do about it!

M.C.S: all right then your under arrest.

15 Gwen: I thought this was a debate not a trial.

M.C.S/Jith: you should come to our house it's always trial never a debate those are so passé.

10 Gwen: but the dare said to do a debate.

M.C.S: fine…for my first witness I call Sushi Guy whatever the heck your last name is to the stands.

Sushi Guy: sushi? I don't want to lose my job. I'm not even a Ben 10 character.

Jith: AH so you emit Pluto not a planet!

Sushi Guy: I didn't say that, I'm just saying that what very I pick I'm going to get fired or tormented. Unless all the fans put together a vote to SAVE ME!!! But that's just a suggestion. And plus I'm not a Ben 10 character so if you make me talk that's tacking away my rights.

M.C.S: fine, fine Jith call you first witness to the stands.

Jith: I Call Charmcaster to the stands.

M.C.S: All right Charmcaster, is Pluto a planet or not?

Charmcaster: do I have to answer this?


Jith: No it's off with his feet!

Charmcaster: um I'm a girl.

M.C.S/ Jith: Shush grow-ups are talking!

Charmcaster: fine whatever it's not a planet.

M.C.S: GASP you…you I'M CALLING….who's here?

Azmuth: wouldn't you like to know.

M.C.S: I call Azmuth!!!

Jith: no far you can't have Azmuth!!!

M.C.S: I can so! So Azmuth is Pluto a planet or not?

Jith: say not say not!!!

Azmuth: Fine it's not 'not' there you happy?

Jith: NO!

M.C.S: YES (for those who don't know what he said he said Pluto a planet)

Jith: I call…the pizza delivery guy, I'm hungry.

M.C.S: Then I call wait a minute Azmuth, Charmcaster, Sushi Guy, pizza dude-

10 Ben: who's Pizza dude?

Jith: ED Extra Dude or in this case PD.

PD/ED/Eve: YO. *Pulls off costume.* For this chapter I'm ED!

Everyone else: *Gasp*

Eve: Cause I felt like interrupting to court case debate thingy, this is where I enter.

Sushi guy: GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!

Eve: I would, but then they'd be mad at me…

Jith: Torture them already!

Eve: Alright *Grumbles about inpatient authors* Alright, because I hate finals and I've had too much sugar, I'll paint all the boys pink and all the girls blue and make them do… *Drum roll* FINALS!!!! Mwahaha!! *snaps fingers*

Eve's fingers: *do nothing*

Eve: Hey! Why won't it work?

M.C.S: Cause you're not a authoress! *sticks tongue out and snaps fingers*

Eve's mom: EVE!!!

Eve: Gotta go!

Everybody else: We're done!!!

Jith: Now back to da debate! *has another lollipop*M.C.S: 10 Ben now it's your turn is Pluto a planet or what?

10 Ben: um IS!

Jith: Fine 15 Ben what do you think?

15 Ben: Not!

Jith: HA I got 15 Ben!!

M.C.S: so 10 Ben is smarter and that's saying something!

Jith: Well fine I call smart Gwen!

Gwens: Who do you want?

Jith: 15!

15 Gwen: it's not a planet.

M.C.S: Fine I call 10 Gwen!

10 Gwen: Well I have to disagree with myself on this I say Pluto a planet!

Jith: HEY that's not far!

M.C.S: what's not far?

Jith: you get Lucky Girl and 10 Gwen!

Everyone: huh?

Jith: there the same person and my pizza is cold!!

M.C.S: Alright Maxy get up here!

Max: it is a planet but it's a dumb planet!

Jith: Gasp he said it was a planet!

M.C.S: Gasp he called it dumb!!

Jith/M.C.S: Be gone with him (Kicks Max out of story)


11 Kevin: what was that?

M.C.S: oh yeah it's the 4ever timer hey Charmcaster you can leave!

Charmcaster: YES (poof she gone)

M.C.S: Ok I got Max, Azmuth, 10 Gwen, Lucky girl,10 Ben and you've gotCharmcaster, 15 Gwen, 15 Ben. YEAH I'm WINNING!!!

Jith: I'm calling Big Chill!


Jith: no I get him you got Azmuth.

16 Kevin: why do you both want Big Chill

Jith/M.C.S: HE COOL!

Big Chill: hate to break it to you but my race had a fight and well Pluto.

Jith: HA you may have the smartest being but I've got the one who made it!

M.C.S: FINE! I call Vilgax to the stand.


M.C.S: alright Vilgax if that is your real name do you promise to tell the whole true and nothing but the true so help you God?

Vilgax: Why should I?

M.C.S: you want me to get Jith to give you a reason!

Vilgax: oh no the last time she did that I wound up with a diaper rash! Um Pluto is not a planet!

Jith: I call 11 Kevin to the stands. So Kevin…try this I don't think this pizza is warm enough!

11 Kevin: what!? I'm not eating that who knows what you did to it!

Jith: hmph fine is Pluto a planet of not?

11 Kevin: it's a planet.

Jith: what How can you say that bit your tongue!

11 Kevin: hey you asked me I just told you my answer!

M.C.S: HA in your face Jith! Now I call 16 Kevin to the stand!

16 Kevin: it's not a planet.

Jith: HA I got the older Kevin in your face M.C.S! Now I call M Kevin to the stand!

M Kevin: Dude I've been to Pluto it's a planet!

M.C.S: YEAH! Wait whose left?

Jith: Ghostfreack and GK. I call GK to the stand!

GK: I can't believe I agree with Jith on one thing. Pluto is not a planet.

M.C.S: WHAT?! Oh man I get stuck with Ghostfreak.

Ghostfreak: well I think-

Jith: he's not here!

POOF Ghostfreak is now gone!

M.C.S/Jith: yeah it's a tie!!!! Wait…NO IT'S A TIE!!!!

M.C.S: YEAH that's done it took….1…2…3… wow it took 4 pages!!


M.C.S: yeah another R!



M.C.S: what a minute. Super…robot…MonkeyTeamHyperForceGo Phew

Blaze: She just had sugar.
Me: Anyway, this is now a fave, and I have a couple of dares. First, I'd like for Blaze to eat a bucket of sugar, get shipped to the Ask Ben 10, then lock her in a soundproof class box with Vilgax, Ghostfreak, and Charmcaster for at least half of the chapter.
Blaze: I don't like sugar.
Star: This is completely childish.
Blaze: I agree.
Me: *stuffs a gummy worm in her mouth*
Blaze: This actually tastes good. Who wants to hear a story? Once upon a time... *keeps on talking
Me: Anyway...
Blaze: And his name was cabbage. He went to the farm and...
Me: *tapes her a cardboard box with a bucket of sugar. Chewing noises can be heard*
Star: Why did you do that? Oh well, as long as she's gone.
Me: I also dare a crossover between this and SRMTHFG! and two shows of your guys choice. If you don't know what Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! is, look it up or PM me.
Star: She just is glad that she can see her boyfriend *snicker snicker*
Blaze: HE IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND! *gets shipped to you guys*
Star: I dare all of the Kevins to give Vilgax a hug after the glass box. And you guys can keep Blaze. She doesn't like boys that much, but most of the time she just hates Sparx. So Kevin might remind her of him.
Me: That's the most you've ever talked. Oh well, you picked a wimpy one. Blaze is smarter than you think, and she looks like my avatar. And if you do all of my dares without loopholes, you get this 16-foot long chocolate-filled gummy worm, and this bucket of strawberries. And if you don't, jith and MCS have to be locked with Blaze. Oh, and keep Blaze for the whole she eats sugar, she gets hyper and wants more sugar. Don't give her any, and she'll return to normal pretty soon. Oh, and when she gets hyper she doesn't remember a thing so she'll most likely want to attack. Just tell her that I sent her.

Jith: OK M.C.S said she PM you about this (If she didn't SORRY!) But if you look at chapter 14 we say that we will not do any more fan charters and I like see only two episodes of SRMTHFG and I don't care for them and M.C.S hasn't seen any and she douse all the typing saying I type to slow so we really happy that you reviewed and left a dare but we have to send this R back to sender please don't be mad and please review again…How's that M.C.S did I say it right? See I didn't say anything rude to her and I didn't say that I don't care if she didn't like it I'm not changing my mind!

M.C.S: great until the last PART!!

Jith: see I doing better!


Big Chill: Oooo let me read it?

M.C.S: fine.

Big Chill: this R is from Second daughter of Eve

Hey! Thanks for putting my review in!
Helping you guys would be anice change of pace from Geomentry and Spansih two...
Being a freshman
star scanner.


Jith and M.C.S: wow a review and a short one at that!


Everyone: OMIGOSH the Thing uh mu what's it TALKED.

M.C.S: Ooo do you know what that means! We just got our 100 review! YEAH!!!

(Balloons, disco ball, confetti and party music!)

Jith: who's it from who's it from

M.C.S: it's from 1000GreenSun

Jith: NOOOO our 100 review was a tree hugging hippie. (Puts on all black and starts to mourn)

M.C.S: oh brother Jith she's our 100 review be polite. (Did anyone else notice that she's 1000GreenSun and she's our 100 review? creepy!) Anyways her review is

Way funny. These always crack me up, lol.

I dare M Kevin, 16 Kevin, 15 Ben, Ben 10K, and Vilgax to male model. I dare Charmcaster to dye her hair green. I think MCS and Jith should have to cook dinner for everyone.

Keep up the funni-ness :D

Jith: Oh that will be easy I cook dinner all the time at our house. Ok I'll make spaghetti.

And you guys can model. Here's some manly clay now you guys model.

M Kevin: uh OK?


16 Kevin: well you have to use it so that makes you a sissy too!!

POOF Charmcaster back

Jith: yes.

Charmcaster: UG now what!?

11 Kevin: you have to dye your hair green!


Jith: it's ether dye or mold!

10 Gwen: man for your favorite, character you sure treat her meanly.

Charmcaster: good-bye nice silver hair (now her hairs a dark green color)

Jith and M.C.S cook spaghetti for everyone and none of the Kevins can mold clay and Vilgax just keeps squashing it saying die.


11 Gwen: um why it the thing uh mu what's it talking again?

Jith: well we wanted something different so I picked U.F.O.

M.C.S: Unidentified Foiled Object.

Jith: it's an R on tinfoil! And it's from Caraqueen
*Teradrop* Sorry for not reviewing for so long! I was totally busy and couldn't find time to read this. But, here I am!! Haha. My name, Caraqueen, is pronounced care-uh-queen, by the way. This was a great chapter, and keep on truckin'! Later!

Jith: YEAH MY favorite reviewer my favorite reviewer my favorite reviewer!!!!!!!

M.C.S: Oh it's OK we've been busy…scratch that I've been busy Jith's been lazy!


M.C.S: yeah we're truckin'! Whatever that means!

Big Chill or little chill whatever: OOO can I read the R?

Jith: wouldn't you fog up the tinfoil?

Big Chill: noo.

Jith: oh OK!

Bi Chill: this R is from Caraqueen
Oh yeah, I almost forgot a dare. Well, I DID forget. Until now. *sweatdrop* Anyway, here's my dare:

I dare Vilgax to sing "Cuppycake" or, if you don't know that song, make him sing the theme song to "The Buzz on Maggie."
Oh yeah, and he has to breakdance while singing that. Or, if he's singing "Cuppycake", he has to wear a tutu.

I'm so evil!! Muhahahahahah *cough cough*

Jith: you have a cold too. And I want Vilgax to sing "Cuppycake"

Vilgax: I don't know that song but I anit singing no song called cuppycaky you COW!

Jith: Vilgy, Vilgy, Vilgy you should know by now that we're not a farm and my word is law.

M.C.S: HEY and what about me?

Jith: oh your just here to look pretty!


Jith: mm good point oh well. Hmm let's see I can't threaten you to wear a tutu cause you have to soooo what can we…I do to make Vilgy do it Hmmm

M.C.S: HEY that's not far I want to torment him too!

Jith: fine. Let's pock him.

M.C.S: with chop-snicks!

Jith: can he be a balloon while we pock him?

10 Gwen: OK they have lost it.

10 Ben: Gee Gwen you just figure that out. And everyone calls me a dweeb!

10 Gwen: that's because you are!

10 Ben: UH HUH

10 Gwen: Yeah HUH!

11 Kevin: yeah Ben you are a dweeb!

10 Ben: hey who invited you?

Lucky Girl: I did!

10 Ben: you're not even in the conversion!

Lucky Girl: SO!? If 10 Gwen it calling you a dweeb I want in on it!

10 Ben: Hey when did this become gang up on Ben!?


All characters gang up on 15 and 10 Ben.

M.C.S: HEY I want to take a vote will all the Ben 10 Characters and reviewers please answer?! Which Ben do you like better 15, 10,000 or 10 BEN!!??

10 Ben: I LIKE ME BETTER! OW stop punching me!!!!!

Jith: 10.

M.C.S: Hmm let me rephrase this… who thinks 15 Bens an airhead!?

All characters not 15 Ben's hands go up!

Jith: Ok back to the R Vilgy you can ether sing or be a balloon for the rest of your life!!! (holds up sharp metal chop-sticks)

Vilgax: Fine

You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum

Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie

You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop

Snoogums-Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye

And I love you so and I want you to know

That I'll always be right here

And I love to sing sweet songs to you

Because you are so dear

YUCK!! I feel sick to my stomach. Can I tack the tutu off now?

Jith: NO!


M.C.S: OK just out of curiosity before we finish I want to know when was the last time we up dated (go's to go's to well anyone who has a story know what she's doing) la da da-Holy space stares batman!!!

Jith: ohmigosh M.C.S what is it. (said in very bad acting voice)

M.C.S: the last time we updated was in March 11 and its June 14, 2009 we haven't updated in over three moths!!

Jith: OMIGOSH oh and just so everyone knows my birthday was in the last three moths and now I can illegally kill you!

M.C.S: and since this chapter is already 1…2…3 wow 29 pages we are going to do the last three R twice fast with twice the tortured!! This R is from fire princess ruby red
hey this is my frist review

dares: I dare everyone to be normal again

, i dare jith to jump in to 1 million gallons of hot drinking chocolate (she can drink it)

i dare M.C.S to swim (and eat) in a huge bowl of stwaberrys!!

... i dare gwen 15 to sing T-Shirt (by Shontelle

Jith: what on earth or Outer space is "hot drinking chocolate"

M.C.S: OO sounds painful lets give it to 15 BEN!

15 Ben: Un oh!

Jith: Nuts no can do it says "jith" (scoff) with a small J I'm insulted!

M.C.S: and if you haven't notices we've been normal for like 29 pages!!

10 Gwen: I'm surprised no one liked us as opposite's since this whole thing is weird you'd think they'd like us even weirder.

11 Kevin: I'm just glade we weren't here for it!

1 million gallons of hot drinking chocolate or 1MGOHDC for short: Must drink Jith!!!!!!

Jith: Mamma Mia that's a big cocoa! Now excuse me while I go and run for my life AHHHHHHHH!!

Azmuth: Ah it's not funny when you're the little guy now is it!....wait if to 1mgohdc Jith is the same size as I am to her then OMIGOSH I got to get out of here (heads for the hills)

15 Gwen: um he wouldn't be that big if you were looking at him from the right side of the binoculars! He's really 12 feet and Jith is 5'7 so he's not that much bigger but I guess to Azmuth who is about 6 or 7 inches this guys huge!

Sushi Guy: hey why are you narrating that's my job!

15 Gwen: yeah we all know that. I was just buying up time! So we don't have to do any dares!

Jith: does anyone have some ice? I like my coco cold! And he's to hot to drink! So you know he looks fat!

M.C.S: well while Jith is running for her life I'll be swimming in this big bowl of strawberries WOOHOO! Oh and so you know Gwen can't sing the song T-shirt so please try again.





16 Kevin: um M.C.S aren't you going to read it?

M.C.S: la la la la la la la la lalz .

10 Ben/10 Gwen: I'll read it!

10 Gwen: no I'll read it!

10 Ben: no I'm gonna read it!

M Kevin: I'll read it! (Takes R and holds it out of reach and reads it) this R is fromAkira Sakurai
I haven't reviewed in a long time! I feel so ashamed!
My brother wants to dare 16 Kevin to lick Vilgax!

Everyone freezes and turns gray.

Jith: YES 1MGOHDC is on ice! Prepare to be devoured!!!! (Looks and sees everyone frozen) Uh oh we have an R (reads R and spits out cocoa) great gaspbe Spiderman! Her/he brother can't really want 16 Kevin to lick Vilgax!!! Ok um wait he's laughing it's a joke everyone!!!

Vilgax: by what great cosmic being in the universe is this funny!?

Jith: See at the end he or she is laughing it's a joke like if I said I was going to date Vilgax and then laughed I AM MOST DEFIANTLY JOKING!!!!

Vilgax: thank goodness!

16 Kevin: I'd never thought I'd say this but thank you Jith!!!



Lucky Girl: um what's wrong with M.C.S?

Jith: she's still in shock about me saying I was dating Vilgax.

Gostfreak: Let me out let me out let me out!

Jith: Oh shut it! This R is from xSecret-Magicx
YOU! NEXT CHAPTER! NOW! I wait too long...or I'll chase you with a chainsaw...*Chases Jith and M.C.S with chainsaw, but doesn't hurt them* See? I will hunt you down...just joking...maybe...

M.C.S: (now out of shock) well good thing- Oh no crazy person with chainsaw! (Crazy person with chainsaw and ski mask) AHHHHH!!

Jith: QQQQQQQQQQQQ I just like that sound….or lack of sound which is it hmmm

M.C.S: Please review and get this chainsaw freak away from us!