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Just Like Me

A story by Firesblood

Hoped I'd never find myself in this situation again. Knew it would happen sooner or later if I wasn't careful. That's what happens when you stick your neck out for someone and start feelin' shit. Could blame it on her, but I knew who made the decision in the end.

Dropped little Jack and the holy man off on New Mecca. Told her to be good, keep her eyes open and her senses sharp. Told her to watch her back 'cause you never knew who could be behind you. Then, I took off. I could still hear her screamin' at the ship, see her running as I left, beggin' me not to leave her behind. Almost got to me. Not quite, though. I knew if I stayed they wouldn't be safe. She wouldn't be safe. There would always be mercs. There'd always be someone wantin' to get a piece of me, and she would be the easiest way to do it. It was best if she just forgot. Knew she wouldn't, though. Kids like her never forget. I should know; I never forgot. We never forgive either.

I guess that's why I wasn't surprised when Imam told me she never forgave me for leavin'. Too much like me. Then she came lookin' for me. Probably signed on with mercs. They would have been the easiest to attract if she stuck her thumb out. Fuckin' mercs. Worse then murderers and convicts. They can get away with just about anything they want if they blame it on the payday. Can't count how many crimes got tacked onto my list that didn't really happen. Rapes and murders. Never raped in my life. I eat bastards like that slowly for breakfast while their hearts are still beatin'.

Then Imam tells me she's in Crematoria. Fuckin' no daylight triple max slam, the kind of slam where real killers like me go. Place where a woman could get eaten alive in two hours or less, unless she knew how to take care of herself. Even then, one woman against a group of desperate men's hardly a fair fight, and everyone gets tired sooner or later.

Everything after that happened fast. One minute we're talkin' 'bout Necros, the next they're fuckin' landin'. Imam broken in the plaza below, the smell of his blood attacking from every direction. Killing that fucker with the knife in his back, then gettin' my mind ripped apart by starvin' bitches covered in drape cloth, runnin' my ass out of there...I knew I couldn't win this time around and I still had shit to take care of.

Toombs and his dumb ass along with four more skittish fuckers findin' me on the road. One's a woman this time. Tight muscles, tanned, sexy as hell when sweat-slick. Grinds her teeth in her sleep. Wonder what she's dreamin'. Probably nothin' fit for innocent eyes.

We dock and they strap me to a sled. The big fucker sits with me. Cocky fucker has the nerve to tell me that my goggles are his after this. Only reason he's even talkin' to me is 'cause my arms are locked in above my head. I start countin' lights, timen 'em. A lift of my hips and he's long gone, tumblin' along the tracks behind us. Seems like I did Toombs a favor.

We get to the station and they start lowering me down. I got a good look at the area before they strapped me and let me down. This will be too easy. Fumes from the sulphur steam burn my nose. Nasty as fuck down here. At least the air was breathable in the other Slams I've landed my ass in. The prisoners start bangin' shit on the rails, announcing the arrival of new meat. Same everywhere you go. It's supposed to be some sort of intimidation thing, a way for everyone to get a good look at what's droppin' in. I've seen hard core killers piss themselves at that sound and the eyes trained on 'em. The rope stops with a jerk and I can hear Toombs arguing about my payday.

"I'd take the money, Toombs!" I shout to him. If the bastard knows whats good for him, he'll just take it and get out. He's leavin' a wide open invitation for me. Once I find Jack, if she's still alive, we'll be headin' straight for that ship. Course, I know Toombs ain't gonna listen. I'm countin' on it. Me telling him to take it just makes it solid. Mercs don't listen to paydays. If anything, they like to do exactly the opposite.

They start lowerin' me again. 'Bout fuckin' time. Grounds getting closer and the clangin' sounds gettin' on my nerves. Moment my feet touch the ground, it'll stop and the real fun'll begin.

The rope jerks to a stop again and I look up. Arguin' again. This is gettin' fuckin' annoying. Guess I'm gonna have to take matters into my own hands. After a few moves with the rope, I manage to free myself and land on my feet. Almost immediately I got people on my ass. One down, and then another one. I can hear a third one comin' at my back. The rattle of a chain as I turn to take care of him and the sound of a neck breakin' rings in my ears. Music, pure and sweet. I watch the links of the chain retreat, follow 'em up to a woman. Long hair, more curls than waves, or at least it would be if it wasn't so dirty. Beautiful. Her eyes have the look of a predator. I feel the animal in me rear up, yelling at me to take her someplace a little more private. I silence it…for now.

Her smell reaches me and I inhale. Sweat, sulpher, blood. Underlying scent of spice that was all Jack. Never could forget that scent.

She stands from her crouch and backs away. I watch her disappear into a dark niche where I can't see her and the beast protests.

"There are inmates, and there are convicts…" some big fucker, the leader I'm guessin', starts in with the standard speech. Heard that before too. All the fuckin' same. He asks me which one I am, and I reply with the truth.

"Me? I'm just passin' through." I walk away, still starin' at the spot where Jack disappeared.

I follow her scent up the walk and down the way, to a small cell. Jack's singular smell permeates the area. A small stone shelf with a blanket barely big enough to cover one of my arms, a pile of dirty clothes, stiff with sweat and dirt off to the side, and one or two pairs of pants and a shirt hangin off the bars. Smell like sulphur and minerals, still damp from the washin', looks like. A small pile of rags are hidden' behind the sleeping shelf that smell like the sulphur mineral water, with a strong undertone of blood. A few stains of blood on the floor, and even a few other spots that look suspiciously like some fucks ejaculation. The very thought of it on Jack's cell floor angers me, and I grit my teeth. It takes control not to think of why it's there and what might have happened.

I hear a sound behind me and feel two points press into my back, the feel of warm breath on my neck. Spices. Sweat. Blood. Jack.

"Should I go for the sweet spot? Fourth lumbar down left of the spine, the abdominal aeorta? What a gusher…" I hear her say. Voice is low and sweet, husky like a woman in the middle of a seduction act. Beautiful. I feel her shift behind me and I look to my other side where I feel her breath return on me.

"Where do I get eyes like those?" she asks with mock curiousity, like she's tryin' to confirm to me that she is who I think she is. Already know Jack. Nobody smells like you. But, I decide to humor her.

"You gotta kill a few people." I reply, not hidin' the amusement I feel. I hear the short breath of her laugh.

"Did that." She says bitterly. "Did a lot of that!" I don't like the tone in her voice. Sounds dangerous. I feel the points dig harder into my back and I reach back, grabbing her. I swing her around and pin her up against the wall with her wrists in my hand.

"Then you gotta get sent to a slam—"

"Where they tell you'll never see daylight again? But there was no doctor here to shine my eyes, not even for twenty menthol Kools! Was anything that you said true?" she asked bitterly, glaring. My other arm goes between her legs and lifts her up a bit further, so I can look into her eyes better.

"Whatcha gonna do?" she asked, avoiding my eyes. "Go for the sweet spot?" she lowers her voice, but I can hear the pain, and I know what she means by 'sweet spot'. I feel the anger in me grow.

"Remember who you're talkin' too…Jack…" I say her name after a pause, lookin' for a reaction on her face. She looks away from me, struggling against my hold.

"Jack's dead." She says, her voice strained and slightly muffled. I feel the crotch of her pants dampen a little and smell arousal. The scent is intoxicating, and I can't help but look down. My hand is so close. All I would have to do is let go of the bar and move my hand back towards me a little bit. Animal is screamin' again. Tellin' me to just rip the rags off her back already and take her there. The pheromones she's lettin' off enough of is enough of a confirmation for it. I silence it again. This was Jack we were talkin' about. Little Jack all grown up. Wouldn't be right no matter how much we may want it. No matter how much he wants it.

"She was weak…She couldn't cut it." She continues, her voice coming through clenched teeth. She kicks out and busts the light a few feet away, and I feel a sharp pain on my cheek. I'm not easily startled, but I'd be lyin' if I said I wasn't. Enough that I let go of her.

I look around for her. She's disappeared. I turn around and find her, both hands gripping the rail and her back arched backwards and tense like a cat sweeping in for the kill.

"The name's Kyra now. And I'm a new animal." She informs me. Then, in a graceful move, she leaps off the walk.

She was right. Jack was dead. Jack was a cute little girl tryin' to be a boy, who idolized me and believed I could do anything. Jack had a shaved head and wore goggles, just like me. Jack cried when I told her she couldn't come along and threw rocks at the ship. Jack was scared of the galaxy and what might happen to her if she was outside in it. Jack had nightmares and needed someone to hold her afterward and tell her everything was gonna be okay. Little Jack had been exactly like I was when I was a kid, and what took her place was exactly like what took little Rick's place. An animal that didn't know when to quit. A monster that never forgave, never forgot, and never showed weakness or mercy.

I always knew she was different from other kids I had met. I just didn't realize how different. What bothers me the most is that I was the fuckin' catalyst to all this. Sure, little Jack had it in her, but the animal called Kyra surfaced after the emotional trauma of whatever happened after I left. I thought I was savin' Jack, when all I did was help Kyra ghost her from behind.

Seems like I can't do anything right. All turns to shit in the end, like when I tried to help those kids and got my ass caught by Johns.

I reach up and touch the cut on my cheek that she gave me with the small blade in her mouth. The sight of my blood makes me react in ways I didn't know were possible. No woman had ever made me bleed before. For once, I was in silent agreement with the beast in me. Any woman that could get one up on me deserved the time of day, and special consideration. Consideration, and time I would give her, but not until after I showed her exactly what she was messin' with. Seems like she's forgotten who Big Evil is, and what Big Evil can do.

Jack…no, Kyra…has no idea what she's gotten herself into now…

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