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Texas 8:45 pm

He lost all sense of place and time. Then suddenly he felt warm and safe. He saw a bright white light that was only getting brighter. then he herd a voice, it was one that he did not recognize. " I think he is starting to come 'round." it was female voice. He then caught whiff of what was,unmistakeably, Rubbing alcohol, the scent was so strong that it brought tears to his eyes. He coughed. Then everything came into focus. He saw the mystery speaker, she was a Doctor, he could tell because of he long lab coat. She had long, curly, blond hair and Hazel eyes, that were so clear Blue right now that he could see his reflection in them as perfectly as though he were looking into a mirror.

"Sam?" she said in the same voice that he had herd earlier. she looked like she walked off of a movie poster... a movie he would never watch , but Dean would probably know every word to.

"Sam can you hear me?"she asked.

" Did you know that that is the question that annoys me the most?" he said to her.

her eyebrows crinkled and her eyes turned misty blue with confusion.

"What?" she said.

" Yeah, I mean that question is just plain stupid, i mean if someone can't hear you than are they gonna say 'no I cant hear you'? I just hate that question it is so stupid, but yes i obviously can hear you, where is my brother and father?" he said.

"Oh, ... " she said not knowing what to say to him.

" Wait what do you mean Brother, and Father?" she asked with a mixture of confusion and worry for her patients mental health.

" My brother Dean and My Father John, where are they are they alive?" Sam asked worried.

" Sam your an only child, and your parents died 2 years ago of hart attacks. I can show you your files if you'd like."she told him.

"WHAT,... NO! THEY WERE THERE IN THE CAR WITH ME." He yelled with fright, anger, frustration, and and worry.

" Sam you had a stroke, you were no ware near a car."she told Sam.

" NO,..." he stopped and took a breath to calm himself down. " Whats yous name miss?" he asked calmly.

" I'm Macey."she told him equally calm. She did not want to upset him anymore.

" Hi Macey, let me tell you what happened, My dad was shot in the leg, My brother almost had his heart ripped out of his chest, we were on our way here headed down rout 669, in a Black 1967 Chevy Impala, I was driving, my dad in the passenger seat my brother behind me in the back seat. Everything was as good as it could be at the time, when a semi came out of no where and slammed into the passenger side of the car putting all of us out. When i woke up I saw my dad bloody and unconscious but still very much alive. My brother the same only a little less alive, but still breathing. then i blacked out and woke up here." he told her.

"That's not possible Sam," she said.


"That's not possible because you said rout 669,... well the one and only way to Texas Riverview Hospital is down Interstate 394. Also we did find you on the side of the road but not because you were in a car wreck but because you were waiting for a bus, that's a bus not a '67 Impala. I'm sorry Sam but that's the truth." she told him. He looked like he was gonna faint again he was as white as the pillows.

"Did you sayTexas?" Sam asked, no that wasn't possible he was in Massachusetts when the crash happened. He had to get out of here and go find his family, what if they were dead, or alive but seriously hurt? He was starting to panic.

" I have to get out of here." Sam said to no one really, he was really just talking to himself.

" No, sorry but you cant leave for another 48 hours you just had a stroke we have to make sure your okay." Macey told him.

" Listen you look like a nice girl, but im kinda in a time jam so I'll make this easy and quick, you can let me leave now or I'll sneak out when your not in here, it would not be the first time I've snuk out of a hospital." he said with a wicked smirk.

" well in that case... I wont stop watching you, sorry Sam but you will be taken care of weather you want it or not." Jess told him with an equally wicked smirk of her own.

" well then in that case,... we'll take door number three. Trust me you will NOT like it." Sam told her.

" O yeah and whats behind door number 3?" Macey asked. with a laugh Sam said.

" a gun." ha said. she laughed nervously.

"what" she asked surly he was joking.

"Go and get all the medication you think I'll need and then bring it to me." he said, " don't worry I wont go anywhere." he said to stop her from protesting.

She looked around at the small room they were alone now. She stole a glance at her watch, quarter till 9 her shift was almost up.

"fine but I'll have you know that if you aren't here when I come back it will be my job." she said hoping that it would have some effect on him. With that she left Sam to his little bed.

he riped off the annoying little heart rate monitor and stood up. he swayed a little on his feet, but a hand on his arm just below his shoulder held him upright. he looked over and saw Macey.

"easy Bigfoot. I thought you said you would be here when i got back." she said to him.

"And I am, aren't I?" he replied. "So why do you need the meds?" Macey asked.

"Because I need to leave you want me to be taken care of so you are going to come with me." he told her matter-of-fact.

" WHAT, no I'm not."

" o, so your gonna let me leave"

" No you are not going anywhere and neither am i"

" not an option I have to go, you don't understand"

" well..."

" What if you only had two family members left and one day you woke up in a hospital and they were nowhere to be found, what would you do, would you be okay with losing the two people who mean the world to you, the only family you had left, well what if you had a chance to find them, would you take it, or would you live out the rest of your life alone?"

"... Okay,... but they are not gonna let us walk out of here." Sam smiled at her.

"I have a plan." he told he with a smile that sort of scared her.

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