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Jon sat bolt upright in his hospital bed. His heart was beating so fast, and the annoying little monitor was throwing a fit.

A nurse rushed in, "Sir, are you all right? What happened?" She asked checking all the monitor and finally checking his pulse.

"Nothing," He said. "Just a bad dream. Is is my son okay?" He asked voice tight. He made sure no worry slipped through.

"Well that tall one of yours has been up for hours, but that other one,.. the cute one,.. he isn't doing any better. You all are lucky you survived that crash." She said.

"Can I see him,.. Sam?" he asked a little stressed that Dean hadn't gotten any better yet. Jon was sure Dean would get better, he had raised him to be a fighter and was rarely disappointed when it came to Dean.

"Well you can't get up, but I'll tell him you want to see him," the nurse said. She gave all the machines a once-over and then scurried out of the room.

Jon closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He hadn't had a dream so vivid in a long time. There was a knock at the door. Jon looked through the small window in the door. he half smiled when he saw Sam's chin at the top of the glass. Same old Sammy, strangely tall and quiet. He thought. Dean would have walked in by now. He only waits about 4 seconds after knocking. Sammys' so polite. Just like his mother.

"Cone on in Sammy." Jon called. Sam opened the door an stepped in but didn't close the door and didn't come any farther.

"Close the door, would'ya Sam," Jon said. Sam closed the door with his foot not taking his eyes off his father.

"How are you feeling?" Jon asked.

"A little bruised but nothing to complain about," He said. "I wasn't the one who almost got my heart ripped out. I can't even imagine the pain he was going through," Sam said.

"Did you get any sleep?" Jon asked. Sam shook his head, "I got about an hour, but It was a bad dream."

"Sam I want you to do something for me," He told him, careful to reveal nothing about his terribly strange dream. "I need you to find my cell phone and bring it to me."

"Um okay. Do you mind if I ask why?" Sam said his eyebrows coming together.

"Don't ask questions, just do it, I need to make a call," came Jon's reply. Jon could see Sam's mouth tighten and he knew that Sam was doing is best not to argue. Sam nodded and left in search of his father's phone.

Sam hated when his father issued orders like some kind of Captain. Sam wasn't like Dean, he didn't take orders well even form Dean.

Sam shook his head ant tried to focus on the task at hand, but when he passed by Dean's room he lost all concentration.

He stood out side the half open door and looked at his big brother. The guy who had raised him and patched up his wounds, after his dad got done yelling at Dean for letting him get hurt in the first place. The guy who had been there for all of his birthdays until Sam had left. The guy who, on occasion had to be Santa Claus because his dad wasn't back from a job yet.

The Guy who had saved his life more times than he could count. That guy, who at one point in Sam's life had seemed indestructible now lay on a hospital bed covered in tubes and wires. Sam felt so guilty.

I should have done something Sam thought. I can't stand it looking at him now, my superhero big brother is so helpless now and its some how my fault. He didn't know how, but he knew it was.

A passing nurse brought Sam back to reality. He took a deep breath and continued his search for his father's cell phone

After a few minutes of searching Sam returned to his fathers hospital room chipped and impossibly dirty, yet still functional cell phone in hand.

"I got it," Sam said to his father who was starring at the blank wall of his room. A habit Sam had come to know as Jon's-worried-thinking look.

"thanks Sammy. Now I want you to go keep an eye on your brother and report back to me if there is any change," Jon said. Sam nodded not arguing about this command, only because it was something to do. He turned and walked out of the room, leaving his father alone to do whatever he was planning to do with the phone.

Jon flipped up the wrecked phone to see a completely white screen. Perfect, the screen's shot,.. I'll fix it later.

He dialed the number he knew was bobby's. It rang a few times and then it was answered, but nothing was said.

"This,... isn't Bobby is it" Jon said knowing the answer before he asked the question.

"Nope! but I'm sure you know exactly who it is don't ya?!" came a unnecessarily happy voice. Jon knew at that moment that his dream was not all just a dream. He took a deep breath.

"Is Bobby okay?" he asked.

"For now," Yellow-eyes said his horrible intentions evident.

"What do you want?" Jon inquired, though he had a pretty good idea of what the demon was planning.

"Well now Jon what do you think I want,... Sam. But I would be willing to settle for you instead."

"Well aren't you just an angel,"Jon said obvious sarcasm in his voice. "What do you want with me?"

"I want you off my back! I'm trying to start a war here Jon, with your little boy at the center of it, but i can't do that with you breathing down my neck can I?" the demon sounded only slightly annoyed.

"I hope you know that I could just come and save bobby myself. Then you wouldn't get any of the Winchesters," Jon bluffed. He knew that with his temporarily bum leg and Dean in critical condition that Jon wasn't going be leaving.

"No you wont. Not with one of your precious boys speeding towards death, and trust me, i heard down the grape vine that he ain't showing any signs of slowing down" yellow-eyes taunted. Jon was speechless. Not Dean. He's strong, too strong he ain't gonna give up.

"You must not know my son very well, ya see he has a problem with giving in. He doesn't," Jon said smugly.

"Ha ha, yeah and can't you see what that'll do to him? I can see it now! The hunter becomes the hunted" yellow-eyes chuckled. Jon almost ghasped. He hadn't thought of that. what was he gonna do? He had to come up with a plan. Some way to save his son. Both of them.

"Well you apparently have some thinking to do so I'll let you get to it, We'll talk again soon Jon,"Yellow-eyes said then the line went dead. Jon cussed and threw his phone down on the bed side table. What was he gonna do? There has to be a way. Jon though hard.

Then some thing clicked in his head. All this time he had been thinking of a way to save Dean and Bobby. Well maybe he didn't necessarily have to save Bobby maybe luring the demon away would give Bobby enough time to ave himself. And once he was face-to-face with yellow-eyes then maybe he could negotiate for his son's soul. He didn't know if this would work but it was worth a shot and if he had the cult then he would have a chance at bargaining for Dean's life and not having to give something in return.

Of course Plans always change. Things go wrong, heck sometimes they go too right and you end up with an emotionally challenged older son and a demonically mental "baby" boy. But that's another story for another time.

the end

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