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They drove up to the Centre in silence everybody in their own thoughts at what had happened that day. Sam grabbed Jarod and marched him up the steps and into the building. Miss Parker was already at the door and marched in ahead of them. She went towards her father's office and went in with Sam and Jarod in tow.

"Angel, you did it. I'm so proud of you."

"Thank you, Daddy. Now that I'm done with boy wonder here, I'm out."

"What about the boy?"

"He's gone. He died when I tried to get Jarod."

"Well, at least we got the original." He looked at Jarod as he said this. "Take him to his space." He added and then turned to his daughter.

"I'm leaving the Centre, Daddy."

"Yes, go ahead. Good work today, Angel."

She went to her office and packed up. Sydney came in as she was headed out.

"I can't believe you're leaving and can't believe that you shot the boy."

"I can't handle this now. Don't you have someone to take care of?" She said and strided off, but before she did she slipped a note into Sydney's hand.


Later that night.

Miss Parker had already changed and had eaten dinner and waited for the two to get there. When they got there she had let them in.

"I can't believe that you did that to Jarod. After all he's done for you and what he's done for me. Do you know that I would have never gotten Debbie back if it wasn't for him?"

"I didn't know that Jarod did that." Replied Sydney as he stared in wonder at Broots standing up for Jarod.

"Yes, I did." Replied a familiar voice coming down the stairs.

"How did you? And why are you here after what she did?"

"Hold on." Replied Jarod holding out his hand to quiet all the questions. "Lets all sit down."

"Angelo got me out and had made sure that the cameras weren't recording for a bit. Jeremy, or better known as Gemini is fine. He woke up a while ago and my father said that there were no side effects."


"Miss Parker and I have been working on this for a while. I couldn't bare that they were chasing Jeremy and neither could she. She wants this all to end too, so she can have a life and I want my own life." He smiled at Miss Parker and she smiled back. "It was staged. Jeremy had a pill in his mouth that would seem like he was dead. When Sam checked his pulse in all facts he was dead. It had to look real."

"I'm sorry for the deception, but it had to all look real."

"So what's the next step?"

"We don't know yet."

The End.