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Chapter One




"We're leaving." said Edward. He was staring at me trying to read my face at his news.

"Without me?" I said, hoping that was not the case. "Do..do you not want me anymore?" My voice cracking as I said those last words. I closed my eyes waiting for his answer. I couldn't handle looking into his eyes as he answered, because I feared the answer.

"I don't want you." I quickly opened my eyes as he said that so calmly as if I didn't matter to him-as if I didn't matter to him. His face was so composed as to not give away any emotions to me…or perhaps he truly felt nothing.

"I have to leave now. My family and I are leaving…tonight." I stared in disbelief as he spoke to me while my heart was breaking, crumbling the foundations of our love, the love he had given me. Or so I had thought…

His last words were, "BE SAFE."

Then he disappeared so quickly. I tried to run after him, hoping to catch up to him, but already knowing that it was a lost cause. I kept running, but stumbled after losing my footing. Then I just stared into the dark part of the woods, wishing he'd been lying and that he'd come back only to pick me up, keep me safe in his arms and never let go.

I could feel the tears building up and as each one fell down my face, another piece of my heart broke.

End of Flashback

I kept replaying that scene in mind every five minutes as I hugged myself from breaking down wondering what I did wrong.

Did I offend him?

Did he get bored of being with a human?

Did he decide that he didn't want to keep pretending to love me anymore and left to be with someone else , someone who wasn't human?

I cried for two hours. They were the longest two hours of my life. I was so broken I couldn't keep myself up and standing. I was shaking and my knees gave out, leaving me on the ground with a shattered heart. My heart, now in three billion pieces trying to piece themselves together but couldn't as if the glue being used was so rottenly cheap that it wasn't working.

I looked around to see the trees standing still and the wind blowing so coldly it sent a chill up my spine, making me shiver. But it felt like that wasn't the only thing sending a chill up my spine. I felt as if someone was watching me, watching so intently as I felt like a pair of eyes burning in the back of my head. I spun my head around to see who my watcher was. But, no one was there. I blinked, confused as I tried to calm myself down. The woods went silent as I was finally able to get my breathing to even out. I sat on the ground for about a minute hugging my knees before I tried to gather up all my sanity and when I finally had, I stood up and started to walk.

I couldn't go back home yet. Not, until I could figure out why HE left me- why they ALL left me. I pondered the possiblities and could only come up with one that made sense to me. They must've gotten bored of playing with a human and went to live out the rest of existence forgetting all about me as if I was a chew toy to spit out once you were done chewing and ripping out my insides. I scoffed at myself for letting myself get to close to them, believing that they actually loved me, that they cared about me.

They do care about you! said a distant voice in my head.

To hell with that! If they cared so much about you, they wouldn't have left you behind. They would've taken you with them! But no! They probably thought you weren't good enough to be part of their family or a vampire! yelled a much stronger voice.

I couldn't take it anymore, I had to leave. I ran and somehow found my way back to the house. I prayed I could avoid Charlie, I don't think I could take it if he saw me in this condition. He would probably push and psuh until I told him what was making me so upset. I couldn't handle confrontation right now. In a way, I couldn't say it out loud…because it would make the pain stronger and all the more real.

When I got in view of the house, I noticed that the cruiser was gone from the driveway, and for once I was somewhat comforted by this. I ran upstairs to take a shower, hoping that the water could wash away my pain and release me from the hold that was keeping me at the bottom of my dark abyss. It never came. When I was done, I changed into comfortable clothes- a white tee-shirt and sweatpants.

As I laid in my bed I had hoped to calm myself. But memories of him lying in this bed with me, holding me at night when I went to sleep, it all came back to me and I couldn't rest there anymore. I broke into tears again and I decided to go out for drive. Some air would do me some good…hopefully.

I drove around for half an hour until I noticed that I was subconsciously driving to the meadow and I immediately stopped the truck. I got out, only to start running into the woods towards our spot where we had first told each other we loved the other. I thought I should do this and get it over with. It'd have to be like ripping off a band aid, a painful heart-breaking band aid. A part of me knew I may not find it but I had to try. I just had to.

I ran so hard, not caring about the branches in front of me and how they cut my face and other parts of my body that were exposed. Luckily it seemed I actually found it. Thank God.

I had made it to the meadows without tripping, stumbling nor falling flat on my face. If this were under any other situation or circumstance I would've been jumping up with joy. But it wasn't, and as I stood there just gazing at our beloved meadow I noticed it was different. The meadow, which had been a special place for us, was now cold and dead just like my heart. It was as if the only thing keeping it beautiful, together, warm and happy-looking was HIM. I couldn't bear say his name, it hurt too much. I walked forward into the meadow and sat down in the middle of its now dead and lifeless existence.

I looked around once to see how it had changed since my last visit and then I closed my eyes and laid on the ground hoping to go into a deep slumber never to wake up again. But closing my eyes had been the worst mistake I'd just done. As I looked at the back of my eyelids, the images of memories with him kept appearing. I remembered the day he'd first brought me up here. When he was laying down next to me shirtless with his eyes closed as the sunlight bounced off his chest making it glow on his skin, as if it was embedded with diamonds. He'd never looked more beautiful. Then the flashes of him getting closer to my face about to kiss me were interrupted by the sound of a branch breaking.

I jumping three feet in the air scared of who it might be. No one knew about this place, only me and him. As soon as I turned my head I saw a red blur. Oh no! the color and the rapidness in which it appeared could only remind me of one thing…or rather, person.

I tried to stand up, quickly preparing myself to face death. Before I could think of anything she was right in front of me. An evil smile shown upon her face. Revenge gleaming her eyes with such a fire that it could only match her hair.

"Hello Isabella. Miss me?" Her eyes seemed to get darker as she said my name. I couldn't move. I just stood there as she looked into my eyes trying to see if I was even remotely scared of her. Suddenly my eyes betrayed me as horror and fear flashed into them. When my body regaining control I tried to make a run for it.

"Now Isabella. What's wrong? Not happy to see me now, are we? But I've so been waiting to be see you alone again." she said as she glared at me again.

"Please. Leave me alone." I said pleading. But she only smirked.

"Well, why should I, darling? My dear James wasn't left alone! No, instead your mate killed him! So no, I won't leave you alone! Remember Isabella, a mate for a mate!" she yelled at me as she pushed me up against a tree with her hand on my throat. She was starting to lose control over herself and let anger take control. Her eyes were so dark, I knew this would be the end of me. I would never get to see Charlie or Renée ever again. They would be living their lives never knowing what actually happened to me. I started to get regretful of how things had gone and wanted to cry but all my thoughts were interrupted by a male voice.

When I quickly glanced I recognized that it was Jake. I hadn't see him in so long. Why did he have to end up here to see this?

" Bella!" Jacob yelled, fearing for what was about to happen to me. It was as if he knew.

" JJ-Jacob? What are you doing here?!" I said wondering what brought him here.

"Never mind me! What's going on? What is she doing?!" he asked panicking for my life.

" NNN-Nothing. We were just…um, talking!" I said trying to sound calm and hoping he wouldn't pick up on the fear in my voice.

"Cut the crap, Bella! You're lying, I can see the way she's hold y-…" he said not finishing his sentence. Apparently he was smelling the air and found a foul odor by the way his nose cringed. His eyes averted from me to Victoria. "Vampire…" he growled.

But…h-how'd he?..what?

"Bloodsucker! What the hell do you want?! GET AWAY FROM HER you leech!"

"My, my, my, you seem to be losing your temper, dog! Now scurry along with your tail between you legs! Leave me alone so I can kill her and I WON'T kill you!….Maybe." said Victoria laughing with seriousness in her eyes while looking at me- they were still black.

"Jake! Please, just leave! It's alright. I can accept dying. Just leave! I don't want to lose you, too!" I ask pleading. For God's sake, he was only a boy! But it didn't seem to convince him.

"To hell with my safety! I won't let her kill you! I have my own way of protecting you." He said trying to convince me that he was okay and that he wouldn't get hurt.

I had forgotten all about Victoria until I felt a prick on my throat. I felt a warm liquid oozing out, trickling down the side of my throat. After only five seconds I felt the effects, a fire was starting to burn throughout my veins.

I scream as the fire spread out. "Help! It burns! Put out the fire! I can't stand it, it's burning me!!"

Jake's eyes widened as he realized what Victoria had already done. "You BLOODSUCKER! You'll pay for what you did to her! You're going down if it's the last thing I do!"

"HA! As if you could beat me! I'm stronger and faster than any of your kind that's out there! But if you think you have a chance then why don't give it a try?!" spoke Victoria with an evil grin on her face.

Jacob gladly took her challenge. They started to circle each other as he lost his temper. His shape started to blur, until there was no semblance of Jacob. Where Jake had once stood there was now a large wolf. My mind was too preoccupied, but Victoria cleared it all up for me.

"Aww, look at that boy. Doesn't he make an…adorable werewolf? He's like a puppy-not threatening at all." She smirked.

Werewolf?! Jake, sweet Jake is a ….werewolf. I couldn't believe it, but in light of the news I secretly hoped that it would give him the advantage he needed to take Victoria down…or maybe use it to escape to save his own life. I couldn't keep my thoughts clear as the fire took over and kept getting stronger and stronger. I screamed in pain over and over, and Jake got distracted my screams because he never saw when Victoria tackled him to the ground. "NO, JAKE! Get up! Noooo…" I cried out as my body slumped against the tree trunk, since as how Victoria was no longer holding me up.

He must've heard me because he launch and stroke Victoria off him. He jumped back on his feet and started fighting but he was weakening. He had lost a severe amount of blood. But he still fought, for me. I never saw so much determination in anyone else than I had in his eyes. He crouched down to pounce on Victoria and attacked. When he did, Victoria saw him but could only have enough time to cut his upper thigh. It was over. Jake had gotten so angry about the thought of even losing that it made him lose himself to his senses. He became almost feral and ripped Victoria to shreds then he lit up the remains and watch them burn in the fire.

In my attempts to hold in my screams as the fire consumed me, I couldn't stop moving. My vision wasn't the same and I could see only glimpses of the fire.

"Jake?...Jake!! Help me!" I cried out as the fire became almost unbearable. He started to walk over to me but he winced. He noticed that his leg was cut on his upper thigh. I screamed his name over and over and the fire had spread evenly from my neck to the rest of my body. I was about to lose consciousness when I saw him fall to the ground. He wasn't getting up. OH MY GOD! What have I done?! I was the reason Jake was injured –why he's dying. He wasn't moving and he was barely breathing. In the cold air I could barely see puffs of breath around his mouth.

I tried to move to get over to him but I couldn't, it was as if the fire froze my body stiff. I kept yelling his name over and over hoping to keep him awake.

"Bella? I'm…sorry. Love you." He said whispered his last words. I couldn't believe what happened. I was stunned, shocked, numb…but I could feel the tears slowly running down my face.

I just laid there crying as the fire burned within me and I watched Jake become a lifeless empty body. I cried over the fact that I was stupid enough to get him involved in this…if only I hadn't come here.

If I had stayed in the woods then he wouldn't be here lying on the ground, and dead. I felt my insides on fire as the poison burned even stronger than it was ten minutes ago.

I let go because I had nothing else to hold on to. No one else who knew what I was going through that could help, at least not anymore. I slipped into unconsciousness as the fire rapidly flowed through me, burning off the rest of my humanity, and...as I gave in to the pain.