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Chapter 11


As soon as the rest of the Cullen drove off to the castle, with the exception of Rosalie and Emmett of course, we got ready to run by spreading out in a line. I brought Rosalie and Emmett with me dragging them by the hand. Even Emmett wasn't able to pull out of my grasp, although I think he was still in shock.

I pulled them to right the line and they just stood there. Since Damien was on my left I gave him a short kiss. "Hey, make sure the kids don't go off-course, you know how the guys get distracted and start wrestling." He nodded. "I'm going to talk with Rosalie and Emmett, plus they'll be too slow so there's no point in you waiting for me." I told him and he answered with a short 'okay'.

I walked over to Rosalie and Emmett to give them a short 'hi'. The reply was short as well. "Sooo guys. We'll be racing to the castle, 'kay?" They gave me a short hesitant nod. I suppose they were afraid of what answer to give.

"Why do you want to kill us?" Emmett asked in disbelief. It was the first time he had spoken in a while.

"I don't want to kill you guys. More like Edward and possibly Alice. And I am clearly disappointed in Carlisle and Esme. And Jasper is fine, he was clearly being himself." I paused because I really didn't want to talk about this right now. We were also alone so we had to catch up to the family since they already ran off. "Can we talk about this later after Aro's decision? Let's talk about you guys." I said with a smile.

"Why are you being nice to us though?" asked Rosalie. She was probably confused about how I was being nice to her when she was always mean to me as a human.

How can she be nice to me? I was a totally bitch to her all those years ago. If I was her I would've told my face off. Yet here she is as if it can all be forgiven and swept under the rug…she's too kind to me, I deserve something worse…

Yep I was right…yet again. "Rose, you were never a bitch. I deserved that behavior from you. You tried to tell me, to show me that I shouldn't have gotten involved. You don't deserved to be told off just because you were trying to protect me from making a mistake." I gave her a reassured smile so she'd know that I truly forgave her.

She just looked at me with her eyes widened like she was just told that she was the ugliest cow on the face of the Earth, without all the anger of course.

"How did you–"

I pointed to my brain. "How else, do you think?"

"But how can you just–" I was a bit impatient but didn't let it show. I just cut her off before we got too behind.

"Hey, can we please talk about this later?" I pleaded. I unleashed the puppy-dog look on her and Emmett. A couple seconds later they gave up.

"So, the rest of the family will be racing." A happy and excited expression appeared on Emmett's face and I hated to be the one to ruin it. "Sorry Emmett but you won't be able to race with them." his face dropped and he looked like someone just shot his puppy or more like someone took away his Wii and Playstation for the rest of his existence.

"Emmett" I started, "Even if you wanted to, you wouldn't be able to catch up to them for two reasons. One, they've already gotten way ahead of you so, no chance. And two, our family is different. They have faster reflexes, three times faster than your average vamp. Edward wouldn't be able to beat them, even on a good day." I explained.

"Now, come on. We're already late as it is and I suspect we'll be the last ones." I nudged them a bit until they finally picked up the pace and ran. I had to hold back and I ran backwards so I would be facing Emmett and Rosalie. They were running their fastest and I felt like I was going a bit slow.

I felt a bit like showing off so I put my arm behind my back and pretended to yawn while running and seeming like it was no big deal. But it was. I loved the wind in my hair. The exhilaration and rush I get from running knowing nothing could catch me. It's the greatest feeling.

"How the hell are you doing that?"

"What Emmett? I'm running…you know… putting one foot in front of the other only faster…I thought you knew how to do it, considering you're doing right now." I spoke in an innocent yet teasing voice.

"Emmett, are you thick or something? She just told us that they run faster, so course it would be easier for them to choose their pace." Rosalie responded before I did.

"So, how have you guys been?" I asked hoping to get of the 'Bella's different' topic.

"Bit miserable" Emmett shrugged.

"Why?" I was confused.

"No fun without you. No one laughs anymore."

"Yeah, because everyone just loved to watch me trip." I rolled my eyes. But Emmett let out a laugh.

"Yeah, that was fun. Watching you have a constant battle with flat solid ground." He had a goofy grin on his face.

I realized that we were going slower and were reaching Volterra quite rapidly. I thought we should have some fun, at Emmett's expense, so I did a little something.

"Wanna have fun?" I whispered to Rosalie.

"Sure." I had a mischievous smile on. I nodded. Excellent.

"Oh Emmett" I sang.

By the time we got to the castle, Rose and I were laughing so hard and we were standing next to a mud covered Emmett. We noticed that we were also the last people there and everyone was looking at us like we had grown two heads.

We slowed to a walking pace when Jasper took a look at Emmett. "Emmett, what in the world happened to you?"

Emmett pouted at me. I let out a laugh. "Bellaaaaa, that wasn't being nice," he whined.

"Yeah, well I was bored. And it wasn't entirely my fault you took out nearly a 1/5 of the entire forest." I said still laughing.

"What did Bella do?" wondered Alice.

"She…s-she…ha ha….she m-made…him…ha…trip!" Rosalie said gasping for unneeded breath.

"Trip?" Esme questioned warily. Rosalie nodded quickly as she held to her sides.

"I don't get it. What was so funny about Emmett tripping?" Carlisle confused.

"He went flying!! That's what!" I said laughing so hard I had to lean against Emmett's tall form.

What had happened was that I had made a single little, but strong root stick out from the ground from the nearest tree Emmett was about to run to. We were racing despite the fact that I had told him I run faster. But being Emmett, his attention span was on strike so he didn't listen. He had tripped like I had planned and started to lose control with his speed that he crashed into so many trees that he kept flying in the air until he landed in a huge pile of mud. He couldn't regain balance because of the amount of mud so he kept slipping.

What I didn't tell him or anyone else was that, there was a possibility of it not being mud at all…

I told everyone and they started laughing at Emmett's expense. I was so sure he would've been beet red right then and there if it hadn't been for the fact that we were all in hysterics so we couldn't use our abilities.

"Here let me show you-," I started to say taking a step toward no one in particular when Emmett interrupted me.

"No!" he nearly-yelled. "I think we've had enough fun at my expense, don't you?" he was pleading me.

"Fine," was all I said. After a couple seconds of silence I started again.

"Well, we should get going. Aro should be expecting us."

"Umm, Bella?" Emmett almost cautiously.

"Yeah huh?" I looked at him when he didn't answer. He was looking at me giving me a 'well, what are you going to do about it?' look as he pointed his finger at himself.

I let out a sigh. "Fine, Emmett. Uh, Paige?"


"Go hose him off. Rosalie, you can go with them if you want. Just meet us in two minutes." They nodded and went off.

I had a silent conversation with Paige about her using her water abilities on Emmett to hose him. After a minute we walked into the castle and almost instantly all the guys in sight either tensed and growled at the sight of the Cullens or purred at the sight of me.

I felt disgusted right on sight. It's not that the male guards were ugly, hell no! They were pretty cute, but they weren't the bright vampires one would have the pleasure of knowing or even meeting for 5 minutes. I almost felt bad for Edward considering he had to hear their thoughts. ALMOST.


It was a surprising sight to see Bella like her old self, sort of…carefree. It made my heart swell. The sound of her laugh was beautiful, just like her. But it all ended when we were reminded of why we were here. She changed. She was no longer the same Bella I knew; she was serious and slightly cold. When we walked inside the castle, all the thoughts started to crowd my mind.

What are the fucking bastards Cullens doing here?

Isabella looks hot! I wish I could tap that!

I'll kill those pieces of shit if they're here to hurt Isabella again, that I can promise.

Isabella is looking fiiiiine! That tight ass and those huge rack…

My head started to hurt and when I attempted to block out the thoughts, I couldn't. There were too many people with hatred or lustful thoughts. The lustful thoughts angered me. I nearly growled. It was mostly the fact that they were thinking about Bella in that manner. I mean, how dare they think that why way of Bella? I imagine that Jasper wasn't better off.

Edward….the emotions, they're too much. I'm not sure how much more I can take.

Jasper seemed overwhelmed. I think it was taking a toll on his mind. A couple of minutes and he might have to run out of here.

What the hell?

I gave him a confused look.

Edward, I don't feel anything anymore. No one is feeling anything. It's like everyone is void of emotions. What is going on?!

Jasper, stop panicking! You're fine. I just neutralized your powers. You'll get them back when there aren't so many people. A voice said sounding bored.


You're welcome. It said sarcastically.

Oh, sorry, thanks.

That was Bella? I was surprised that she would have that power. But then again, there was so much I didn't know about her. I had only begun. As we walked she turned around to wink at us and then went back to pay attention to the guards.

She walked towards one of the guards and started talking to him. I believe they were speaking Romanian.

She asked, "Hey Devon. Unde pot găsi o Aro?" (Hey, Devon. Where can I find Aro?)

"Eşti aceia art.hot. Cullens?" he nearly snarled. (Are those the Cullens?)

She looked back at all of us and said, "Yeah, ce este la spre tu?" (Yeah, what it's to you?)

He didn't say anything, he just growled at us, well mainly me.

"Oriunde, asemănător Eu am spus, unde pot găsi o Aro? El nevoie la spre a vedea pe ei." She said. (Anyway, like I said, where can I find Aro? He needs to see them.)

"El este înăuntru lui serviciu." He spoke sounding defeated. (He's in his office.)

She nodded and he bowed and left. Wait, he bowed? That's new one. He continued to follow Bella further into the castle knowing that this could be the last time I would ever see her. She had been hurt and changed so much…it was our faults.

We went to the end of a hallway till we reached a big wooden door. Damien opened the door and there stood Aro in his red rope along with Paige, Emmett and Rosalie. How did they get here so fast?

They turned around at the sound of the door opening. Aro looked pissed but once he saw Bella he had a huge smile. "Bella!" she had the same smile and she launched herself into his open arms.

"Dad!" Dad? Oh, right. Apparently they had a bond whatever that bond may be; I best not provoke him any further than I already had given the circumstances we're here for.

"It's been too long since I've seen you." He sighed, still hugging her.

"It's only been two weeks. Plus I thought time went faster for old vampire." She teased him.

"Hey I've missed you, sue me. What have you been up to? And who are you calling old?" he scoffed and raised an eyebrow. They looked like they were in there own little world. Just 'father' and daughter.

"Well, I've got to take care of my family. Plus school's hectic and I have a new 'friend' there to take care of. And the old vampire I'm referring to is right in front of me. I also caught what you meant by that, and I'm not that old. I'm not even a century old, mind you." She told him.

He let her down from his hold and continued talking like we weren't watching them. "Don't give me the school excuse or the family thing again. I see my grandchildren everyday, even my 'son' but not you. And you've gone to school for nearly 8 decades, what's so hectic about it? By 'friend' do you mean? ..." he trailed off.

She nodded. "Yeah, exactly that. She's almost ready. She's just having a tough time so I've been spending time with her. Plus, I'm taking a different major this year. Art, can you believe it?" she sighed, "and they need more training than I do. I've got experience, remember?" she winked at him.

"Oh, yes. I do. The best years of my life. Quite entertaining really. Had a laugh every now and then for years. I do hope she gets better." Aro said. She nodded. Friend? Who was this friend?

"I brought some old acquaintances for you to meet." Bella spoke in a soft voice. She seemed to be trying to calm him down just a bit. But that could've been just my imagination getting my hopes up.

He sighed deeply after a moment and turned to us. It seemed like he was avoiding us intentionally. "Hello Carlisle. Cullens." He addressed us with a tight smile and short nod. I could already tell he didn't like us.

"Hello Aro," Carlisle spoke seemingly calm yet trying. He must've noticed the tension in Aro.

After a couple moments of silence Aro spoke. "Old friend," Aro said hanging his head and shaking it. "I wish it didn't have to come to this." He sighed. The Esposito family moved to the couch where the couples were curling up together listening in. we just stood in front of him while facing Aro along with Bella right next to him and Damien just leaning against the wall looking at us.

"Is there any way we settle this without violence?" Carlisle seemed to be trying to reason with him.

"How can you ask of that when your son, Edward" he spatted and sneered my name, "hurt my precious daughter, when your entire family, including you broke her beyond repair? Have you any idea what she's been through? If it hadn't been for…" he stopped himself but started up again, "she wouldn't be here right now. I'm afraid that this isn't something where I can just look the other way or just turn the other cheek. Old friend, this is something where you've dug yourself in a hole so deep, that I don't see yourself getting out of." He answered.

I saw Bella start to get upset in the middle of Aro's words and Damien pushed himself from the wall and towards Bella. He embraced her tightly as she started to sob. She was most likely remembering things. She clung to him as if she was in a nightmare that never ended and he was to disappear. My dead cold heart squeezed tightly as I watched her in pain.

I understood what he meant by his words. Our actions changed Bella but not for the better. She was different and it hurts to not be able to see the old Bella. The old Bella. It's my entire fault. Me and my stupid decisions. I have hurt her beyond all repair. She's not the same. I still love her, truly and deeply and I wished to see her like she was before.

This was something that I had foreseen, and neither had Alice. This was something I had not dreamed would've ever happened to Bella. I never wished this upon her. She shouldn't have gone through any pain. I don't know the details but I know that it must've been hard if the results are this. I deserve to be punished. To die, for doing this to an angel. She had no way out of it. And that was my fault as well.

I cursed this upon her. The moment I saw her I wanted to kill her, but the moment I talked to her she intrigued me. Though I knew I should've ignored the curiosity in me and gone ignoring her the rest of the year. I couldn't, and that was her downfall.

"What's to happen?" Esme asked in a small voice. She knew as well as I that not all of us may be none, would leave the castle after this. This was almost a good-bye, thought the sentence was not set we knew it'd come.

"I'm afraid that you are to be destroyed. I cannot allow you to be roaming around this Earth and doing this to other innocent people. I mean to dangle her like a toy like that. You used her and that's cruel, even for a vampire. Most of us wouldn't do that. Not for an entire year and most definitely not with those emotions. Love. To use that on her when you truly did not mean it, it's the most despicable thing you could do. And I'm surprised that you Carlisle, old friend would stoop to that level." He stared at Carlisle in disbelief.

Carlisle was about to speak but I cut in before he could.

"That's not what happened. I loved Bella. Truly I did. I still do. She means everything to be now and even then. I told her lies, yes. But not about that. Never about how I felt about her. It was the last words I said to her, that were the truly the darkest blasphemies I've ever spoken." I told him. He needed to know that my feelings for her were never a lie. If anything, they were the truest words I've ever spoken to anyone.

"I've seen the memories. From the moment she arrived here, she came to me and showed them to me. I can see how what you've done to her affected her and I must say I am disappointed in you. I must also applaud you in your acting skills. Never have I seen anyone who'd been able to pull such a stunt for an entire year. I'm surprise you didn't let James just have her, or were you not done with her?"

"Was she still just a toy to you? Something of a play thing? A possession that when James came along you felt threatened? I thought James was sick…." He shook his head. "Tell me, did you not say you loved her and would not or simply could not leave her?" he asked me. I nodded my head. "As well as tell her you just couldn't turn her into an vampire?" again I nodded.

"Then how can you say you were not toying with her? You kept her human while she was thinking that you loved her, when clearly you were just using her. And you even left her human, broken and defenseless. She didn't even have a standing chance when Vi—" he stopped once Bella grabbed his arm and shook her head.

"He doesn't need to know," she told him softly. He nodded reluctantly. "Thank you." She whispered.

I don't need to know what? I thought but continued on "She was not a toy to me. I couldn't very well change her. She wasn't meant for that world. Being a vampire means being a monster. She was so pure, she wasn't meant to be like that. To depend on blood like a human depends on air. She would've gone mad. I did it to save her." I said to him but spoke the last thing looking at Bella.

"Umph. I'm supposed to believe you? You could very well be lying to me right now. And she survived, didn't she? No thanks to you. By leaving you put her in more danger." He nearly growled. What other danger was there?

I was about to speak but he cut me off, "Enough of this. We shall continue this as well as what to do with you later. I have more pressing matters. Bells?" he called for her.

Bella looked up from the ground and cleared away the tears that were appearing. She stepped away from Damien's arms towards Aro and sat on the chair while Aro went to lean on his desk and Damien retreated to the wall.

"Dad, it's about the war. It's nearing us." she looked worried. It's this war again. What war and how come we've never heard of it?

"How soon?" He looked at her with concern eyes.

"A year, at the least. No more than one and a half. They usually don't extend that far. They tend to stay on the year mark if not a little further." She informed him.

"Are you okay?" he asked touching her head.

"I'm fine dad." She tried to reassure him. She gave him a smile but it looked weak. I could tell she was lying.

"Bella…" he warned her. "Don't lie to me."

"It's nothing dad. Just a little pain here and there." She said.

"Bella, you need to hunt. I'm worried about you. If you keep this up, I'm not sure how long you'll last." He shook his head and held her. I couldn't help but be a little worried about her. I didn't want anything to be wrong with her.

"Dad now is not the time. I shall worry about that later. Right now we must worry about the war. I can already tell that your guards have been slacking off." Bella was trying really hard to redirect the conversation over to the war, to which we knew nothing about.

"Okay, okay. So what's happening in the vision?" he saw that she wasn't going to continue on the matter.

"It was horrible. So much blood. Pain and it was unbearable." She had her eyes closed and her face was contorted to look like she was reliving it.

"If you don't mind us asking, but what war? We haven't heard of a war before…" Rosalie asked Bella.

"Not at all. The war between the immortal feeders. The human drinkers and the few like us, who feed off of animals. It's been like this from the beginning. They're led by a man that has lived from the very beginning of everything. He himself is one of the original immortals. He tries to rally numberous vamps every two million years in hopes that he gets what he wants."

"What does he want?" Rose asked.

She sighed. "What Tobias wants more than anything are the humans. Every single one on this planet. He believes it's his birthright as a vampire to feed on humans. That it's the natural way. But he wants to wipe us out as well because we protected those humans. He's willing to destroy us to get to the humans. We can't let that happen."

"There have always been a female leader, someone who was born to be the chosen one and whose power can match Tobias, but somehow he beats them. Barista started the fight against him and failed. All those after her even up to Haley were brave to try to defeat Tobias. But he's dangerous and lethal. He's an Ancient which makes him worse, especially with that temper of his."

"He keeps killing the leader but loses his strength for battle. As an Ancient he has a few flaws. It takes him a while to recover from an incredibly strong blow." She smirked. "2 million years to be precise. This year, or next year I guess you could say, will be the toughest. This one will be the one where we either lose everything or we finally defeat Tobias and get him stop the rampages on humans." She finished.

"If we lose, there will be no one to save the rest. The leader holds the ability to do that. You lose the leader, and I'm afraid you've already lost the fight. That's what this war is. A fight to the end. It's one where humans cannot speak for themselves. And we must do it for them. Usually these things are done secretly. No one ever knows about them, after all they are separated by 2 million years."

"How can we help?" Emmett asked near angry. I suppose he didn't like being in the dark about stuff like this when it happens.

Bella just shook her head. "You can't help Emmett. None of you can. This is between us."

"How can you say that Bella? You need our help. The more you have fighting on your side, the better chances are of succeeding." Rosalie yell with her hands rolled up into fists and placed on her hips.

"She's right Bella. You can use our help." Emmett backed up Rosalie.

Bella jumped up from her seat and started pacing. "No! I didn't tell you so that you could help. It doesn't matter if want to help. You'd need to train a lot to be able to handle it. I don't think I could even prepare you that fast in a year's time."

"Well, we'd be more than willing to do it." We all nodded. We had to help, this was serious. "It's not everyday we get to kick some Ancient ass. And like you said, lose the leader lose the war. We could at least protect her." Bella looked at her family and it looked like they were having a silent conversation with their eyes.

I wasn't sure what Bella was trying to say but she was shaking her head furiously. She turned to Damien who looked at her straight in the eyes. Whatever message he was conveying, it was clear he stood by it.

"Can't you be sure?" asked Emily. She was a tiny thing. Around Alice's height.

"Just look…" Paige said. Just look? What are they talking about? So confused….

Bella sighed and closed her eyes. She quickly opened them and they were glazed over like Alice when she was having a vision. They sparked a light yellow and it ran over both eyes. She staggered back once she got out of it.

She took deep breaths and then looked up. She had a look of defeat. "Yes…"

"Umm, mind telling us what happening?" Alice asked confused.

"Visions. And apparently you guys are on the battlefield fighting…" she spoke unwillingly.

"That changes things. Bella will you be able to do this?" Aro spoke towards her softly.

"Ha, you know as well I do that these things don't give me a choice, do they?" she responded dryly. "Just…make them live here if they have to be close."

"Yeah….about that," Aro was rubbing his neck.

"What?" Bella asked seemingly afraid of the answer.

"We got new recruits and they seemed to have already blown up the rooms next to theirs which so happen to be the last ones left in the castle. They'll have to live with you." He told her while scratching the back of his head.

Her eyes widened and she took a look at us. "Are you freaking kidding me? Don't do that, Dad." She pleaded.

"They need to train more than the rest, right? Well, as much as I hate it…and trust me I do. It'll be easier to do if you're under the same roof." He turned to us and growled.

"If I hear that you guys have done something to disrespect the family, I will gladly take action." He threatened us. "It's bad enough you've hurt her, now she has to live with you guys for the rest of the year." He slightly snarled and shook his head.

"I swear you piss me off, I'll have severe consequences or just possibly kick you out." She pointed a finger at each of us. "That's the only rule our home. No lie."

The men in the Esposito family nodded their heads as if saying, 'She's not lying. Believe me'.

We agreed, happy we weren't going to be separated yet but still wondering for how long.


This was obviously not what I had expected would happen. I thought that after this I wouldn't see Edward again, whether he died or he was told to leave the country or something.

I couldn't stand to see him in my house everyday. It'd be just too painful and a reminder of what I lost because of my foolish emotions. Seeing him everyday would bring back the pain I hid away and locked in my heart ever since I became a vampire.

I had to get over it though. I couldn't let this affect anything. It could alter everything because what I never told them was that I couldn't see the outcome. I couldn't afford my past feelings and emotions to jeopardize the safety of this planet.

Not to mention that Aro, no matter how reluctant he was, said that the must be with us at all times, living under the same roof. I can't disobey him. He's like my father.

As we wrapped up our little session I began to think of ways to punish the vamps stupid enough to blow up part of the castle resulting in making the Cullens stay with us. I reluctantly got up from my seat when we had to leave. I felt rather strange having to include in my new life now–in the life that I had to live ever since their hurtfulness.

"Bella, perhaps you should show them parts of the castle that'll be useful for them." Aro told me as he got up.

As we walked out, none of us said a word. We left quietly but I thought we ought to show them their training area now plus it'd put off taking them to my house. I took a left down the third corridor as Jasper asked, "Where are we going?" I ignored his question and kept moving. We soon reached the training room.

"This will be where you'll be training. You'll sit over there by the bleachers and watch your classmates fight until it's your turn." I said pointing to the bleachers.

"Sometimes you will have to spar with someone. This'll be in addition to the conditioning you'll take for the abilities that might be presented to you. You'll need to become immune to some powers fast in the short amount of time we have." I let them walk around and get a feel of the place. There wasn't much considering we needed room for the fighting.

We spent some time just in that room when I looked at my watch.

5:45 AM

I looked up and then rapidly back at my watch. Oh crap. It was 5:45. I had to go meet her at her apartment to go to class at the University.

"Guys?" I said. They all turned to look at me. "I have to go."

"Where you heading Bella?" asked Rosalie. If it had been any other Cullen besides her or Emmett I would've had to hold back at trying to snap at them.

"I have to go meet someone." I kept it short and simple. I couldn't afford to give them too much information, no matter whether or not they're on our side. When the time was right, I'd mention it.

"Is it…" Damien trailed off. He thought he knew who it was.

I nodded. "Yeah, that one." With those few words, the Cullens family was even more confused from being out of the loop and my family, especially Emily and Eddie, seemed to be gleaming with happiness.

"I'll be back late at night. I may have to go hunt so don't wait up." I started to head for the door when I remember to say something. "Since the Cullens will have to live with us, you guys must behave. We can go over the rules of the house when I get back." I said my good-bye and ran out.

I could feel the tension roll off of my body as I got further away. I went home, took a shower and grabbed my messenger bag with my art work in it, running out the door.

I was really glad that I wouldn't have to bring them into my home myself but I wasn't exactly happy that they'd have to be there for a year.

I just hope that the old feelings that I buried deep in my heart behind the iron-steeled walls don't escape.

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