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# 1:Yu-Gi- Oh! OC X OC shipping: Amethysteel (Sheon Yagasawi X Mheralo Ishtar)

A.N. 2: Sheon met Mhera at the age of nine (his age), and encountered her again eight years later, though they've had their tests throughout, they've been together ever since. Now, let's see how Sheon proposes to her. Enjoy With This Ring.

With This Ring

Sheon Yagasawi fiddled silently with the hidden ring in his shirt pocket. When the table he had reserved pristinely perfect, with white table cloth, and rose laden vase, the plan was set. His shift was almost over, after which he'd finally be able to get down on one knee, and profess his love for the thousandth time to the love of his life; the one who he would gladly die for. He sighed running a hand through his black hair, once again fiddling with the engagement ring in his pocket.

His gray eyes gazed at it again, visualizing his future fiancée's answer. The ring was just like her, beautifully elegant and simply complex; the design consisting of a rose cast in amethyst, with a small diamond in the center, with twin gilded leaves below, all on top of a silver ring. He stowed it back into his shirt pocket to wait for the plan to commence.

Where is he? Surely, he couldn't have blown the cover this easily. Her father is not who one I would expect to have loose lips in any circumstance, especially when it concerns his life's purpose. Sheon thought slowly.

Sheon sighed as he thought about the father of his future wife. He knew the idea of Mhera being her father's primary life purpose wasn't one to be taken lightly, for it had proven to be somewhat true. He thought about his difficulty of asking for her hand, smiling at how, even after fifteen years of dealing with the issue, his nervousness had still gotten the best of him; although, neither of the conversationalists were surprised at the detail.


Sheon ran his hands through his pants pocket feeling the notes, that he had folded enough to let them fit inside, hoping that he wouldn't need them. His hand wavered as he rang the doorbell; he knew that only one person would answer. He had been used to seeing the amethyst eyes of Marik Ishtar behind the door, but now Sheon felt sweat start trickling on his palms, and the phrase "Mr. Ishtar, I'd like to marry your daughter." almost bursting out of his demeanor. However, yet Sheon could tell that he had been able to hide it somewhat flawlessly, as he was somewhat welcomed into the home with a somewhat forced smile from his host. As he entered, Sheon heard puzzlement in Marik's voice. "If you're here to see Mheralo, she's working today." Sheon heard the door close behind him; it was now or never.

"I came to ask something of you, sir." Sheon responded, trying to push his nervous feelings aside for the moment.

"Oh, and what would you need to speak with me about?" Marik's eyebrow arched slowly.

Sheon started to finger his notes now more than ever.

"Take your time, Sheonel Yagasawi; I can wait." Marik sighed slowly. Sheon sighed, he wanted so badly to blurt out his request, but no; he had to make this request with much more professionalism than that. Marik's voice brought him out of his thoughts. "We could take a seat if you would like." He suggested; a suggestion Sheon took hastily.

There were three faded brown leather chairs that caught Sheon's eyes upon entering the spacious kitchen, the closest of them to the door was soon occupied, as Marik took a seat, forcing Sheon to take the seat across from the platinum blonde; as this conversation somewhat required the two to be face-to-face.

Marik threaded his tan fingers together; placing them gently under his chin, his elbows somewhat perched on the edge of the mahogany table with an expectant expression on his face. "Well, Sheon, what can I do for you today? You know I am more than happy to help you in any way I can."

Sheon's palms began to sweat profusely. "It concerns your daughter, sir."

"Which one; you forget that I have two." Marik said, his expression unchanging.

"The one who holds your eyes as their own." Sheon watched Marik's face twist into a surprised smile.

"And…?" Marik half-drawled.

"I…I request your permission to have her hand in marriage!" Sheon almost blurted. Smooth, Sheon; real smooth. His mind mocked.

Sheon watched Marik's face as it straightened, turning into a triumphant grin soon after. "I knew it." Marik murmured softly. "Somehow I knew you were the one for her." He turned his eyes to the door slyly. "You have certainly proven yourself." Sheon paled slightly as he caught sight of a set of keys hanging on a peg attached to the wall to his right.

"You have my permission to propose," Marik sighed, turning his gaze back upon his now possible son in law. "But I have one condition."

"Name it." Sheon said daringly.

"I get to help. Sheon, you must admit that if you invite her she will know something is up; but if you set up everything and have me bring her, you'll be less suspect." He then half-smirked. "But just to be sure I have made the right decision, tell me; how will you treat her, support her, and will you love her until the day she dies?" Tears began coursing down Marik's face at his last question, and Sheon knew why.

"You miss her, don't you?" Sheon asked delicately, referring to Marik's wife, who died shortly after Mhera was born.

"Yes Sheon, I do." His voice was unusually soft. "She died in my arms. I miss her dearly; that's why I'd rather see her traits and behaviors in Mheralo rather than my own." The softness left his voice, "If she says yes, and I don't doubt she will, you must treasure every moment, for once she's gone, you'll only have memories, and those are never good enough." He smiled slightly. "Filiron would have liked you. She was the only one who could get the error of my ways through my head." Marik sighed, a touch of reminiscence in his voice. "She was so opposite me, I am surprised she said yes, and yet I was always sure she would. You shouldn't be; it's obvious Mheralo has feelings for you."

"Can I show you the ring?" Sheon asked curiously

"No. That ring is for your eyes only. Did Mheralo ever tell you what happened when I saw the first one you gave her?"


"I ripped it from her neck out of contemptuous fury. That's why you found it, repaired, on your doorstep before the auditions for Phantom. You were the one who won her heart, the ring was yours to give, not mine." Marik sighed.

"Should we get to planning this thing then?" Sheon asked, rubbing his palms together in anticipation.

" Alright." Marik sighed, removing his hands from under his chin.

End of Flashback

Sheon sighed heavily as he punched out for the night, a small smile almost creeping across his face at the sight of Marik practically dragging Mhera through the door.

Mheralo Ishtar brushed aside a lock of auburn hair, sighing gratefully for a chance to rest. Normally, she'd have no problem running a few blocks, but add high heels to the equation, and there was an understandable tiredness. "Father why did you have me put on these truthfully uncomfortable shoes?"

"I have my reasons, Mheralo." Her father responded calmly, smiling as he caught sight of the table, after which Sheon entered from the back of the restaurant, under the pretense that he was still on duty.

"Your table is right this way, sir." Sheon said slyly as he took the two to said table, where their drinks had already been placed, as Sheon knew their orders; a glass of water for Marik, and an iced tea with lemon for Mhera. Once the two were seated, Sheon departed, watching Marik for the cue.

Marik felt feelings of "been there, done that," and "Sheonel Yagasawi don't make the same mistakes I did" coursing through him. He needed an excuse, and a quick one at that. He stood from his seat, murmuring, "I forgot my keys," and slipping towards the foyer, hid behind the doorframe, out of Mhera's sight, but not Sheon's.

Mhera was sipping appreciably at her tea to which she had added two packs of sweetener, as to get a decent blend of sweet and sour. She saw Sheon from the corner of her eye and let a smile cross her face, forgetting her foot pain. "Is the tea to your liking Miss?" He flashed a smile that caused Mhera to blush. He then caught Marik's gaze, and let a nervous gulp pass his throat. "Mhera…remember the first time I gave you the ring you wear around your neck?"

Mhera fingered it slightly with a smile. "Yes Sheon, I do remember."

"Do you remember what I said about loving you and no one else?" He asked, knowing that he paraphrased it.

Mhera sounded perplexed, "Yes; why?"

She was surprised when Sheon took a black velvet box from his pocket, and kneeling on one knee opened it, revealing the amethyst engagement ring. "I still do." Sheon heard two gasps of astonishment. "If I had multiple lives, I'd give each and every one for you. I will cherish and treasure you always. I will never harm you and may the higher powers help anyone who tries." He hesitated as Marik's gaze seemed to say "And…", after which Sheon continued, "I will love you until the day I die, and if you go before me I shall forever hold your memory in my heart. With this ring, I hold myself to the vow I have made known to you." He set the ring on his lap, and held Mhera's right hand in his two. "Mheralo Rylae Ishtar, will you marry me?" His gray eyes exuded love.

Mhera blushed deeper than ever. Ever since her father had spoken of his proposal to her mother, she had only hoped for a similar experience. "I will. But…" Mhera hesitated. Unseen to the two, Marik raised his eyebrows at this last statement.

"But what?" Sheon asked softly, eyes unwavering.

"You have been in so much danger because of me." Tears were crowding her amethyst eyes.

"As have you because of me. Mhera, I love you; not because of status, wealth, or beauty; but for who you are. Our shared conflicts only made our love stronger. Are my words false?" Sheon finished softly.

"No." Mhera's voice was a whisper. "Sheon, you'd really-" She was cut off as Sheon took her into his arms.

"Yes, Mhera. I will always be by your side, but only if you want me to." Mhera's next action took him by surprise as she softly sang to him.

"Say you'll share with me one love one lifetime. Say the word and I will follow you."

Sheon came in with the harmony from All I Ask of You from the Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical, The Phantom of the Opera that they had played the demanding parts of Christine and Raoul in seven years prior.

"Say you'll share with me each night each morning."

"Say you love me." Mhera sighed.

"You know I do." Sheon melodically reassured her.

They both sang. "Love me that's all I ask of-"

But the last note of the melody never came. Mhera pressed her lips against Sheon's, gripping his shoulders, and running her tan fingers through his thick raven-colored hair. Sheon quietly slipped the ring onto Mhera's left ring finger, and, tossing the box aside, stroked her cheek once, and held her close, knowing that he could easily fulfill his promise for a lifetime.

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