Hey guys, I'm so sorry I left you hanging for such a long time. I forgot that I don't actually have any money, and I need to go out into the big bad world and get some. It's been rough, considering my job is more manual labor than anything else, but I'm gonna try and get my lazy ass to actually write this story I've been carrying around in my head for months.

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Italics represent JD's thoughts.


Ch. 4 Strange Symptoms

JD tossed a stack of paperwork onto the lounge table and sat down. Still embarrassed from his earlier episode, he had decided to hole up and finish up some busy work, preferably as far away from Dr. Cox as humanly possible.

He was shuffling dejectedly through some forms when Elliot walked in.

"Mr. Almino is finally safely back in his room, placated with some green jello."

She dropped down into a vacant chair and smirked at JD. "So, who were you thinking about earlier that caused such a …scene?"

JD's head snapped up. She's psychic! No, of course not. If she was, she would collide with a great many less things.

Elliot grinned evilly. Aaagh, she's psychic and evil!

JD blushed, but, like the manly man he was, he tried to shrug it off.

"I was distracted by Mr. Loxley's chart and Istubbed my toe badly. That's all I was thinking about." More like Dr. Cox's solid muscular arms, wrapped around me…

Elliot rolled her eyes. "JD, we've slept together way too often for me to not know what that cry meant." She looked at him meaningfully.

JD stuck out his chin defiantly. "I stand by my earlier statement." And it wasn't a cry; it was…a very masculine yelp.

"Fine then, let me see your toe," she said, leaning back in her chair and smiling victoriously.

JD frantically ran possible excuses through his brain.

I have horrible contagious foot fungus!

No, she's a doctor and would want to look at it.

I'm having an allergic reaction and my foot has swollen so much my shoe won't come off!

Elliot knows all your allergies. Come on, try harder.

I haven't had a pedicure in a while!

Dude, no…no…

JD stood up, haughtily. "I would love to, Elliot. Unfortunately, I think that would be a very dangerous maneuver as I have forgotten to wear socks today."

He left the lounge quickly before Elliot could answer and before she could see that he was in fact wearing his lucky Star Wars socks.

Ha ha, I'm so tricky.

He swiftly walked down the hall, keeping his head down lest he catch a glimpse of Dr. Cox and be forced to spend yet another half hour in the bathroom, jerking off hard to images of angry Dr. Cox's parading through his mind. I don't know how much longer I can handle this.

He was brought to attention abruptly, however, when Carla came up behind him and grabbed his arm.

"Bambi, you're needed in Mr. Loxley's room immediately. Come on, I'll explain on the way."

Loxley? What could possibly be wrong? Antalaxia shouldn't produce anything as problematic to cause her to act this way.

She was obviously worked up, and she was chewing on her lip. She only does that either while flirting to get something out of Turk, or when she's really worried about something. The latter seems more likely right now.

They sprinted down the hall together, and Carla explained the situation, breathing in quick little spurts.

"I just went in to take a routine blood test. His temperature was spiking dangerously high, though, and he started exhibiting…strange symptoms," she panted. She broke off and JD could see her knitting her brow.

"He began to act as if… as if he was supersensitive to touch, and I couldn't inject the needle. He kept trying to get me to touch him. He started moaning and that's when I noticed his erection."

"What?!" JD whipped around to face her. They had arrived at Mr. Loxley's room, but he barred the door so she couldn't pass.

"Did he try to touch you?" he asked, looking into her eyes, searching for any sign that Mr. Loxley had hurt Carla in any way.

Carla blushed, but shook her head. "No, but I think his...er, extreme arousal might be a symptom. Although not any symptom I've ever seen before."

JD shifted his gaze to Mr. Loxley. The large man was moaning and rubbing himself against the bed. JD moved closer cautiously. Mr. Loxley turned his head toward him and reached out, grabbing for him with need. JD stayed a safe distance away, but he could see Mr. Loxley's eyes. They were unfocused and hazy with arousal. JD could see that the man was not acting on any rational function.

"Carla, we are going to need body restraints for Mr. Loxley. Also, grab some more nurses. We'll have to run every test we can, as soon as possible."

He turned to leave. "And page Dr. Cox. This is much worse than we thought."


I know it's another short chappie, but I so wanted to leave on that cheesy dramatic note. It felt like I was getting a little too heavy and weird, so I wanted to lighten the mood. Plus, everyone knows Dr. Cox loves to save the day. Let me know what you think!