Title: Stop Stalking Me

Title: Stop Stalking Me!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything!

Summary: I watched Sweeney Todd over the weekend, and it occurred to me that Anthony seemed to be stalking Johanna, and that his song lyrics confirmed that fact. Also, I thought it would be fun to write what Johanna was thinking… Sorry if anyone's offended, and I do hope it makes you smile.

"I feel you, Johanna, I feel you…"

"Um…should I be scared that there's a guy oggling me outside my window?"

"I was half convinced I'd waken, satisfied enough to dream you…"

"Dreaming is the only way you'll get close to me!""Happily I was mistaken…Johanna!""He knows my name…that's kinda creepy…""I'll steal you, Johanna, I'll steal you…""Alright, now I'm really scared…""Do they think that walls can hide you?""I hope to God they hide me…""Even now I'm at you window…""Oh my God…""I am in the dark beside you…"


"Buried sweetly in your yellow hair…""My hair is blonde, you idiot!""I feel you, Johanna…""Alright, that's it!"

"And one day I'll steal you. Till I'm with you then, I'm with you there, buried sweetly in your yellow hair…"

"IT'S BLONDE! AND STOP STALKING ME!" With this, Johanna promptly threw her iron key out the window, which struck Anthony on the head and knocked him out cold.

"YOU TOO!" she screamed into Judge Turpin's peephole.

It's short, I know. Review, maybe?