Disclaimer: I own nothing

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Category: Parody, Crossover, Humor

Rating: K

Title: It's Fop

Type: One-Shot

Note: Crossover with Sweeney Todd.

Raoul had tragically run out of make up and hair care products. He wanted the newest and most fashionable hair cut out there, and he'd heard that there was an absolutely fabulous barbershop on Fleet Street.

Wanting to keep with the times, he immediately went there. While trying to figure out where he was (he didn't realize that he was in front of the barbershop), he did not notice the rather pale and scary looking man with the equally pale and scary looking woman singing in the shop window.

"What is that?" Sweeney Todd pointed to the rather feminine looking person standing outside his window.

"It's fop; finest in the shop." Mrs. Lovett replied.

"Fop, eh?"

Raoul was never thereafter heard of again. (Not that anyone was that devastated anyway…)

So? I know it was short, but I had to write it. I apologize to all the Raoul lovers; really I do. If you'd review, I'd be forever grateful.