This chapter is dedicated to my sister (though she will never know of its existence) who will be embarking on her own adventure shortly. I hope she has fun during her next four years, but I'll be in the airport bathroom crying my eyes out while she gets on the plane.

Because you demanded an epilogue, I said okay. Next time don't ask. It is nearly impossible for me to write a happy ending. If it was possible for me to write a happy ending, I would – for Eloise. If you hate me for doing this, yell all you want. I'm mad at myself too.

Thank you for reading.



Epilogue – On the Hogwarts Express

"Let's go find a compartment," Hannah sang, grabbing her boyfriend's hand.

Colin laughed and pulled me after them. Then he stopped. "Hmm. Maybe we should get our own compartment," he said, grinning. I wasn't about to object, but Hannah gave me a weird look, accompanied by a guttural growling noise and grabbed my sleeve. Colin shrugged. "Another time then."

After a few minutes of nibbling on chocolate frogs (mine nearly hopped out the door, but Colin grabbed it just in time) Hannah's eyes got strangely dreamy. "If I had the wings of an owl," she began to sing. "Into the woods I would fly."

She gestured at me. "Would fly," I echoed.

"There to remain as an owl."

"An owl." Justin and Colin looked at each other and winced at my off-key tone.

"Until the day that I die." The last few notes drifted off slowly and quietly. Hannah hadn't noticed what she was about to say until she had said it. I looked away, out of the window. You never realized how much you talked about dying until someone you knew died. It could just be a simple, "OMIGOSH I WOULD TOTALLY DIE IF THAT HAPPENED TO ME" but it still ended awkwardly.

Colin began weakly, "If I had the wings of a toad."

"A toad," Justin echoed.

"Into the woods I would fly."

"Would fly," Justin and I chorused together.

"There to remain as a toad."

"A toad."

"Until the day that I die."

"I die?" I sang to Hannah.

"I die," she replied.

"I DIE!"

We flashed each other identical grins. "DRRRRROP DEAD!"

"Chorus!" I chimed.

"Ooh la la ooh la la ooh la. Ooh la la ooh la la la!"


"Ooh la la ooh la la ooh la. Ooh la la ooh la la la!"

"If I had the wings of a-" I started, but our compartment door slid open. There stood Pansy Parkinson and her sycophants.

Her face was temporarily frozen in shock. "ELOISE?" she peered into my gray eyes. "Is that YOU?!" she said, almost rudely. "You look so… different."

I smiled. "That's funny. You don't look different at all."

She slammed the door only a few seconds before we had started the next verse. I was sure she heard me. "If I had the wings of a Pansy."

"A Pansy."

"Into the woods I would fly."

"Would fly."

"There to remain as a Pansy."

"A Pansy."

"Until the day that I die."


About three years later…

"Don't stay here," I pleaded with him.

He smiled, but I had never seen his face so grim. He was determined. "I have to."

"My parents are taking me home."

"Good, you'll be safe." It was almost funny how two boys could be so alike, except so different. Hold the funny. I was glad that this one wasn't gay.

"Colin," I hated how whiny my voice sounded. "Don't do this. This war isn't some game that you dress up for and then you can just stop whenever it gets too intense."

"Dennis needs me to stay here with him."

"Well, take Dennis and go home. PLEASE."

He touched my cheek with icy fingers. His smile was still in place.

His face wasn't that of the boy I remembered loving. But I still loved him. So I watched while he walked away. And even today I still remember exactly what his words were when he told me he loved me and then stabbed my heart with his love of his brother over his love of me.