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Kiyoko and her daughters were being hunted by her recently deceased husband's maniac of a brother. He had forced his way into the house pretty quickly, and shocked all of the ladies in the residence with his break-in. He had kicked the door in while she and the girls were in the den. She had immediately grabbed her small daughter off the couch and held her with one arm. She used her other hand to pull her older daughter down the hall. She knew long ago why her husband had always instructed her that his brother was not allowed to enter their home unless he was there. Her husband had confided in her before their wedding about his brother.

Her husband's brother had been caught in the past, touching small children inappropriately. When his brother had planned visits, she and the girls were never in the home. Her husband had always been home when his brother made an unexpected visit, and she'd always been told to remain hidden in another part of the house with the girls until their father told them it was okay to come out. She never had to wait long. Her husband always made it clear that unexpected visits were forbidden, and had always gotten rid of him fast.

It may have taken a couple of weeks for the disgusting man to get the news about her husband's tragic massive heart attack, but he's decided to come here and he's after her precious daughters. She blinks furiously at the thought. She regrets that she put off getting a guard dog until next week. If we get away alive and safely tonight, a new ferocious guard dog will be our next purchase. Maybe a little yappy dog too. One that barks at the slightest provocation. Maybe arrange a marriage for Hisana with a man that can protect the family, anything is better than our situation now!

Hisana slams the study door shut and neither she nor her mother turn on a light. Her uncle has some of his unsavory men outside, and they will be instantly alerted to what part of the house the ladies had run to if they did something as stupid as turn on a light. (The idiots had made such a ruckus outside at the time of his entry that she knew they were there) Her mother cradles her little sister while she gets the door locked, before her uncle catches up with them. Something as tiny as a locked door would only stall him, it would never stop him. It's at times like these that living in the city would probably be better. Father had wanted a large home a long drive from the city, and away from all the racket, and heavy stream of people. This isn't the best situation when you're being hunted though. Her mother distracts her from her thoughts.

"Hisana, you must take your sister and run. Escape here with your sister and protect her. You must find someone to protect you both from him. He's obsessed. He absolutely cannot be allowed near either of you, he's an evil man. These were your father's wishes." She whispers. She is so thankful that her daughter understands. Hisana walks over to the desk and pulls her father's large pocket knife out of the desk and hold onto it like it's a lifeline. Her mother has focused her attention on her three year old daughter, who will soon be four.

"You must stay quiet. You must listen to your sister, and you must be brave. There is a bad man here who wants to hurt us. Mommy is going to deal with him so that her angels aren't hurt. For me, you have to be strong and you must not scream or cry." Her mother whispers softly and urgently into her daughters ear, kissing her soft temple. She worries that she's asking too much of such a young child. Her gaze swiftly moves to the door when a loud pounding noise is made. He has located the locked door, and starts kicking at it. There's not much time left.

"I promise." Rukia says very quietly with a reassuring smile for her mother. She may not understand everything that's going on, but she is very smart and her brain processes that there is imminent danger. At a time like this she should not argue but follow whatever direction her mother is giving her. Rukia isn't happy to see her mother's tears. "Mommy?"

Hisana walks over to the window and looks out to see none of the men in view. She takes Rukia gently from her mother. Her mother then quickly opens the closet where they keep extra clothing for storage. Off season clothes. She hurriedly finds the long hooded black cloak that her husband bought for her years ago and puts it around Hisana's shoulders. She also grabs Hisana's childhood dark colored coat, a little bit too big for Rukia, and she covers her younger daughter with it in Hisana's arms. She quickly kisses her daughters and silently opens the window.

Hisana slips silently out with Rukia.

Her mother goes to the fireplace and grabs a poker, holding it high above her head with both hands. She sees the door begin to splinter and crack and she takes a deep breath. The only thing she has left in her heart and mind are stopping or at least slowing down the man intent on causing her and her daughters harm.

"Please lord, give me the strength to protect my girls!" She says out loud to herself as she watches the door come down. Ichimaru Gin rushes into the room, noticing her weapon, he rushes at her and she brings it down with all of her might, with all of her heart. Too late she realizes he has dodged her blow. She had not seen the knife in his hand. In one swift graceful movement he slashes it across her neck, killing her instantly. He quickly searches the room, and when he doesn't find what he was looking for, he spits on his late brother's dead wife. He runs to the window, throwing it open, he roars to his buddies outside.

"They fucking got away! Find them!" He shuts the window and glares at his sister-in-law's corpse. "Kiyoko, you're such a bitch! I should have kept you alive and let my guys take turns on you. You had it too easy in the end, bitch!" He spit it out so that saliva shot out of his mouth as he hissed at her. He wants the treasure his brother has always kept hidden from him. He hasn't ever gotten to see what the girls looked like, until tonight that is.

He had stopped pursuing for a moment when he spotted a family picture in a hallway of the house that he had never been allowed to enter. It had been taken very recently, he can tell by the way his brother looks. His eyes rest longest on the tiny girl his sister-in-law is holding in the picture. She's perfect. He never minded a game of cat and mouse, so long as the cat got its prey. (Except cats don't catch mice to molest them) He decides to check the rest of the house for peace of mind before joining the hunt outside.

When he comes out, he has a backpack filled with things that a little girl would like. It's not like he's planning on killing her, she still has many tender years to come. The sister is too old for his tastes. He decides he'll do to her what he did to the mother, unless one of his men wants her. No witnesses. He had learned several important things while in the household. He'd learned the younger girl's name. Rukia. His brother had never allowed him any contact whatsoever with the rest of his family after the wedding to his wife. He licks his lips menacingly. His brother had even told him when he asked, that his family was none of his concern. Not anymore. I can't wait until little Rukia is in my possession. All the things I can do to her.