Rukia and Ichigo's youngest son, plays with Karin and Toushirou's oldest son in the yard, while Rukia rubs her pregnant belly. She and Ichigo had already given birth to three children, and now she's working on their fourth. Isshin is running around with all of the kids and they're all laughing like crazy, as he takes turns playing with the older and younger kids. He just adores his grandchildren.

Tatsuki and Renji arrive with their only son, Ishida and his wife Orihime arrive at the same time with their son and daughter, and They see Sado to arrive with Michiru and their daughter.

Rukia and Ichigo smile at all their friends who all appear to be arriving all at the same time.

Ichigo seems ecstatically happy as he sees the children playing together. Toushirou and Karin are by the grill, and Rukia is with Ichigo lounging on a lawn chair. Rukia notices that Karin seems to still adore Toushirou as much as she did when she first laid eyes on him.

They're still waiting for Jinta and Yuzu to arrive, but they're almost always late because of Jinta. The family is used to it by now.

"You make me so happy, Rukia." Ichigo whispers as he lays his hand on her pregnant belly.

"Do you think we can get another girl?" Rukia asks him as she watches their older son and daughter play tag, and her youngest son is playing with Karin's oldest son.

"If I had any control over it, then we'd get a daughter." Ichigo tells her and he smiles when he feels a strong kick come from inside of Rukia's abdomen.

"It kicked!" Rukia says excitedly.

"It looks like this one will be as strong as its siblings!" Ichigo tells Rukia with a grin.

Rukia stares into Ichigo's eyes and wonders for the millionth time how she managed to find him at the tender age of four. She smiles at him and he leans over to kiss her.

"It seems that some of the very best arrangements are agreed to, in innocence." Rukia whispers, earning a look of intense love from her husband. She thinks of how Ichigo's sisters also found their loves when they were children.

He decides to kiss her a couple more times, just because she makes him so damned happy.

"A million times, I love you." Ichigo whispers when he finally pulls away. Rukia gives him a loving smile.

"You know I love you in the exact same way." Rukia whispers in total happiness.

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