* Eight years ago I wrote this fan fiction before The Dark Knight movie was released. I only had the trailers, magazines and actor interviews to go off of. I decided to rewrite it because I love writing and just wanted to change this story up a bit since I was young when I first wrote it. This is just for fun-not trying to be a professional author. Thanks for reading and for reviewing my original story! *

Emilie nervously tapped her sharpened pencil on her desk. The classroom clock read 11:45 am. She was anxiously waiting for her calculus professor to issue the class their final exams. She glanced around the small classroom and saw no one appeared as nervous as her. Half the class was texting or laughing amongst themselves, clearly excited the semester was nearing its end. She spotted Carly in the back of the classroom, surrounded by the same three guys. They were all talking and the one guy was trying way too hard to flirt. She knew Carly from High School. She was, in Emilie's opinion, the most beautiful girl in her grade. So it was not a surprise for her to be the spotlight of affection in College. Emilie bit her lip as she flipped through her notes one last time. Her eyes skimmed each page, in hopes she could mentally photograph each formula. Some days she wished she was the girl who was popular and attractive but then she was thankful she did not have to socialize. She loved to read and practice her violin. Social events for her least favorite activity.

The stragglers of the class eventually arrived and seated themselves. Sean plopped himself beside Emilie and drank a huge gulp from his coffee.

"Last minute cramming?" he glanced over at her notebook.

"Uh, yeah," she smiled weakly at him. Emilie always did this, she did not know why he was just now noticing. In the corner of her eye, she watched him lean back in his chair and continue to drink his coffee.

"Any plans for summer?" He rocked his chair back and forth.

"Probably get a job," she mumbled. She knew that she had to communicate with the opposite sex if she ever wanted to go on a date. Sean was not the type of person she ever wanted to associate herself with. He bragged every class about his parent's money and the girls he had hooked up with and the benefits of smoking weed. Just last week, he mentioned to her that the girl he dated in high school was a famous model now and called him daily for hook ups.

She kept her face buried in notes. Apparently, Sean did not get the hint.

"I still have your number from that group project we did…"

Emilie sighed, dreading at what he was getting at.

"I can text you if you'd wanna hangout sometime," He inched his chair a little closer to hers. She decided she needed to let his ego down nicely.

"Maybe...if you aren't too busy with your model friend," She glanced over at him, smirking. His face looked shocked but thankfully the Professor stood up, halting any further conversation.

"Alright, cell phones and books away." The instructor pulled out a folder from his laptop bag and tapped the paper clipped tests on his desk. Sean scooted his chair away from Emilie and ran his hands through his blonde hair, defeated.

"Good Luck," Mr. Kline smiled genuinely as he passed out the tests to each row. "Reminder, no calculators. You have until class ends to complete the exam. I'll be here for an extra hour after class, if you have any questions about grades."

Completely by passing the name and date block, due to her nervousness, Emilie dived into her exam. Her lips pressed together the entire time. The taste of her vanilla flavored lip balm, distracting her. No question seemed too difficult and the 'no calculator' rule was a distant thought.

Once she reached the last page of the exam, she had already watched a couple classmates hand in their completed exams. She was going to look about the room to see who was left but decided against it. She needed to focus on herself and not care about being last for once. Sean had not even turned the first page yet. No surprise there.

The final question almost took up the entire page. Brushing her side swept bangs away from her face, she took a deep breath and began solving. She smiled once she completed her last answer. "Too easy," she thought as she stood up and walked to her instructor's desk.

"Let me guess…You want me to grade it now?" Her professor whispered. He placed his folded arms on his desk, awaiting an answer. Emilie approached his desk confidently. She refused to leave every class session unless he graded her tests. Thankfully, she had a patient and understanding Professor, who wanted nothing more than to please his students. Only if he saw they were making the effort in class and had perfect attendance, of course.

"If you don't mind." Emilie grinned as she stuffed her pencil into her backpack. As always, she was optimistic about her math grades.

Mr. Kline looked up at her and wrote her name and date on the top of the test. "Attention to detail." His smile faded as he watched for her reaction then went back to grading her test.

She bit her lip as she watched him flip to the second page. Not one mark was made yet. She glanced around the classroom and saw that half the class was still present.

"95.4%" he put her test in the stack of completed exams. His voice still barely above a whisper as he watched her face change.

"Thank you so much!" Her voice loud and excited. She placed her hands over her mouth, once she realized the volume of her usually small voice.

"Have a good summer," he politely smiled.

Emilie wasted no time darting out of the classroom and down the stairs to the second level. She pulled out her cellphone and text her best friend, Kara. She felt like she was on Cloud 9. Her first year of college was complete, she was on the Dean's List and her summer vacation was just hours away from starting.

She seated herself on one of the benches in the common area of the Science Floor. She checked her texts from her Mom, asking her to pick up some milk on her way home. Instead of responding, Emilie checked her Instagram account. She causally scrolled her newsfeed not really interested just trying to pass sometime. She was not alone for long before she saw Kara quickly approaching. Both girls smiled brightly at one another.

"Finally done!" Kara let out an exasperated sigh. Emilie scooted over so they could share the bench seat. Her eyes went back to her phone stayed glued in shock. Emilie saw a photo of her friend from high school that he posted and nearly froze. Alex and some girl posing together, his hand around her waist, downtown. Iced Coffees in hand. She briefly closed her eyes in frustration. She had been interested in Alex ever since middle school. They were friends because they were neighbors but that was probably as far as it would ever amount to. He was athletic, attractive and the textbook definition of 'social butterfly'. She put her phone away, not wanting to see anymore. She didn't want Kara to know what she saw.

"You ready?" Emilie asked, standing up. She was very impatient and knowing that the only thing separating them from their vacation was themselves, caused her to take control. She took a deep breath and tried not to think about Alex. Kara followed her lead and pulled out some gum from her purse.

"Yeah. I could barely focus all week. I just wanna be at the beach already." She blew a bubble as both girls exited the ten story building. The sun shone brightly in between the tall skyscrapers.

"Did you see that picture I sent you earlier?" Emilie laughed recalling the photo she snuck of some guy in her Biology class with a snake around his shoulders.

"Tell me that wasn't real," Kara glanced over, her eyebrows raised.

"Oh it was," Both girls laughed, walking past a newspaper stand. "He said his snake helps him stay calm, so he brought it to his final."

"Speaking of, how'd you do on the Bio final?" Kara spoke loudly over the noise of Gotham City.

"No clue. Nothing what I studied was on there." She avoided the other pedestrians. It was a quarter past one, but apparently the Monday lunch rush was still in full swing.

"That's how my History final was too and of course tons of dates I can't remember for shit!" Kara rolled her eyes, recalling her tedious exam. She was still popping her gum as she was talking, "I could have studied more but I was burnt out." Emilie looked at her best friend sympathetically. She knew Kara studied but she was also knew that having a new boyfriend was the real distraction.

"I passed my Calc final!" Emilie beamed after some silence.

"Nerd," Kara glanced over at her smirking. "Let me guess? 100%?" More gum popping was heard.

"No, 95.4%. He usually rounds the tests up for us if we've had good participation."

As they turned a corner, Emilie saw Kara reach for her cellphone.

"Great, Mike said I left my wallet at his dorm!" Kara glanced up at the sky in frustration. Her boyfriend Michael, was a junior at Gotham University. They both met while working at smoothie shop, not too far from Kara's townhouse.

Emilie and Kara stopped mid-walk. "The beach isn't going anywhere. Just meet me back at my apartment when you get your wallet." Emilie offered. She knew her friend was prone to overreacting and she tried her best not to contribute to her whining or risk making matters worse. This trip was going to be stress free and relaxing.

"I'll have to take a damn cab! He's all the way in Burnley!" Kara complained.

"Don't worry. I won't start drinking the liquor until you get back. I'll just finish the jell-o shots." Emilie joked watching Kara's face change from that of frustration to anger.

"You better not! I bought most of that alcohol anyway! You're too fucking cheap."

Emilie started laughing, causing Kara to laugh too. Both girls had been friends since Kindergarten. Since both were the only children in their families, they were closer than friends.

"Okay, I don't want to be leaving his place at rush hour so I'll see you soon."

With a quick hug, Kara was on her way to the curb to signal a cab. Her long tan legs caught the eyes of a few businessmen standing by. She was used to the attention and sometimes craved it, especially from older men. Kara was on the track and field team throughout her entire school years. She was in amazing shape and knew how to dress it up. She never had a problem finding a boyfriend in high school. Emilie, on the other hand, was the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Living in the shadow of Kara's beauty and athletic skills was something that she was slowly learning to overcome.

Now, she was relieved her first year of college was coming to a close. She was studying English at the Community College downtown. It was either that or stack up on student loans to attend a university. Her parents had agreed to pay for her Bachelor's degree, as long as she completed her Associate Degree at an affordable school. It was a simple compromise.

Walking downtown was something Emilie did often. Despite the crowds, terrible air quality, the traffic, the obvious beeping of car horns, and lack of greenery, She found it relaxing because she knew how to block it all out. The city life was all she had known. She felt comfortable in the city. However, every once in a while, she and her friends would go to the shore and take a break from the hectic lifestyle that is Gotham.

The day's weather allowed Emilie to wear her favorite jean shorts and a white eyelet lace top. Her Vans sneakers, once a vivid red, were now faded due to these long walks downtown. With her ear buds in, she began playing The Weeknd's new album. A classmate recommended it and it was growing on her. She turned another corner and decided to let her blonde hair down from the tight pony tail it had been in all day. She stopped short in front of the large windows of Gotham's largest bank. She watched her reflection as she let her long hair fall loose down her back. As she was quickly running her hands through her hair to loosen it up, she squinted past her own reflection and saw that a bunch of people inside the bank, were on the ground. She put her hair tie on her wrist and looked closer and saw three masked men holding guns to the bank tellers and various other people planted on the ground. As if on cue, her music began was playing a track that was increasing in speed.

"Oh my God." She mouthed as she realized a robbery was occurring. She slowly inched away from the class, not once taking her eyes away from the glass. After taking in a few short breaths, she glanced to her right and left and saw no one on her side of the street. She reached for her cellphone, paused the music and called her father's office.

As soon as her Dad answered, Emilie was too in shock to even speak. One of the masked men was now staring directly at her, five feet away from the glass.

"Dad…help," she slowly whispered.

She did not make out what he was saying, due to the sound of a yellow school bus crashing into the front entrance of the bank. Nearly dropping her cellphone, Emilie bolted away from the bank. She ran three blocks and stopped once she realized her cellphone in her hand still had her father on the line.

"Emilie, what the hell are you doing?!" Her father was yelling into the phone.

"Dad…Dad," she caught her breath before saying, "I saw a bank getting robbed. One of the guys…one of the robbers saw me. He saw me, Dad!"

"Get your ass home now! We have patrols on their way." Her father, a Gotham City Police Officer, was fearful for his daughters safety.

"Take a cab home, now!" He hung up the phone. Emile shoved her phone and headphones into the back pocket of her shorts, her heart beating faster than it ever had. With a quick glance behind her, she saw no one behind her. She knew she had to get out of the area so she started sprinting again down the sidewalk, her backpack beating against her back as she quickened her pace. As soon as she heard the sound of police sirens, she slowed to a walking pace.

The sirens in the distance gave her hope, knowing the situation was going to be resolved. Or at least she hoped. As she caught her breath, she looked behind her every few feet to make sure she was safe. She had a strange feeling someone was following her. She turned another corner and she felt a little more relaxed knowing her apartment was only ten mins away.

Passing fewer and fewer pedestrians, Emilie felt comfortable. "Stop being so dramatic." She told herself aloud. Any other day, she would have walked home with her headphones in her ears, blasting music.

25th street was never this quiet, she thought as pressed her lips together. Only one car passed by and the last pedestrian turned into their apartment complex a few seconds earlier, leaving her alone on the block. Her apartment building was now in view but she was still nervous.

Almost stepping on a glass bottle, Emilie saw a yellow school bus whirling around the corner ahead. It was coming straight towards her. She quickly ran up someone's porch steps to avoid being slammed into a building by the bus. The tires of the school bus squealed and the stench of burning rubber filled the city air. Once the bus was stopped, two masked men jumped out from the rear emergency exit of the bus. Emilie scooted towards the door to the building and tried to open the door. She did not want to stand to give away her location but slid her hand up to furiously ring the doorbell.

She glanced behind her and saw the men were checking random porches, presumably for her. She tried the door handle again and saw a post it note on the door, "Back in 5!" She pounded the door with all her might, her arms and legs now shaking uncontrollably. "Come on!" She whispered as she tried once more to wiggle the door knob.

"Stupid Broad can't read." Emilie's hand was frozen still on the doorknob as she heard the low voice of a man behind her. She was still crouched down on her knees and refused to turn around until she heard another man speak. "This her?"

Emilie kept her body still but turned her head behind her to see two men dressed in causal clothing, wearing clown masks. The men had two pistols armed directly at her cowering frame.

"I don't see any others," the other man spoke slowly.

"Grab her and let's go then." And with that, the men quickly took a hold of her upper arms pulling her towards the idling bus. It all happened so fast, the men pulling her and her losing her grip on the apartment door. She tried to dig her heels into the ground. The men only tightened their grips on her as she tried to squirm away. They reached the rear exit door of the bus and briskly lifted her up and tossed her in the bus. They too followed.

She found her footing and as she stood up, the driver of the bus slammed on the accelerator, causing Emilie to almost fall backwards in the aisle. She held on to the nearest seat and saw her two kidnappers yelling at each other while they closed the back door.

She ducked between one of the seats and pulled out her cell phone from her pocket. She typed in her passcode but her hands were shaking so badly she put the code in wrong three times. She cursed herself and tried it one more time with success.

HELP! robbers caught me on 25th

She sent the text to her father and switched her phone to vibrate. She heard the men walking towards the front of the bus so she shoved her phone back into her back pocket. With her knees on the floor she held on the brown leather seat cushion as the driver sped down the streets of Gotham. She sat close to the wall of the bus and laid her head on the cushion seat, her eyes closed as she continued to grip the seat in hopes of waking up.

"911! Shit, I'm so stupid." She thought. She grabbed her phone from her pocket again and glanced to around to make sure she was not being watched. She could not see the men but heard them arguing up front. She dialed 911 and ducked even lower on to the floor. Her heart was practically beating out of her chest, in fear of getting caught.

"911, what's your name and emergency?"

"Please help me! I was ki-"

Emilie's phone was snatched out of her hand while she was lifted up by her long hair.

"Up." The tallest man grunted. His partner took Emilie's cellphone and tossed it out one of the open bus windows. She desperately watched as her lifeline smashed onto the road behind them. In one swift move, Emilie was turned around and her hands were zip tied behind her back. She struggled as they tied her but one of them kicked her legs causing her to fall face forward in the alleyway of the moving bus.

Her cheek hit the floor first then her shoulder. She winched as she stumbled over her own feet to try to stand up. One of the men behind her, picked her up and forced her to sit in the seat directly behind the bus driver.

"Would someone fuckin' watch the back?!" Called the driver as the bus took a sharp turn left down an alley. One of the men sat behind her and the second, went to sit at the rear of the bus.

Emilie focused her blue eyes onto the man seated in front of her. His hair was slicked back and below his ears. It appeared to have a green hue to it. He too was wearing a mask along with the other men on the bus. Starring intently into the rear view mirror, she locked eyes with the driver. Her heart beat quickened as she saw his mask. It was the same masked man that saw her in the bank.

"Charlie, cover her damn eyes," the driver lifted his chin towards the mirror to get a better glimpse at his captive. He spoke to Charlie but his eyes were speaking to Emilie.

The school bus began slowing its speed to blend in with the heavy traffic. Emilie turned her head and panicked once she saw the man seated behind her cover her eyes and mouth with some type of fabric.