{ It's been exactly 363 days since Arnold was left standing outside Chez Pierre holding a red shoe. Yep it's the 12th of February and the gang is in year five. Mr Simmons moved up with them and is their teacher this year too. –Risma }

Pink Ribbon

~*Part One: Hey! I was only asking.*~

In P. S. 118's school ground –

Arnold is sitting on a swing, kicking the dirt with his feet and staring at the ground. Gerald walks over and sits in the other swing.

Gerald: Hey my man, what's up?

Arnold looks up at his best friend.

Arnold: Not up, down.

Arnold stares at the ground again.

Gerald: This ain't like you?

Arnold: I know. I'm just thinking.

Gerald: Okay man, spill the beans.

Arnold: This'll sound weird. But I've been thinking about Cecile. Well not her, but the girl who pretended to be her.

Gerald: Oh man. Is that all that's worrying you? Some girl you don't even know?

Helga hears and sneaks up behind the tree near the swings.

Arnold: Yeah. It's just…. I'd like to see her again. Even if it's only for a few minutes. Pity she didn't say her name.

Gerald: YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HER NAME?! How you gonna find that girl? You know how big this city is? Do you even know how difficult that'll be?


Arnold kicks a rock with frustration and it flies through the air. Right into Eugene's head. PLONK!

Eugene: I'm okay.

Arnold looks at the ground again.

Arnold: Sorry Gerald.

Gerald: Hey, no harm done here. Tell you what. I'll help you with the girl mystery, if you give Phoebe this.

Gerald digs in his pocket and hands a Valentines card to Arnold. Red, heart shaped and everything.

Arnold: This must've taken you ages.

Gerald: Yeah it sure did. So will you give it to her?

Arnold: Yeah…..alright!

Arnold gets off the swing a little happier.

Arnold: We've only got today and tomorrow to find Cecile.

Gerald: Yeah I know, I know.

They walk off to the school stairs. Meanwhile, Helga whips out her trusty locket and starts to swoon over Arnold's picture.

Helga: You'll get your wish my love. Cecile will make her triumphant return straight to your heart. Then maybe I can tell you who I truly am and reveal my devotion to you. – Or I could completely stuff this up and you'll hate me even more… Doi!

Brainy: *Wheeze.* *Wheeze.* *Wheeze.* THUD!

And Brainy's out cold behind the tree while Helga storms into school.

In the hall outside the lockers -

Gerald: I'll stay here and you hand it to her.

Arnold: Okay.

Arnold walks around the corner to where Phoebe is looking in her locker.

Arnold: Here Phoebe, this is for you.

Phoebe: F..f..for me? Oh my.

Phoebe closes her eyes and opens the card slowly.

Phoebe: (Please let it be from…) Oh it is!

Arnold jumps in surprise of Phoebe's yell, then he gives her a small smile. Phoebe puts her hand to her mouth, blushes and looks around nervously.

Phoebe: Oops. I think I said that a little too loud. Thank you Arnold.

Then she sees Gerald whip his head around the corner. Phoebe takes out a pen and paper, writes something, folds it and hands it to Arnold.

Phoebe: Please give this to him.

Phoebe walks off with a sigh. Arnold walks back around the corner and gives the piece of paper to Gerald.

Arnold: Here, read it.

Gerald: "Thank you, I loved your Valentines. I would've loved it even more, had you given it to me yourself, Gerald. From Phoebe." That's why I like the girl, she really appreciates hard work.

They walk down the hall towards the classroom.

Arnold: So why didn't you give it to her yourself?

Gerald: Are you kiddin'? I woulda froze in mid-sentence and made a real fool of myself. And you know what I think of my rep?

They walk quietly for a while.

Arnold: So what are we going to do about Cecile?

Gerald: I honestly don't know Arnold.

Gerald opens the door, while Arnold keeps walking.

Gerald: Hey aren't you coming to class?

Arnold calls behind him.

Arnold: I just need to get some stuff from my locker.

Gerald walks into the classroom. Arnold opens his locker when a white piece of paper falls to the ground. He picks it up and reads it.

Arnold: "Need help 'bout your past. Just ask 'round the class." What's that supposed to mean?

Arnold walks to the classroom.

In class -

The students aren't paying any attention to Mr Simmons as usual. Gerald's staring at Phoebe and vice versa.

Arnold: Gerald. Gerald. Gerald!

Arnold waves his hand in front of Gerald's face. Gerald stops looking at Phoebe.

Gerald: Wha….? Yeah man, what do you want?

Arnold: Heh. Heh. You didn't want to look like a fool before, but you're doing a good job of it now.

Arnold looks over at Phoebe, when Helga leans forward, her head coming into view.

Helga: Got a problem, foot-ball head?

He turns back to Gerald.

Arnold: I found this in my locker.

He hands the note to Gerald and he reads it.

Gerald: Do what the note says, Arnold. Ask the class about Cecile.

Arnold: What? NOW?

Gerald: Hey leave it to me.

Gerald puts it in his pocket. And they walk up to where Mr Simmons is sitting down. The teacher looks exhausted and Gerald puts an arm around his shoulders. Gerald talks sarcastically to Mr Simmons.

Gerald: Well it sure looks like the class just loooves your speeches. Hey, what if I can get their attention to the front of the classroom, will you let me say what I gotta say?

Mr Simmons: ANYTHING! Just pplllleeeeaaaasssseee help!

Gerald stands on the teacher's desk.

Gerald: HEY PEOPLE!! OUT FRONT!! Arnold's got something he has to say.

Everyone's dead silent and stares at Arnold.

Arnold: Right does anyone know of a girl called Cecile?

Still everyone's dead quiet.

Arnold: Okay then, how about a blonde girl, who wears pink and a bow in her hair.

Everyone points to Helga.

Arnold: Helga you know about this girl?

~*End of Part One*~