~*Part Five*~

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Pink Ribbon

~*Part Four: Talk About Dense!*~

Helga stops walking and almost gags. She stares at his back with amazement. Arnold turns around. Helga catches up. She pulls herself together and recalls their conversation last year.

Helga/Helen: Is this the Helga that bugs you?

Arnold: You remember! Well I've been wondering if a person can be like that all the time. I mean, she's gotta have a good side too. Right?

Helga/Helen: (Of course I have a good side, you dope! I'm walking right next to you. Not thumping you.) Maybe she just doesn't want to show her good side. Perhaps she's ….. (C'mon girl. THINK!) embarrassed. Yeah….that's it!!

Arnold stares at her outburst.

Arnold: You alright?

Helga/Helen: Me? Yeah…I'm fine, foot…I mean Arnold.

She lets out a quiet breath of relief. They make it to the park and sit on a seat there. Arnold sits first and Helga sits near, not too close, but close enough.

Arnold: You know… I thought I'd never see you again. What a coincidence I was just thinking of you the day before your letter arrived. Gerald was helping me find you.

Helga/Helen: You showed Gerald the letter!

Arnold looks puzzled at her.

Arnold: No I didn't. You sure you're alright?

Helga/Helen: Yeah. I'm positive. (Get a hold of yourself Helga. You want to die of embarrassment? Quick change the subject.) So you like anyone at the moment? (Of course he does stupid! Lila!)

Arnold: There is this one girl.

His eyes go all dazed.

Arnold: She's pretty and smart and sophisticated and….

His eyes go back to normal.

Arnold: Way out of my league. Helga's right, Lila will never "like me, like me." I'm no good with girls. I always seem to land in trouble.

Helga puts her hand on Arnold's shoulder.

Helga/Helen: I wouldn't say that. You're doing well so far, here.

Arnold stares at her. She smiles back at him.

Arnold: I know I've seen someone like you before. I just can't….remember….

Helga/Helen: (Whoa he's catching on! Do something!) Heh …Heh…um… Wow! Look at that! Isn't beautiful.

Helga looks up and takes her hand off his shoulder to point at the stars. Arnold stops staring at her and looks up.

Arnold: Yeah they sure are…

Helga watches him star gazing and sighs.

Helga/Helen: (Aren't I the luckiest girl in the world. Just sitting here with Arnold seems…perfect.) Hmmm. So who were these other girls?

Arnold stops gazing and look at Helga.

Arnold: Well first it was these grade sixers, then it was Ruth and now it's Lila. I even had a crush on my substitute teacher. But the most trouble I land in is with Helga. And I don't know why most of the time.

Helga/Helen: Somewhere out there must be a girl who cares for you?

Arnold: I dunno, but I do have this book…

He pulls out the Little Pink Book. Helga stares in horror.

Arnold: …With poems about me, but I can't find who it belongs to. I don't suppose you know?

Helga/Helen: M..m..me. No never seen it in my life! (LIER! Just tell him!) Maybe the owner is too shy to retrieve it from you?

Arnold looks at the book.

Arnold: Perhaps you're right.

He puts it in his pocket and leans back leaving his hand on the seat. Helga does the same but accidentally puts her hand on his. Helga doesn't flinch but looks over at Arnold. He just looks back and gives her his half smile. Helga takes her hand slowly away.

Helga/Helen: Sorry. (Lila eat you heart out!) So now what?

Arnold: We could go to the docks and get some food on the way?

Helga/Helen: Sure.

Arnold stands up and holds out his hand for hers.

Arnold: Helen…?

Helga accepts and they make their way to the docks.

At the docks –

Arnold and Helga just finish their dinner and look out towards the starlit water.

Helga/Helen: Thank you for the hot-dogs Arnold. They're better than cat brains and eggs.

He laughs, remembering the restaurant.

Arnold: Anytime.

He sees something down near the water.

Arnold: I'll be back in a sec.

He walks down to slope to the water. When he's out of earshot, Helga takes out her locket.

Helga/Helen: Oh Arnold how long I've waited for this. I'm sorry I can't stop coming up with aliases but I must. For if you were to find out who I really am, you'd hate me forever. Sorry my love.

Brainy: *Wheeze.* *Wheeze.* *Wheeze.* THUD!

Arnold come back up and sees Brainy on the ground, unconscious.

Arnold: Brainy! What happened to him?

Helga/Helen: Is that who he is? I don't know. He just walked up here and passed out.

Arnold: You wait here and I'll ring an ambulance.

Helga/Helen: Okay. (Oh Arnold, you're always the hero. Aahhh.)

Arnold runs off to the nearest telephone. Brainy comes around and Helga punches him out again, just in case. Arnold comes back.

Arnold: They'll be here soon. I hope he's alright. We should stay here with him. It's the right thing to do.

Helga/Helen: (How many times have I heard that line?) Fine by me. I'll wait a while but I can't stay for long. My folks want me home by nine.

They sit near Brainy, who doesn't look like he'll wake up soon. Arnold puts his hand in his pocket.

Arnold: I found this down there.

He points to the water. His hand comes out of his pocket holding a small chain.

Arnold: Here you can have it.

Helga looks astonished at it and accepts it with wonder.

Helga/Helen: Th…th..thank you Arnold. It's the nicest thing anyone has ever given me.

She kisses him on the cheek. He blushes, while she cleans it with the hem of her skirt. Then she looks at her watch.

Helga/Helen: Damn. I have to go Arnold.

Arnold: Now?

They both stand up and look sadly at each other.

Helga/Helen: Yes, now. But here….

Helga undoes the bow in her hair and puts it in Arnold's hand.

Helga/Helen: Take this as a promise we'll meet again. Bye Arnold.

She lets go of his hand and runs off. Arnold just stands there, watching her go, feeling really rejected.

Arnold: Well at least I know her name now.

He sits back down next to Brainy, examining the ribbon in his hand. He thought the ribbon's pink contrasted well with the blue glitter on his hand.

Arnold: BLUE GLITTER!!!! Then that was…..

Brainy came to again and sat up in a daze. He looked over at Arnold, who sat there with a blank look on his face and his mouth hanging open.

Brainy: *Wheeze.* *Wheeze.* *Wheeze.* Uh….where's Helga? *Wheeze.*

Arnold turns his head slowly toward Brainy with his mouth still open. The blank expression turns pale.

In Helga's room –

Helga is in the back of her wardrobe looking at her little shrine for Arnold. She nails the chain to the wall near her shrine and gazes at it.

Helga: I can't wait 'til next year. And you still don't know who I am, foot-ball head, which makes it perfect.

~*End of Story*~