Visions of Terror, Visions of Pain

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Dean was freaked! Here they were in the middle of the sidewalk and Sammy was lying unconscious in his arms with blood trailing from his nose and his mouth. His arms and legs were still jerking from the convulsions that he had just experienced and he was struggling to breathe. People were standing around and ogling them like they had nothing better to do with their time.

"What the hell is wrong with you people? This isn't no freaking side shoe, just leave us the hell alone. Don't you have something better to do?"

Dean couldn't stand them watching Sammy like he was some kind of freak. They didn't understand what he was going through and they never would. They would never know what Sammy went through just to save some of their sorry asses. Tears descended from his eyes as he cradled Sammy in his arms.

"Don't leave me Sammy, please don't leave me!"

As Dean gently rocked his gargantuan brother in his arms, a young woman walked up to them. She looked to be in her early twenties and she wore her auburn colored hair in a pony tail. "I've called for an ambulance; they should be here in a few minutes."

Dean looked up at her once again with unshed tears shining in his eyes. "Thank you, I can't lose him. He's my baby brother." He prayed that the ambulance would get there quickly.


Three days earlier

Dean and Sam had just pulled off of the interstate in search of food and a motel. The brothers were tired after having fought a shadow demon and they were looking forward to a few days off to kick back and relax.

"Hey Sammy, maybe we could go fishing, just do something normal for once. What do you think?"

Sam looked at Dean like he was possessed. "Are you kidding me? You've never once wanted to go fishing. What's gotten into you Dean?"

Dean smiled at the obviously surprised look on his brother's face. "Aw, come on Sammy, you know all we have done lately is hunt, hunt, hunt. I just thought maybe you'd like a chance to relax and enjoy the scenery. I saw a sign back there for Hudson Lake. Maybe we could rent a boat or something."

"You're serious aren't you Dean?" Sam asked Dean incredulously. After seeing his brother nod his head, Sam replied "Man, that sounds fantastic to me!"

Sam had the biggest smile on his face that Dean had ever seen and he felt good knowing that he helped to put it there. It had been a long time since Sammy had a reason to smile. They had fought so many demons lately, and Sam was beginning to look a little run down. He had dark shadows underneath his eyes and he had lost some weight. Dean was determined to change that if it was the last thing he did.


Dean pulled his classic Chevy Impala into the local Gas N Go to fill the tank which was running low and to buy something to snack on until they could find a motel. As he walked in and paid for the gas, he asked the clerk, "Could you tell me where I might find a decent motel around here that's affordable?"

The young female clerk had watched Dean as he got out his car and proceeded to pump the gas. She noticed the way his muscular body moved as he finished pumping his gas and began to walk into the store.

"What I wouldn't give to spend the night with a man like that" she thought. She was still daydreaming as Dean walked into the store and walked over to the candy aisle where he picked up a yellow bag of Peanut M&M's for himself and a granola bar for Sammy. He then walked over to the cooler and got them both a bottle of water before walking over to pay for his things.

Looking at the clerk, a young girl of about twenty with dyed blonde hair and brown eyes, he said "Hey there sweetheart, how much do I owe you?"

The clerk, who was still daydreaming, look startled at hearing the sound of Dean's voice. "Huh"

Dean had to laugh at the girl's one word reaction. He knew she was watching him so he leaned over the counter propping on one elbow and said, "I was asking how much I owed you?" with as sexy a voice as he could muster at the time.

The girl blushed as she realized she had been daydreaming. "That will be twenty eight dollars and fifty cents" she said.

"Sure thing darlin" Dean reached into his wallet and pulled out thirty dollars and handed it over to the girl. "I was wondering, can you tell me where I might find a decent place to stay for a few nights that's affordable?"

Smiling back at Dean, the clerk replied, "There is a motel about five miles down the road from here called Morning Glory that has clean rooms at a very affordable rate."


Sam stayed in the Impala as Dean went in to pay for the gas. He was tired and just wanted to get to a motel, take a nice hot shower, and crawl into the bed for a few hours. As he watched Dean approach the counter, he saw him talking to the girl and then he leaned over the counter.

"Oh no, here we go again. Why does he always have to flirt with every female he meets?" Sammy thought with a smile. He could imagine what the two were talking about in there and he wished Dean would hurry up. He was beginning to get a headache and longed for the comfort of a bed.

He noticed the girl give Dean a slip of paper before he walked out the door. It looked like Dean would have a busy night tonight. He watched as Dean walked over to the car and opened the door.

"Here you go Sammy" Dean said as he tossed the granola bar and a bottle of water at Sammy.

Sammy put the snack in his jacket saying he would eat it later. He was just too tired to eat it now. He opened the bottled water and chugged half of it down before closing it again and tossing it into the back seat.

Dean got into the driver's side and opened his M&M's before starting up the car and driving off. As he drove down the road, he noticed Sammy put his fingers to the bridge of his nose. "The kid must be getting a headache" he thought. He turned down the radio as Carry On My Wayward Son played so that it wouldn't make things worse for Sammy.

"There's a motel about five miles from here Sammy. We'll pull in there and get a room for the weekend." Dean knew Sam needed to rest to get rid of the headache. He seemed to be getting them more and more lately. The kid had to much stress in his life lately and that was probably the cause of the headaches.

As Dean rounded a corner, he saw the sign for the Morning Glory Motel. He pulled up to the office and told Sammy to stay in the car while he went in to get a room. Sam was more than happy to oblige him.

Dean paid for the room with a credit card in the name of Hank Martin and walked back out to the car. He drove the Impala over and parked in front of room 228 which was on the corner, just where he liked to be. As he and Sammy got out of the car, Dean looked at his brother and tossed him the room key.

"You go on in Sammy. I'll get our things from the trunk."

Sam unlocked the door, walked into the room and flopped on the bed that was away from the door. He knew Dean always claimed that one for himself. He groaned as he closed his eyes. He really wished his headache would go away. He heard Dean walk into the room a few minutes later and deposit their duffle bags onto the floor. He heard Dean shuffling around and heard him walk into the bathroom where he heard water running in the sink. A moment later, Dean walked into the room and said "Here Sammy, take these" as he handed his brother some ibuprophen pills to help with his headache.

Sam opened his eyes and accepted the pills gratefully. "Thanks Dean." He swallowed down the pills using the water that Dean had given to him from one of the plastic cups in the motel room. Within minutes, Sam's breathing had even out as he relaxed into sleep.

Dean turned on the television, pushing the mute button as he did so. He would stay in the room for a while and watch over Sammy as he slept. He couldn't go to a bar and have fun knowing that Sammy wasn't feeling well.


The demon Gremory watched with glee as the Winchester brothers pulled into the motel. He was going to enjoy putting those brothers through sheer hell on earth. He knew the only way to break the oldest would be to torture the thing that meant more to him than anything else, that being his little brother. His plan was already in motion with the headaches, but oh, he had so much more planned for those two.

Gremory was a powerful duke of hell with twenty six legions at his command to do his bidding. But he was going to handle this case by himself. He was going to be the one to bring the mighty Winchesters to their knees.


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