Visions of Terror, Visions of Pain Ch. 10

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Sam watched in astonishment as Dean threw the holy water in Gremory's face and told him "You may be the DUKE OF HELL but I am KING OF THE HILL and you will never lay a hand on Sammy as long as I am breathing!"

He knew it wouldn't be long before the demon was able to overcome the effects of the holy water and would attack Dean again.

Sam struggled to get out of the bed in his weakened state but stopped his movement when Dean hollered "No Sammy, stay there. Don't try to get out of that bed."

Dean saw his baby brother trying to get out of the bed and knew he had to stop him. Sammy was surrounded in a circle of protection as long as he was on the bed. He couldn't allow Sammy to leave that circle of protection so he pleaded with his brother to stay there as he readied to face off against Gremory once again.

Dean looked at Gremory to find the demon shaking off the effects of the holy water. "How dare you think yourself more superior to me" Gremory bellowed out in rage. He raised his hands in the air as the winds began to swirl around the room, sending objects flying in all directions. Dean, having been released from Gremory's hold by the holy water, flung himself on Sammy's bed and covered Sammy with his own body just in time to keep him from being smacked in the head by a ceramic water pitcher.

Dean watched in fury as the wind in the room blew to almost tropical storm force and objects began to fly around the room. He was horrified to see a heavy water pitcher moving towards Sammy and flung himself on top of his baby brother just in time. He hissed in pain as he was hit on the shoulder and felt the pitcher shatter, a piece of it cutting into his arm.

Across the room, John was beginning to regain consciousness. He moaned in pain as he struggled to open his eyes. He could hear that his children were in trouble and he desperately needed to get to them. In his pain induced haze, he heard Dean taunting the demon and had to smirk while thinking "That's my boy."

Suddenly there was a cacophony of bodies slamming into the door as the other hunters tried to get into the room. Dean knew that Bobby and the others were doing everything they could to get into the room. He needed to break the demons concentration long enough for the hunters to break through.

Dean stood up and faced Gremory. "Come on you son of a bitch, bring it on. I'm ready for ya."

Gremory looked at Dean livid with rage. He used his powers to force Dean against the wall, while at the same time putting a choke hold on him. As Dean struggled for breath, his body slowly started sliding up the wall as Gremory laughed uncontrollably with an evil grin upon his face.

'Now watch as I destroy everything you ever loved."

Gremory focused on Sammy who grasped his head in pain with both hand as blood began to trickle from his nose.

"Leave him alone you crazy bastard" screamed Dean. He knew Sammy wouldn't be able to hold on for too long because he was still recuperating from the trauma he had suffered earlier.


John heard the sheer terror and pain in Dean's voice as he screamed at the demon. He opened his eyes and tried to focus through the double vision. He could see Dean being held against the wall with anguished pain in his eyes. He turned his head to see Sammy doubled over in pain and clutching at his head. John did the only thing he could think of at the time to help. He reached inside his boot and pulled out his silver knife throwing it to lodge in the demon's back.

Gremory's attention was held with fanatical glee as he watched the brother's writhing in pain. He was ecstatic to see that the oldest would soon lose consciousness as he was held within the chokehold and the youngest was clutching his head in pain.

Soon he felt Sammy beginning to fight back as Sam focused on him with a look of hatred.

"I won't let you kill my brother" said Sammy as he pushed out at Gremory with his mind who stumbled against the pressure."

"You will pay for that" said Gremory as he sent more waves of agony into Sam's mind."

Sammy screamed in pain as he once again clutched his head with both hands. He knew he was about to die and worried about what it would do to his family. Suddenly, the pain receded completely just before Sam gave into unconsciousness as his body could no longer fight the pain.

Just as Gremory went in for the kill, he felt a sharp sudden pain in his back and roared in agony as he fell to his knees. He lost his hold on all the Winchesters as he contorted in agony from the silver knife lodged in his back.

Dean slumped to the floor as he gasped in air. He fought off the darkness creeping in on his vision. He couldn't afford to pass out. He had to protect Sam and his dad. Dean struggled to his feet and dived at the demon knocking him onto a rug that was on the floor just as the demon was able to remove the knife from his back, regaining his strength.

Gremory stood and strode with purpose toward the bed that Sammy was on, but as he approached the end of the throw rug, he found himself unable to move. It was as if he was being held immobile by some invisible force. He looked over to see Dean with a smirk on his face as he looked down at the rug. Gremory pulled at the edge of the rug to find himself firmly held in a devil's trap.

"Gotcha" said Dean as he heard the other hunters entering the room.

Joshua immediately began to chant an exorcism spell to dispose of the demon. As he chanted, Gremory succumbed to the agony of the exorcism as his body contorted in painful ways trying to escape the monumental amount of pain he was enduring. As Joshua was finishing the exorcism, Gremory bellowed out "Ill be back " as he was exorcised back to hell in a flash of evaporating black smoke .


While Joshua was doing the exorcism, Bobby and Donovan ran into the room to check on the Winchesters. Bobby went to check on John and Dean as Donovan checked on Sammy.

Donovan immediately started assessing Sammy as soon as he saw him lying unconscious on his bed. Sam had an elevated blood pressure and a rapid pulse. Donovan was dismayed to find blood tricking down Sam's face and administered the medicines that would reduce the pressure in his head.

As Bobby walked over to help Dean, he pushed him away saying, "I'm alright Bobby, go help my dad." Bobby could tell that Dean was in a lot of pain but knew the stubborn kid wouldn't accept help until he knew his family was okay.

Bobby walked over to help John who was trying to get to his feet. He reached out a hand to steady John as he began to sway. He noticed that John's pupils were uneven and knew the man was suffering from the effects of a concussion.

"Thanks Bobby" said John, "I need to get to Sammy."

Bobby helped John walk over to his youngest son's bedside to notice that Dean was intently watching as Donny was assessing his baby brother.

"John, I want to do another CT scan on Sammy to ascertain if any more damage was done to Sammy's brain during the fight."

John struggled to understand what Donny was saying due to the marching band that was playing in his skull. He knew that what Donovan was saying was important and concerned Sammy but he just couldn't manage to focus. He looked at Dean as if to say, "You got to help me here son."

Dean nodded at his dad and said, 'You have our permission Doc. Go ahead and do whatever you have to do to help Sammy."


Donovan returned to the waiting Winchesters to give them the good news that no more damage had been done to Sammy's brain from the latest fight with the demon. Sammy was returned to his room as his family sat beside his bed waiting for their youngest to wake up.

A few hours later found Dean sleeping in a chair with his feet propped up and resting his hand on Sammy's chest. A bed had been moved into the room for John to rest on so he could recover from the effects of the concussion.

Bobby walked into the room later and roused John to ask the usual questions making sure that John wasn't getting worse from the blow to his head. "What's your name? How many sons do you have? What kind of car does Dean drive?" John was able to answer the questions and Bobby left him alone to drift off to sleep once again. Bobby looked over at Dean and Sam to see Dean looking at him through bleary eyes.

"They're alright Dean. Go back to sleep." Dean closed his eyes as Bobby softly walked out of the room.

Sam awoke the next morning feeling sluggish. His head hurt, but not as badly as it had before. He turned his head to see Dean sleeping in the chair beside him and grinned. Dean's looked disheveled in his wrinkled clothes with his hair messed up.

Sensing Sam's scrutiny, Dean opened his eyes to see his brother looking at him. "How ya doing Sammy? Are you in any pain? Do you need me to get the doc?"

Sammy shook his head and said, "No, I'm alright Dean, just a little sore."

The brothers talked with each other in hushed tones until they noticed their dad starting to stir in the next bed.

"Well looks like Cinderella decided to join the ball" said Dean as he snickered at the look his father gave to him.

"Very funny Dean, But I'm not the one here having the chick flick moment" he said as he saw that Dean was unconsciously rubbing his thumb across Sam's hand.

Dean blushed as he realized what he was doing. 'What can I say dad, sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.


Two weeks later

Donovan finally released Sammy from his care after the swelling had went completely down in his head and the tests had confirmed that Sam had not suffered any permanent damage from the intracerebral hemorrhage. He left strict instructions that Sam was to rest for a few more weeks until he was completely recovered from the events at the clinic.

John promised that he would make sure Sammy didn't do anything strenuous that would hamper his recovery. He thanked Donovan for helping Sammy and they agreed to keep in touch with the doctor to let him know how things were going.

As they left the clinic. John looked over at his boys and said, "Bobby has invited us to stay at his place for a while and I took him up on his offer. I figured Sammy could use the time to recuperate and maybe we could do some fishing together. What do you say boys?"

Both Dean and Sam were stunned to hear that their dad was actually considering taking a break from the hunt. Sam was the first to recover as he asked his dad, "Are you serious dad, I mean you really want to take a break from the hunt?"

"What, you don't think I deserve to spend some time with my boys" John answered in reply.

Dean was happy to see the look of contentment that crossed Sammy's face, a look that he hadn't seen in quite a while. He could just hug his dad for putting it there but he looked at his dad and said "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's load up and hit the road."

As the Winchesters drove off each one had a smile on their faces looking forward to the days ahead.


I hope the ending didn't seem too rushed, but I did the best wasn't sure what more I could add. I hope you enjoyed it anyway.