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oh and i would like to point out that this story is kind of being told from the perspective of a narrator with a POV. so at times there will be like little interjections made by the narrator that mock/support/etc a character or a situation that a character is in. (if you've ever read the book series Gossip Girl, just think of how Gossip Girl adds her own comments at times) i put it in for humor :D also because sometimes it's fun to make fun of the characters :P

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prologue: the princess's new school

Izumi Orimoto slid out of the taxi easily and daintily stepped onto the curb. A gigantic white-marble staircase loomed enormously in front of her, marking the entrance into North Shibuya Academy, a hard-to-miss landmark in the heart of Tokyo and one of the best private schools in the country. 'Huh,' she thought absently, 'It looked ten times smaller in the brochure.' The cabby drove away, leaving Izumi to be suffocated in a cloud of CO2.

Izumi was dressed in the North Shibuya Academy uniform: Autumn Collection. Black ballet flats and thin white knee-highs adorned her feet. She was also wearing an internet-link-blue pleated skirt that stopped at her mid-thigh, a white and collared long-sleeve tailored shirt that had big black buttons that went down the middle, with white ruffles surrounding them. The shirt also featured a wide blue ribbon, the same color as her skirt, that was tied around the waist and made into a ribbon in the back, but it was currently covered by the school's signature black wool blazer, which was very ornate, decorated with four gold-colored buttons, gold-outlined cuffs, and a pocket on the left breast which was also outlined in gold.

A silk blue-and-white tie poked out from the v-cut of the NSA blazer. On the breast pocket, the school's icon was embedded into the fabric: the school's initials, NSA, written in gold in an eye-catching, loopy, calligraphy font, inside the outline of a shield, which was outlined in gold and blue. According to the North Shibuya Academy Guidebook, which Izumi had been cram-reading on her ride to the school, the shield represented defense against dangerous or flawed ideas while students were cultured to become highly effective members of society in the save haven that North Shibuya Academy provided. Izumi had also been provided with a tan brown messenger bag that was outlined in some golden material and had the NSA icon stamped on its front pocket.

The only factor of their appearance that students were allowed to customize were how they held their hair, any headgear, and any choice of jewelry that was appropriate, so she had elected to wear a long silver chain around her neck, and a small silver locket was attached to it.

The blonde, an outsider looking in, watched the mass of private school students enjoying their last precious minutes of summer freedom. Boys of all ages swaggered around, greeting old buddies, flirting with reluctant girls, and laughing big, obnoxious laughs. Girls sat down in tight groups on the enormous steps leading up to the main entrance of the school, adjusting make up, gossiping, and eyeing the guys with lustful glints in their mascara-laden eyes.

Izumi took it all in and sighed dejectedly. Everybody was so... divided, and a cliquey school was the very last thing she needed right now. Now that she thought about it, what had she been thinking when she had chosen her mother when she could have gone with her dad back to Italy, her first home? Now she was reaping the consequences of her actions. Izumi felt her mood plummet as her mind wrestled with the negative thoughts. Tokyo over Italy? Yes, she was definitely crazy.

It's a catch-22, alright.

Izumi adjusted her NSA messenger bag and fingered the precious locket, keeping her emerald eyes down as she dashed up the pseudo NY-Metropolitan-Museum steps to the main entrance of North Shibuya Academy. As she flew up the huge steps, she felt the eyes of her new classmates pressing in from all sides. Curious boys and girls alike watched the mysterious new comer with the long silver locket and pale blond hair, taking mental pictures to store in their minds for a later topic of conversation. After all, there's no better way to kick start the new school year than with some healthy gossip about the newest student...

Whether she liked it or not, Izumi Orimoto was the New Girl again.

(i think that having pictures of people and places in a story really helps to bring it alive and make it more believable.)

metropolitan museum steps:
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i was there a week and a half ago :D it's really as magnificent and gorgeous as it sounds in the media, i swear. although i will admit that it was not as amazing as the cherry blossoms in central park.