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She shrieked, head tossing back as tears fell down her face, tracing old tracks and making new ones. The pain was obviously overbearing, yet she couldn't seem to do anything about it.

Closer inspection revealed that she dangled in the air, unseen chains holding her so tight that clear indentations were left on her skin.

Another scream tore its way out of her throat, more tears wetting her face and sliding down her neck. Whimpers leaked out from between her lips as it seemed that the chains tightened. The sound of bone starting to break filled the air.

Just as the first 'snap' whipped through the air, she jerked her head to the side and looked straight at him. His hands had been close to grabbing what he'd assumed had been the anchoring of one of the chains.

His intent was to free her, but something in her eyes stopped him. They were begging, yes, but not for freedom.

They actually seemed to beg him to step away, to leave her be in this strange torture. Words, weak and choked, fell from her lips.

"P-please…my…my pain….don't," She inhaled sharply, a tiny cry sneaking out. "Don't take it away!"

The shout startled him, making him jump back. Immediately guilt assaulted him. He had to help, no matter what.

Her whisper was so soft; he almost missed it as her ribs started to give in to the increasing pressure.

"My pa-pain….it's all…I have…now so….please….puh-please," She began to cry harder," don't take it away…from me…"

Suddenly she did something he thought that no one would be able to do in that condition. She smiled, blood now dripping down her chin from internal bleeding. The crimson fluid mixed with her tears, effectively making it seem that there was more of it than there actually was.

A loud 'crack' told all that her spine had just been broken…

….and with that Check Hardwing, also known simply as Grin to his friends, jolted awake, startled, scared and deeply confused by what could have only been a nightmare.

Yet something deep inside told him that it was more than that…..


TinySprite: I kinda got tired of all the happy stories and all the drama dealing with Nosedive (knows quite well that she has no right to talk). So here's something of my darker mind.

Dragaunus: I get the feeling that I will not be the only villain this time around.