Sonic and his friends see a contest for baseball. The winner gets three chaos emeralds.

"Aw cool! We can sure use three chaos emeralds." Sonic said looking at the poster. Knuckles and Tails agreed. Then Amy jumped out of no where and grabbed Sonic into a hug.

"Oh Amy!" Sonic said pulling away from her.

"I heard about the contest! We should sign up." Amy said looking ay her friends.

"Sorry Amy but there's no room for girls in my team. We need those chaos emeralds badly. But you can come and cheer us on." Sonic said smirking and crossing his arms.

"I'm a good of a player as Knuckles and Tails!" Amy said placing her hand on her hips.

"Sorry Ames. But no way. We need to go and get ready. See ya around." Sonic said turning away. Knuckles and Tails followed him.

"That was a bit mean Sonic." Tails said to his brother.

"Aw she'll get over it. Besides the contest is really important right now. Amy will be fine." Sonic said shrugging.

Amy walked away with her head down. She wasn't paying attention and she bumped into someone. Her eyes were still on the ground. She saw a pair of air shoes.

"Oh um sorry Shadow." Amy said looking up at the ebony hedgehog.

He shrugged it off. He saw that she was upset.

"What's wrong?" He asked lifting her chin up.

"Oh it's this contest….."

"If it's a beauty contest than I say you're the winner." Shadow said smiling.

He always seemed to have something nice to say about Amy.

"Aww you're sweet but that's not the contest I'm talking about. It's a baseball contest and the winner gets three chaos emeralds. I saw Sonic looking at the poster and told him that we should make a team. But then he goes ahead and says that he doesn't want girls on his team. I'm a good player. And I oh um sorry. I didn't mean to bore you with my pathetic sob story." Amy said bowing her head.

Shadow placed a finger under her chin and made her look at him.

"You never bore me Ames. So what if Sonic doesn't want an awesome player like you on his team. Come to think of it. How about me and Omega enter. You can be in the team if you want." Shadow said shrugging.

"Oh really. Thanks Shadow!" Amy said giving him a hug.

Shadow smiled and returned the embrace.

"Let's go sign up now. We can go against Sonic's team." Amy said letting him go.

"Alright then. Let's show that faker that even a girl can beat him." Shadow said winking at Amy. Amy blushed and smiled.

They went to sign up.

"Name of team…hmmmm…what do you think Shadow?" Amy asked as she was writing on the paper.

"Anything I guess. But nothing girly Amy. Me and Omega have to be in this too you know." Shadow said thinking of some type of name.

"Oh don't worry. I'd never pick a name that would embarrass you or Omega." Amy said not taking her eyes off of him. Shadow smiled.

"How about………KFB!" Amy said laughing.

"Team what?" Shadow asked partly laughing at her.

"Team Kick Faker's Butt!" Amy laughed.

Shadow laughed and Amy did too.

"Na. We can do better than that." Shadow said trying to stop laughing.

"Ok then how about……oh I don't know. Knowing Sonic he'd pick team Sonic." Amy said rolling her eyes.

Shadow thought and had an idea.

"Hey what if we put or team names together." He said thinking out loud.

"What like Dark Rose." Amy said smiling at him.

"Sure if you want it that way." Shadow said winking at her.

"Team Dark Rose. Hmm….ok then Shadow! We have are name." Amy said writing it down.

Shadow rolled his eyes and smiled. He truly didn't care for baseball but he hated Amy upset.

The following day was game day. Sonic and his team came onto the field and looked around.

"Hey Sonic. We need one more player." Tails said. "Actually we need a few more players." Tails said thinking.

"Don't worry bro. I can play third base, outfield and pitcher. My speed will come in handy.

"I so hate my uniform! This is crazy! Blue! Sonic why blue!?" Knuckles said annoyed.

"Well this is Team Sonic. And our color is blue." Sonic said full of himself.

"I'll give you blue!" Knuckles said holding up his fist. Tails stopped him.

"Well hello Sonic." Someone said from behind them. The group turned and Sonic wasn't in shock to see Amy. But he was in shook at what she was wearing.

She had on a black and red jersey which showed part of her belly. She also had on a black and red skirt on with black boots. Her jersey red DR. Sonic didn't know what it meant. But her outfit made his jaw drop.

"What are you doing on the field? You're suppose to be cheering in the stands." Sonic said crossing his arms.

"Oh no I'm not. Meet our team." Amy said placing her hands on her hips.

"What team?" Sonic said laughing.

"Over here faker." Someone said from behind Amy.

Sonic's jaw dropped again. Shadow had on the same jersey as Amy. But his was saggy just how he liked it. He also wore black jeans which had a chain through the belt area. Omega came up. He had the symbol DR on his chest. He also had a bat attachment.

Amy leaned on Shadow and smirked.

"Bye boys. See you on the field Sonic." Amy said waving. She took Shadow's hand and led the way to their dug out. Shadow turned and grinned evilly at Sonic. Omega followed his team.

"Oh we are so dead." Tails said putting his head down.

"Yup. Might as well thrown in the towel." Knuckles said.

"Hey we're not quitting. Just because Amy puts on a hot outfit and Shadow getting awfully close to her…." Sonic lost his train of thought as he saw Shadow put his arm around Amy. The two were laughing and getting closer. It steamed Sonic.

"We crush them got it!" Sonic said stomping away. Tails and Knuckles rolled there eyes and followed the hot head.

"I can't wait to beat Sonic!" Amy said leaning against Shadow.

"Hmmm….why is he looking at us like that?" Amy said looking over to the other dug out. Sonic was glaring darkly at the two. Omega was practicing while all of this was going on.

Shadow took his arm back from around Amy and stood. Sonic stood too. They made eye contact and glared at each other.

"He's jealous. Sonic's jealous of you Shadow." Amy said standing next to Shadow. He was a bit taller than her.

"Jealous? Of what?" Shadow said looking at her.

Amy shrugged and got out the dug out with Shadow. Sonic got out the dug out too. They walked towards each other.

"What's with you two!?" sonic yelled.

"Huh?" Amy and Shadow said confused looking at each other.

"Amy wearing the hot outfit! You holding her hand and wrapping your arm around her! What's going on!? Is this to make me jealous. Cause if it is it's sure working!" Sonic confessed.

"I knew it!" Amy said pushing Sonic.

"You would only like me if some other guy treats me better!" Amy said pushing Sonic away.

"Well at least I don't dress so skimpy to impress a guy!" Sonic said coldly.

"Huh!" Amy gasped at put her hand to her mouth. She backed away.

"I….I'd never….you no good…" Amy was lost for words.

"Alright you just crossed the line!" Shadow said making a fist. He punched Sonic in the gut.

"Come on Amy." Shadow said taking her hand.

"Yeah go Amy. Follow that no good excuse for fur." Sonic said from the ground.

Amy stopped walking and turned to Sonic. Sonic's eyes widened. She was crying.

"Oh no! Amy I didn't what I said!" Sonic said rushing to get up from the dirt.

"No. You did." Amy said turning away. Shadow turned and glared at Sonic.

"Amy I'm sorry!" Sonic said.

"Leave me alone faker!" Amy yelled running back to the dug ouy.

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