The Seven Sins.

Prologue: The Sin Game.

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The bar was dingy, dim and dirty. The three D's, each of them bad. This was the bar that the most hardcore and sketchy people decided to loiter outside of. This was the rundown ex-brothel where there was the most dirty activity. But this was also the bar known for being in possession of the cheapest sake, therefore: it's where Konohagakure's newest, just-moved-up-to-jounin shinobi gathered for their graduation celebration.

It's where Hatake Kakashi, Yamoto, Might Gai and Yuhi Kurenai sat seated, watching them interact.


Quite disorderly, actually.

It was a good thing that there was only about twenty-two people in the bar at the time, including the teenage shinobi.

Hyuuga Hinata sat seated, well more curled, soberly in a half-backed chair at a large wooden circular table, dozing subtly. She hadn't touched a drop of sake, though the drinking was getting heavier and heavier around her. Tenten sat to her right, with Neji next to her, who she was basically dozing against. There was a half-drunken cup of sake in front of the weapon's mistress.

Next to Neji on his right was Sai, who was flashing an empty smile. Next to Sai, Shikamaru sat, his head on the table, arms covering his face, passed out from a single cup of sake. Chouji was still inhaling the alcohol next to the unconscious Shikamaru, with Sakura to the right of him. Next to Sakura sat Sasuke, arms crossed over his chest, his skin tone even paler with the sake consumption. He was close to setting the all-time-high holding-your-alcohol score, he had already downed the most cups, and still had one in front of him.

Regrettably, next to the Uchiha sat Lee, who was steadily drinking water and watching the sake wearily, but still trying very hard to squawk at Shino. Bug-boy was observing them all from his seat, which was pushed up against the wall, about three feet from the table. The boy sat stiffly with his arms crossed, much like Sasuke. He was calmly ignoring Lee's rants about the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings that Shizune forced him to attend.

The two blondes remaining, Naruto and Ino were to the right of Shino. Naruto was grinning brightly at the blonde female, all the while watching his pink-haired teammate out of the corner of his cerulean eye. This was all while Kiba was trying to wake Hinata gently.

Naruto was laughing really hard at one of Ino's blonde moments, to which Kiba commented something obnoxious. Sakura reached across the table to give the dog-lover a good smack and ending up knocking over someone's glass.

Chouji, who was yelling angrily at Sakura to buy him another cup missed Sai move closer to Shikamaru's side, and pull out his ink brush. Sai at the moment had no idea why he was feeling so… (what Sakura called) 'silly', and decided to just go with it.

Kakashi was too amused to lean over and tell the poor boy he was completely shit-faced. Sakura put her hands over her ears to block out Chouji's ever-present shouting and continued making faces at Tenten from across the table. Neji, who was sitting rigidly in his chair, Tenten half-awake and giggling on his shoulder, continued to glare at Lee across the table, who was now flinging his arms around rapidly.

Shino, still ignoring Rock Lee, observed the look Sasuke got from Naruto as the dark-haired boy shoved his cup of sake harshly at the Akimichi boy, who drank it down greedily.

But then Kiba stood, getting mad at Lee for harassing his teammate and began growling darkly, and soon chaos ensued. Naruto went around Ino to grab ahold of Kiba and sit him back down, but the dark-haired male jumped away, crashing into a waitress bringing over two more pitchers of sake…which happened to both spill all over the sleeping Hyuuga Heiress.

She sat up from her slouched position quickly, looking around disoriented. Kiba grabbed her forearms, apologizing repeatedly and Tenten began to sober up at the sound of Hinata's dismay, despite the beer-soaked girl telling Kiba that it was okay.

Neji stood as well, suddenly glad that his cousin was staying at the weapon mistress' house for the night-- he didn't want to be the one to explain why she reeked entirely of sake…hell, no one in the house would want to be within a four mile radius if Hiashi ever found out that Hinata smelled in such a way.

Lee began to yell louder trying to get Shino's attention, which made Kiba remember why he was mad. He then tried to lunge over the table at Lee, who got into a defensive stance. Naruto grabbed a hold of him before he could make it over the table, and Kiba thrashed around. Shino stood and grabbed Kiba's other arm.

Kurenai decided it was time to step in.

She signaled Gai to take Lee out of the bar, and the man stood enthusiastically, trompsing over to his student and grasping his arm. Together, they left the room, Lee still glancing at Shino from over his shoulder. Kurenai and Tenten led Hinata outside, and Neji took Naruto's spot holding down Kiba with Shino as the six left as well.

At that moment, a messenger hawk flew through the closing door and landed on Kakashi and Yamoto's table. After glancing at the scroll, Kakashi looked over at Yamoto and nodded. Yamoto stood and they both looked over at the table where the remaining kids sat.

Sai was finishing up his artwork on Shikamaru's skin, and the sleeping boy was starting to rouse. Chouji had just ordered another sake because he'd spilled his last one on Shikamaru's arm (smearing the ink there), while next to him, Sakura and Naruto had changed seats so that Sakura could talk to Ino.

Naruto was bugging Sasuke periodically, while the ex-nukenin scowled unhappily.

Kakashi shrugged and formed a hang sign, leaving the sight behind, just as Yamoto moved for the door.

Suddenly aware of the stark silence around them, the remaining ninja quieted down and turned to face each other. Shikamaru was the first to open his mouth.

"Why am I all wet?"

Chouji began to giggle, causing the group to look at him. He shut up.

"Hey," Ino slurred. "Who wants to play a gameee?"

Sakura, though not as drunk as Ino, but still more on the side of shit-faced, raised her peach colored hand. "I do!"

Naruto grinned widely, followed by Sai, who took it as an example. Shikamaru nodded lazily, while Chouji crunched in agreement.

Uchiha Sasuke had only been back in Konoha for a year and a half, and he had just gotten off of his probation last month. Things had gone back to the way they were with Naruto and Kakashi, and though the villagers were still un-sure of what to think of him, they didn't shun him. Sakura, however, was an entirely different story.

He noticed that she seemed to avoid him whenever she got the chance. Tonight though, she was sitting next to him of her own violation. Confusing female. The boy just answered with his typical, "Hn."

"What game Ino?" Sakura asked impatiently, bouncing in her seat, biting her lip.

"I don't know," Ino responded thoughtfully. "Any…" She paused, blinking in a disoriented motion for a moment, "ideas?"

"I Never?" Chouji suggested, raising his glass before chugging it down.

"Nooo," Ino chirped, "Too over-played. How about The Sin Game?"

"The Sin Game?" Naruto asked, narrowing his blue eyes, "What the hell is that?"

"You have to pick which sin you are and then the people around the table have to guess, and we only get three guesses altogether. And your sin has to be accurate according to your personality. We'll be able to tell if you're lying by placing that chakra bracelet on your wrist. Remember how we learned it'll only work with consent? Do you know how many people we could've called on their lies in the interrogation unit-- " Sakura elbowed her before she got too off subject, "Sorry. Also, if you pick the same sin as another person playing, you have to drink until one of you can't anymore. And then you have to do something crazy by majority choice. But I mean," She continued to ramble on, "There's like, a 1 of 7 chance that you don't pick the same sin as someone else and--"

"We get it, Pig," Sakura snickered, poking her friend in the cheek.

Ino retaliated by gnashing her teeth and lunging for the finger that had assaulted her.

"…I think I like it," Naruto concluded, sitting back in his chair, his eyes on the girls.

Let the games begin.

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