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Chapter 1 : Who's the target?

"So you know the mission correct?" Kin asked her partner.

"Kill the target, simple and clean, and report back without revealing my cover" TenTen briefly explained pulling on her blue open toe flat sandals.

Kin gave her a questioning look.

"And use any means necessary to bring in the target to kill him off" Tenten added with a smile getting up.

"Who's the target ?"

"I think that you'll be pretty pleased with this one." Kin remarked with an evil grin. She grabbed a blue folder off her desk and threw it towards Tenten

She caught it and took a look at the profile inside.

"He looks ... intresting... and those eye's ..." was all Tenten managed to say upon looking at her future target.

"But be careful. I hear he's an amazing fighter" Kin warned when she saw her grin.

"Riiiight" Tenten nodded before dissappearing out the door.

Kin followed after and watched her leave the hidden area with a smile.

"Did she leave already?" Temari asked coming down the spiral black marble stairs.

"Yup. You just missed her. She seemed ... egear to go and kill him." Kin informed Temari.

"He's as good as dead" Temari remarked in a confident voice standing next to Kin."

"You seem confident. Had a good kill?" Kin smirked turning to face Temari.

"You could say that. The bitch wouldnt go easy and peacefully so i had to stab her through the heart. It's what I had wanted to do and she put up a fight so i had to or she would have gotten away" Temari recalled putting her over sized fan down.

"Well as long as you collected the money then I see no problem with it, " Kin said.

"As for Tenten and her target... well it might go easier for her." Kin added.

"Who's the target?"

"Neji Hyuuga"

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