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Chapter 4 : How

There are some things that a guy does that a girl will never be able to tell why he did it and this was one of those times...

why? why didnt he kill me? Instead he humiliated me and kissed me... I'll never forgive him...never... The thoughts of what had happened ran through her mind slowly awaking her from her unconsciousness from the night before.

Slowly she started to wake into the real world. She slowly sat up on her bed.

"What? How did I get" she questioned herself looking around the premises to make sure that it was indeed her room.

She rubbed her head trying to recall what happened after ...after the kiss...

She quickly sat up and felt chills run down her spine. She swallowed hard after remembering who it was that kissed her.

"I'll kill him!!" she cried out to the empty room.

VVVVVVbbbbb...VVVVVVVbbbb...VVVVVVbbbb... the sudden noise startled her for a moment before she relized that it was her phone vibrating on the clear glass night stand beside her king sized bed.

She picked up the silver phone and slid it open.

"What?" she answered a bit unsure of herself.

"What is taking forever? You should have been on your way back already. Why isn't the target dead yet?" came the unpleasant voice of Kin.

"I was going to kill him last night but i ran into a bit of trouble. Some other bitch showed up and claimed that she was sent by her agency to kill him ...and fast too." TenTen lied.

"You already ran into Ino Yamanaka?" asked Kin in surprise.

"Uhhh yeah... Let me get all the information on her that you have and fast." TenTen instructed biteing her lower lip. This was the last time that she lied.

"You didnt fight her did you?" Kin asked

"Im still here aren't I?" she answered.

"Send me the information and fast" she added.

"I'll fax it over to the hotel. And be careful... I hear that she is an amaxing fighter who always gets what she wants at any means." Kin advised.

"Since when do the heartless care ?" TenTen smiled snapping shut her phone.

"So what did she say?" Temari asked taking a bite of her sandwich walking closer.

"She met her, but they didn't fight. Send her the information on that blond skank." Kin ordered.

"i"m a bit busy right now." Temari smirked walking away waving her sandwhich behind her.

TenTen sat on her bed. Thinking about what had just happened.

It couldn't have been right. The information had to be false but she knew it wasn't.

Another assassin was really sent by another agency to kill her target.

"Like hell she'll kill him before I do." she said to no one in particular getting up from her bed.

She walked to the mirror and noticed that she wasn't wearing her newly bought dress but instead a lavender silk night gown.

But I didn't change into this last...last night...!! She was over come with anger and embarrassment at the same time.

Had he really dared to undress her? While she was out cold? Unforgivable!

It was time to pay Neji a visit for the last time.

Taking a walk to the beach boardwalk seemed to relax her. If even for a bit. It was what she had decided that she needed.

She sat on the old green wooden bench and sighed to herself.

She bent down and took off her blue sandals got up and carried them by her side as she walked down the sand into the ocean.

She walked and walked until she was staring at the blue ocean water. She felt a heap of sadness with the incoming wave as she remembered what happened the night before.

She shook her head trying to clear the memory but it was still there.

She swallowed and stared off into nothingness.

He didnt kill her but kissed her instead. He didnt leave her laying there in the rain soaked to her skin but took her home. She was the one left behind looking on in horror.

From what was supposed to be a great night for her, was taken from her in the blink of an eye.

Did Neji know that she was there watching the whole thing unfold right infront of her eyes?

Did he even care. Maybe thats what hurt the most. That right before he left carrying her body in his arms he looked right at her and turned back around disappearing into the darkness.

She wiped a falling tear from her face and watched it roll from her finger and fall into the sand. Kind of like how she felt her heart drop.

How could he? Neji... she couldn't bear think about it any longer and decided that she was either going to get even or simply forget about him and stay away from him. But how could she?


A hand on her shoulder made her feel uneasy. She already knew who it was but she didnt have the guts to or the heart to face him now or maybe ever again.Instead she only looked down at the sand.

"Are you going to pretend that I'm not here?" came the voice of her now enemy Neji.

She swallowed hard and couldnt hold the tears back any longer. She bit her lip hard to the point it started to bleed.

"I-...If I do, will it work?" she questioned not taking her eyes off the sand.

He didnt reply only turned her to face him.

"Im sor-"

"I dont want to hear it! ... Your lie. Im not going to listen to it!" Sakura shot back slapping his hands of her shoulder.

"You've known all along haven't you? T-That deep down I've always, always liked you. I- I did all I could to make sure that we would somehow stay friends at the very least... and that you were happy if even with me at that..." She confessed through her tears.

Neji didn't say anything only looked at her with a sorrowful look.

He thought of something to say.

"I'll say this, what we've been through it was all fun but-" he started.

But...But? Did he mean to say that all of what they went through was nothing to him? That it was always meaningless to him? How even now with that look could he say

"I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! How could you have done that? Knowing how I felt about you?... Do you hate me that much? As to do this to me? You knew you would break my heart! Tell me...tell me how could you have done this to me? What was the reason?" Sakura angrily yelled hitting Neji in the chest shaking her head.

"How?" she repeated as her hits slowly stopped. She could feel herself slowly falling on her knees to the sandy floor but she didn't care.

She felt his arms wrap around her small frame but she didnt move.

Nothing seemed to matter anymore. She felt numb. Even now as he held her there. It didn't matter anymore...